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The Story of Jacqueline Dawncaller

As the clock was ticking and I could see a slightly dark shade of orange in the sky , I went to work making my first wizard : Jacqueline DawnCaller . Finally I finished making her ..... (Apparently I used to have another wizard so the Tutorial was quite easy for so I will skip it) Once I finished the tutorial and met all the Professors (and the Death student who told me that The Death School somehow , Disappeared) I was told to go back to Merle Ambrose so he would give me this other quest , to find a person in Unicorn Way , It seemed difficult at first but I go used to it . Once I finished ALL of the quests in Unicorn Way (got the Hero of Unicorn Way Badge ) and I was able to go to Firecat Alley , Triton Avenue and Cyclops Lane in Olde Town , I had some fun (by killing monsters I could kill in Unicorn Way easily) and met a friend called David BoomFlame (obviously he was a pyromancer) , he helped me finished all the quests in Triton Avenue. I was really fun battling all the Bosses with him until I had to logg off , I said good bye to David and..... Disappeared.

Logged Off

Day 2 I was lucky to see that David BoomFlame was on before me , I wanted him to help me finish all the quests in Firecat Alley (he told me that he had already finished it) and he agreed that he would help me . Finished Firecat Alley check Finished Triton Avenue check , now all left was Cyclops Alley , I was not sure David had done Cyclops Lane , so I did not bother to tell him , And went off to use my free time to kill rank 1 monsters in Unicorn Way . While I was there , I met a someone called Gabrielle Breeze , she looked like a high leveled Wizard/Witch so I asked her if she could help me with Cyclops lane and she agreed to help me and became the friend , she helped me with some of it and I am still on it .... growing stronger and stronger, day by day....

A unique opening of Jacqueline DawnCaller`s story....

"Humph" Jacqueline mumbled in her sleep as a `creature` sat on her hip , it`s claws dug into her Wizard robes , which created a painful awakening. "AARRGGGHHHH!" screeched Jacqueline shrilly , to find an owl wearing a purple graduating hat and cloak on her lap.
"Merle! She`s awake" said the owl in a low voice , It`s humungous eyes looking at Jacqueline curiously.
The owl after a few minutes , examining Jacqueline, flew swiftly to a old man.
"This certain man looks so familiar" thought Jacqueline .
"Ah , you have woken up," murmured the Old Man , who was looking longingly into a orb full of mist.
"Obviously," added the owl.
"Yes,yes , nice to meet you , I am the headmaster of Ravenwood , feel free to call me by my name : Merle Ambrose" said Merle.
Jacqueline bowed stupidly , still not knowing where she was.
Merle Ambrose continued :
"Welcome , to wizard city! said Merle coolly , the owl began to examine Jacqueline again , "you are on of the many to be accepted to this `new` world ."
"Cut to the chase , Ambrose ," snapped the owl still looking at Jacqueline.
"Stop squabbling , " said Merle uncomfortably , "Jacqueline you are a WIZARD."
Jacqueline`s heart lept uncontrollably ,
" A wizard how is this possible?? thought Jacqueline , " no , this must be a dream....."
Jacqueline looked down , she gasped.
At her feet (where there was suppose to be school shoes) she was wearing black leather boots with a nice strip of orange at the sides.
She was also wearing light brownish robes with the same shade of orange on the brim with a handy pouch at the front.She was wearing on her head , a light brown pointy..... wizard`s hat. She searched in her pouch to find three indentical cards with a giant "beetle" on it and right at the top she could see a a word written in a weird language but somehow she could read it : "Scarab " it said , Jacqueline looked curiously at the three cards for a while , then put them back into the pouch and restarted scavenging in the pocket. After 30 seconds she pulled out a long thin piece of "wood" . She could not believe her eyes , it was a wand .

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