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Tales of a Lone Necromancer by Cori Darksong

Sparks fly around me as I am whisked away to an unknown land. I hear voices, faintly, and see but a shadow.

“Aha the spell is working,” said a tired voice. I fully appear, and fall, only to hit my head on the cold, stony floor. I wake up, sitting in an old, battered student desk, covered in graffiti. There is a test right in front of me. With questions like, “What is your favorite animal, gemstone?” I answer them truthfully, with care to each. The title is, “What kind of wizard are you?” I look around, only to see a blackboard. There is a door to my left, I open it. There stands a tired-looking old man, and an owl. “Ah, have you finished the test?” I Answer.

“Yes, b-b-b-but who are y-y-y-you?” I stammer, because the room is freezing, as a fairy, dressed in all blue, and rather stout, flutters in, only to look into a crystal ball and leave.

“I am headmaster Ambrose, and this is Gamma, my owl” he says, with a grandiose flourish of his arms to his purple-gray owl, who was looking rather strange, wearing lopsided spectacles, and a cap that had a tassel hanging down. “And you, are Cori Darksong, I presume?”

“Yes, I manage to sputter, thinking to myself, How does he know my name, Headmaster, What is he headmaster of, and where am I?

“And you are at Ravenwood School of magic. Can you please bring me your test, so that I can determine what kind of wizard you are.”

On that note, I run out of the room to retrieve my test.

“Ah, a necromancer. Now we must determine, what secondary school you would like to take, my best suggestion would be myth, judging from your test.”

“I’ll take myth.”

“Well, then, we must begin the tour.” And with another shower of sparks, we were gone.

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