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The Story of Ian Dragonrider by Ian Dragonrider

It was a cold Saturday morning in wizard city a 4 year old Ian dragonrider was playing with his cyclops action figure and saying BOOM BOOM!all of a sudden the sky turned stormy and a dark shape appeared and turned into lord nightshade he cackled, looked at Ian's parents and without warning raised his skeletal hand and took them away.Ian just stood there looking horrified as lord nightshade disapeared.From that day on Ian vowed that he would never let anyone take a person close to him away again.

*7 years later*

Ian was sitting in his grandfather's house reading "Minions For Conjourers" and he was just about to read the part about the minotaur when his grandfather shouted "Ian time for school!" Ian got up from his seat, with a sigh he knew that Cyrus Drake would be as grumpy as always.Ian had already had one battle with nightshade when he was ordered to defeat him by Merle so he could go to Krokotopia,but nightshade had narrowly escaped so Ian set of to school.Today Cyrus was teaching Time of Legend, and Ian payed attention to that part, but when some new students came in and Cyrus had to teach them blood bat Ian literaly fell asleep. He woke to the sound of Cyrus wacking his desk with his wand "huh?" Ian asked dazed "Ugh you've been sleeping in class again Ian" Cyrus scolded.All of a sudden the whole myth school shook and Ian was tossed outside by the tremor, he rolled on the ground and got up...Ian froze in terror because there, standing before him was none other than Lord Nightshade and three field guards.The battle began Ian cast a bunch of crushes on the field guards one crush for each guard and passed, the field guards all used a banshee on him "AUGH" Ian flew backwards "Ha young student I guess this is the end" Lord Nightshade cackled "No" Ian said "It's just the beggining". Ian jumped up and cast a humongofrog, killing the field guards and weakening Lord Nightshade "Hmph silly boy" Lord Nightshade said. Getting to his feet he suddenly cast a skeletal pirate."Ugh" Ian staggered backwards as if he'd been hit by a club, Ian felt week as if he were going to collapse any second but then he got all of his remeaining strength and cast a crush. Just enough to defeat Lord Nightshade "NOOOOOOO" Lord Nightshade said as he dissapeared into a black shadow.Suddenly Ian's parents fell out of the shadow and got up.Ian took one look at them and said 'Oh my gosh" and then he fainted. Ian awoke to the cheering of all the students and teacher's "Ian you saved everybody!" his friend Garrett Legendsword said and then Ian's parents came up to him and gave him a hug "Ack easy on the bear hug!" Ian told his dad and they all laughed "Come on let's go home" his mom said... and they did.
The End

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