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The One and Only Malistaire by Tara ShadowWhisper

"This is it" I said to my friends as we approached Malistare's lair. I was bursting with energy! I wanted to battle him but, I had the fear of losing. I shuddered. Just the thought of loosing to Malistare, who knows what he would do to us. I pushed the oak doors open. There were bloody scenes painted all over the walls. My eyes traced to the center of the room. Malistare. He was dressed in long silky black robes trimmed with a rose color of red. His face was so pale I almost stopped breathing at the sight of it.

My friend Corwin Summerstrider asked who was going to go first. We both pushed Iridian Bluegem up a little bit. "Hey corwin, why don't you go first? I always go first!" iridian complained. "You have the most life points" I said as we both inched her closer and closer into the center of the room." How do you know that they will always attack the first person?" she asked. "It happens most of the time and most of the time is good enough for me." Corwin answered. We pushed her too far. A dueling circle appeared around us. Luckily, we all set our decks outside.

The monsters always went for me first no matter what spot I was in. I had the least life points. I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst. I heard a scream but it wasn't me. I opened my eyes it was coming from iridian! Well, Corwin was right this time about how the monsters almost always attack the first person.

We all had passed which I think we should have done otherwise. Malistare was building up pips and he went first. So if Corwin healed iridian and Malistare didn't attack it would be all over. I started putting death prisms all over Malistare and his minions. I was saving up for a scarecrow. I wanted to get all power pips and summon a wraith with animate but it would be too much of a waist of pips. Before I even got five we would've been toast.

Iridian obviously had too much life and they started going for Corwin. He had 60 spells in his deck. You would think a life wizard would have all the dryads and unicorns he could possibly have. He had lots of attack cards like centaur, nature's wrath, and seraph. He wanted to get Malistare from the most evil wizard around to a pile of dust that floats in the breeze. After malistare's 10 meteor strikes Corwin was defeated and I was down to 200 life points. I had three pips and only one choice I would have to use sacrifice to heal Corwin. I had sprites but they weren't enough to heal him so he could stay alive.

"Here goes nothing" I whispered to myself. It was my turn and I was down to 50 live points. I braced myself the little sparks buzzed around me and hit me 200 points. I felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

"Tara are you okay?" I felt shaky all over. My friends couldn't talk out loud so all I heard was the whisper from Corwin. "Don't worry, I'll heal you with a dryad. I have all seven power pips." I felt warmth and heard branches of the dryad rise from the arena. I was back on my feet Corwin healed iridian and we all used our strongest spells to defeat Malistare. I used my Wraith with my Death Prism, Corwin used his Centaur and Iridian used her Ice Colossus.

"We did it" I said with a sigh, "we won the final battle against the one and only Malistare."

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