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Professor Balestrom's Mishap by Ryan Stormtamer

It was an obviously rainy day outside of the School of Storm while Professor Halston Balestrom was giving me private lessons on our new spell the Lightning Bats. Dressed in purple and yellow Professor Balestrom gave me my books and sheets to study for this quite hard task. Now Ryan. Professor Balestrom said. I’m counting on you to win this contest of the schools. I know Professor I’ll try my best. I know you will, you’re one of my best students in 12yrs. I nodded and headed to my room in the Boy’s Dormitory. Study hard my friend study hard.

Once I arrived to my room I quickly got to studying. “When you move your…."I was quickly interupted by a quite deep voice. You don't deserve to be the schools representive. What? Whose there? You know who it is. Now just listen!! The voice said inraged. Professor Balestrom was forced to put you in this position. He is just a rotten person who dosen't really care about the students. He just wants to have you fail and then blame it all on you. That's not true he knows that i will do a great job and he does care about his students!!! Thats' what you think.

The next day I walked into the school only to see a man in black a black robe and hood holding Professor Balestrom at his will with a sword. You will put a spell on the boy that will make everyone of his spells bounce back at him. Never!!! Prof. Balestrom yelled. The boy does not deserve this. Neither does this school. I kept watching and listening in silence. The school will be nothing without me. You know what that gives me a good idea. The tall man raised up his soard... Stop!! Don't kill him. I instantly raised my wand and cast a spell. Not knowing what I was saying bats popped out of the sky. I did it!! I cast the Lghtning Bats. The "shocking" animals hit the man as hard a they could and he hit the floor. Ryan don't do it!!! Professor Balestrom screamed. It was too late the man was already dead. Why? Why? But he was hurting you. No it was all just a...

"Anything that can be imagined, can be achivied."

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