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A Pyromancer's Tale by Adrian Dragonrider

“Ah-Ha!!! Look Gama, we have finally found one.”


“A young wizard! With great potential… Perhaps, enough to save wizard city!” “Really!? Where?”

“A far very, very distant realm. Oh my goodness, in a world… That doesn’t believe in magic!”

I have been hearing there conversation. An Old man, and his owl. I look around and see I am in a robe a hat with a brim all around it, and some boots with straps from the top to the center of my foot. The old man says, “Now refer to the book of secrets to see what wizard you are…”

'The book of secrets eh?!’ I was thinking. I open it and it asks strange questions. What is your favorite animal? Would you go to a party alone or with friends? What do you think is the most powerful of these? When I was done the book flew up and a flame arose and completely covered me. As I stood I knew, I was a Pyromancer.

Merle Ambrose handed me a wand and said, “Meet me in my office through the door way.”

“As you could have guessed young wizard, you are a Pyromancer, your personality shows it.” He hands me a wand, and a spell book. “In the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts you will find many schools. Not ordinary schools, but magic schools. These all have there own specialty and uniqueness. Yours is, Fire. Fire Wizards are capable of more things then the average school, Attacks, Defenses, Knowledge, Resists, and Buffs. Speak to Madame Falmea to begin your studies”

I enter Ravenwood as instructed and go in the Fire school. “Hello young wizard, as you have probably heard by now I am Madame Falmea, the fire professor. To learn certain spells you will need certain experiences in battle and in life. Fire Cats and Helephants do differ young boy.” She taught me the ways of a Pyromancer and knew I was a natural.

When I arrived I saw a whole room with wizards dressed in the same exact thing as me but with different wands this stated that there schools differs from mine. He handed me a paper that said Unicorn’s Folly. I find myself going up Rainbow Bridge up to a man named Private O’Connell. I arrived and he was covered in sweat and shaking. “I’m sorry kid but no one is allowed up here! Ghosts are overrun the entire place and are killing innocents!!” I hand him the note… boy the headmaster must see lots of potential in you. So they let me in. What I saw… No training could prepare someone or anything for this. My first job was to protect the front line by battling three lost souls; the lost souls had an assortment of leaves fly around him as he did something with hiss hand, an awkward movement. He suddenly hit the flower shaped symbol and, a light emerged from the center of our battle, an imp, with wings and a little violin. He played soothing music and then it happened. I rose in air and I heard cracking noises as my body was jolting around! I fell. Then, it was my turn.

I raised my wand and took out my card, the desire to summon and defeat was BURNING inside if me. I made the fire symbol with my wand, suddenly, it came to life! It sparked with fire and when I hit it I didn’t know what had happen at first. Then before I knew it an object made of fire and lava fell from the sky. It looked up, I looked at my card, and I had summoned a Fire Cat. It roared and took one swift paw at the lost soul and defeated it, one down. The second soul charged me! I looked at it SCREAMED hideously wringing my ears! There was a master wizard there he said “Here!!” He tossed me a pirate sword. I looked at the soul and gave it one clean slash and a thunder bolt sparked killing the soul! I said, “Woah, I didn’t even use mana.” Mana is the ability to do spells. For the sword I simply swung, killing the soul. When the third one grabbed my and was crushing me I saw something a novice wizard shouldn’t have. A Helephant! It rose out of the ground and obliterating all the opposing souls!

The time had come. I spoke to Merle and he told me to defeat, Rattlebones. He gave me his direction and I went when I entered, he was waiting. “Muahaha puny wizard!! You shall fall soon enough!” “WHY ARE YOU PLOTTING AGAINST WIZARD CITY!?” “Hahaha you FOOL! The corruption of the fairies and the undead are only the BEGINNING of Malistaire’s plans! TIME TO DIE!” I step back he pulls a sword and two souls follow him, now, we fight. To the death!

Heart pumping, sweat dripping, I summon a thunder snake. WHOOSH a swing of his mighty tail and bolts of lighting strike a soul. Down he goes, Rattlebones watching in disgust as I mow down ever single one of his minions. ”IS THIS TRULY ALL YOU CAN DO!!??” “Enough!” He jumps from the balcony. Now he has a Dark Fairy help him. We get in a dueling circle. Skulls and vines surround him and he hits the death symbol he created. He charges at me and in one great blow knocks me to my feet.

I get up wipe the blood from my chin and yell, “THIS HAS JUST BEGUN RATTEBONES!” Again he charges I quickly pull out my want dodge his attack and strike him with flare (a fireball) The Dark Fairy springs into action as Rattlebones catches his breath. She grabs me and laughs an evil laugh “Muaheheahah!!” Flies up and uses some kind of invisible force to bludgeon me back down!

I’m thinking, “How is there a chance of me winning!?” Then, it happens. I yell and use all the force in me! DIE!!! A PHOENIX SUDDENLY RISES AND THE FAIRY SHRIEKS! “NOW BURN!” The Phoenix Bends its head back and jolts forward releasing an unbelievable amount of power destroying the fairy. ”What! The kid is a Pyromancer?!”

Now fire is emerging from underneath me, “RATTLEBONES YOU WILL PAY!!” he replies,
“PROTECTOR OF WIZARD CITY! THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS FOR THOSE WHO SCREAM AT NIGHT! I AM A PYROMANCER!!!!! SAVIOR OF GOOD, NIGHTMARE TO YOU! ” With that, four strips of fire emerge in the floor raising me up. Meteors come through fiery portals and crush everything in Rattlebones. Except, his sword. I’ll show this to merle as proof of my victory.

“I appoint Adrian DragonRider as an apprentice of the Fire School!” I hear a voice in my head, “Hello young wizard, don’t think this is the end… Rattlebones DID say, the fairies and undead ARE only the beginning Muahahaha!!”
“What?! Who is there” I yell. But, no one in the room seems to hear me.
Madame Falmea walks over to me and says “Meet me in the fire school, I have another spell ready for you.”

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