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The Story of Sarai MoonGrove by Sarai MoonGrove

Sarai MoonGrove, new member of the Myth School, awoke slowly, feeling very disoriented and confused. Just this morning she had gone to school, went to Wal-Mart, and read books. Today, she woke up in a different world-a magical one.

She wasn't prepared for it.

This place was not what she was used to. Earlier, she had battled Dark Faries, talked to an owl, and did magic. Did magic. She had casted up this strange bat which destroyed most things in one shot. A bloodbat, that's what it was called. How strange. In her own world, no one would ever believe that. In this world, battling dark faries was considered very low in the ranks. It meant you were still on a quest for Unicorn Way, still a "child," not realizing the dangers around you, not knowing what it's like to truly fail. Sarai wanted to be the top person in the game. But there were people far ahead of her, and she couldn't do it. At least, not yet.

She drew back the curtains of the dorm, and stared out them, knowing that nothing easy lied ahead. Would she die in the process of trying to defeat everything? Or would she succeed, and sit along with the greatest wizards of all time. Sarai knew she was putting too much pressure on herself, for being so new to this world. She put on her black and red school hat and shoes, and a dyed black and red Cloak of Calamity, and set off for Unicorn Way, determined to get as far as possible.

Several Weeks Later

"Easy," Sarai mumbled, walking out from a battle with the Gobbler Prince, and a Gobbler. She had had one person help her, a person she didn't recall the name of because she left so fast, but she couldn't have had a fight easier than that. Sure, her mana and heath were considerably lower than their 36 and 700 normalities, but that was easily fixed. She teleported herself back to the Commons, getting ready to play a game to restore her mana.

A few weeks ago, Sarai had been worried about her childishness, wondering if she'd ever know better. Now, she felt like she couldn't take the wizarding world more seriously. Her younger "sisters," Alicia StormBringer, Sestiva RainSong, and Autumn FireEyes were still quite low in the rankings, and she teaching them made their skills much higher than those just starting out. She knew, Autumn (a lowly level 2), had seen several poorly performed battles with Dark Faries. But if Sarai (level 11, probably still low in the rankings of "awesomeness") hadn't taught them anything, Autumn would be just like the rest. Knowing she had succeeded in her goal of becoming a better wizard, she smiled, and set off in a run towards the Fairgrounds, wanting to do even more.

Never again, Sarai thought, leaving the Sunken City for the last time, safely. I don't care who needs help, I don't care who's in there. Never again.

Sarai had just spent the last four hours alone with newly acquainted friend John (I don't use their last names unless they feel like it-I don't want anyone to be identified if they don't want to), occasionally being visited by Chase Myth (who is now someone else). She remembered all of her friends sending her private messages, asking her if she was out of the Sunken City yet so she could help them. She knew why-it wasn't like her to do something like that for 4 hours out of the day. But usually Sarai had a very..."let's get things done" attitude.

The first part of the street alone, even with the help that left after one round made it difficult. She had enough mana to last her so many battles, that she didn't actually get a potion until after she was through the second gate (there are wisps in the Sunken City, you know).

Originally, she was being sucked into every battle in existance on the streets, eventually fleeing every one, going to get a potion. When she was getting potions, she eventually thought, Why? Why am I crazy, and attempted this crazy-difficult city only as a Journeyman Conjurer. She sighed again, even though she was finally running towards Grubbs, who she knew had to exist anyway.

She knew her word for it would never do for Cyrus Drake.

Myth wasn't bad magic, in fact, she thought it was the best kind. She may be a bit prejudiced, but she had tried Storm, Death, and Fire, but none of them had quite the power. Her best friends ended up being Life theurgists and Death necromancers (although Chase Myth used to be a Myth conjurer), and she had seen some amazing spells. But instead of just power, myth had power and strength, unlike Storm diviners, who had tons of power, but so little health.

But Cyrus Drake had a problem with her.

Cyrus Drake had a problem with everyone pretty much, so she didn't really complain, but he was always muttering things like "wannabe myth conjurer" under his breath whenever she was around. Sometimes, this made her laugh. Like when Nolan of Cyclops Lane (forgive me, I have forgotten a preset character's name) had asked her to go talk to Cyrus for her. He had written a note to expel her.

She had laughed out loud after she left the Headmaster's Office.

Moving back onto the Sunken City, she had to battle Grubbs twice, which seemed completely unfair, as she had been defeated before Grubbs was finished off. The best part of being ripped off and having to do it again was that she finally got to see her friend's best card-the Helephant.

All in all, it was a good experience. Still, until she was some sort of Master, she would stand by her vow...Never again.

Sarai MoonGrove was quickly becoming a ledgend all over the spiral. From high dogs from MarleyBone, to low Manders from Krokotopia, everyone seemed to think she was some sort of amazing Wizard.

But she wasn't. At least, in her mind she wasn't.

Sarai had plenty of friends who were well ahead of her, already to the next worlds on the spiral, MarleyBone or MooShu. She envied them deeply. When she was back in her home world, she had always wanted to go to London, and MarleyBone was often described like an older version of the city. She had also been a big fan of the Oriental style. MooShu was described as "Feudal Japan." Both were destinations for her.

So when she finally had the chance to get to MarleyBone, she grabbed it like food as if she were a starving person.

Now, before completely succeeding, she tried the beginning on her own. Sarai was very big on doing bosses on her own, and not so big on having endless help at her fingertips. She just didn't like being babied like that. Anyway, she could get past the three bosses that were the test of strength with flying colors. The intelligence test wasn't difficult either, except for the tricky last part, whose clue read, "The lighting in here isn't quite right for a storm." It took her several tries to perfect, but she finally got it.

After getting past the easy tests, it was time to take on Krokopatra. But she knew it was impossible on her own. She called her friend Evan, who she had become friends with back in the Sunken City (she involuntarily shuddered). He was there within seconds. Krokopatra was easy once he had come.

At the end of it all, she decided that this wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been (she reminded herself of the Sunken City, and did an involuntary shudder. Thankfully, she would never have to do it again).

She thanked her friend quickly and graciously, and teleported back to the Oasis, one of her favorite places in all of Krokotopia (number one being the Entrance Hall on KrokoSphinx). After talking to everyone she needed, she was finally asked to go see the Sergeant from MarleyBone, who gave her the key to MarleyBone! Sarai was so excited, she forgot about any other quests she had left in Krokotopia, and headed straight to MarleyBone, hoping to buy some better clothes to finish up Krokotopia in.

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