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The Life of Terri Dragondust by Kane Skullsword

I was born in Marleybone, the daughter of Arthur Wethersfield and a human woman. As a result I am part “dog” if you will. You can’t really tell unless I have my tail sticking out of my robe. Anyway, when I was about 8, Dad went Krokotopia. Mom said I was quite smart and sent me to school in Marleybone.

At 10 Dad sent me a postcard from Wizard City! It was then I decided to go to Wizard City and study Wizardry. So after saying goodbye to Mom, I was on my way. The test I took said I was a death wizard.

I confess, I wasn’t quite happy with my school. But there’s no questioning the Book of Secrets! It was the second class before I became an apprentice, and the Death Professor Malistaire was acting kind of weird lately. When a student upset him, he got so angry he stared uttering words under his breath and black swirled around him. Most of the students fled until I was the only one left.

I was trying to calm him down. I was one of his top students and tied with Malorn Ashthorn, so when I tried it usually worked. The ground began shaking and when Malistaire finished his spell, he teleported away. The whole death school had been blown off Nightside! I thought I wouldn’t survive, but I did. I don’t know how but I did.

I woke up with Moolinda Wu to find out I had slept for 3 days! Dad had been worried sick. With Malistaire gone, I couldn’t be a Death Wizard. I had to wait to begin classes again until my birthday on March 14th. Dad wanted me to be a Sorceress, bt something about Pyromancy appealed to me.

Madame Falmea warmly welcomed me and I fast became one of her best students . I had finally found my place in Ravenwood. So that is a summary of my life. If you want to hear more look for Confessions of a Pre-Teen Wizard!

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