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Once Upon a Wizard School by Stephanie Stormstalker

I lay down in my bed on Monday morning.
Uh, more school, can't it just be summer yet?
I am Stephanie Stormstalker, a storm wizard and I have been sent to Wizard City School of Magical Arts to learn the secrets of handling sorcery.
My two best friends are Alexis Iceflame (a death wizard) and Taylor Silver (A life wizard). Talk about conflict!

I sat up and winced as pain shot up my back from lying in a funny position, I ignored it as I put my fluffy bunny slippers on and walked over to my chest of drawers.
Same ol', same ol'. My usual Scholary Robes and boots with my Soft Hood.
I grabbed my new Scepter of the Lost Lore wand and wondered out of my dorm to see several other wizards going to classes. I followed my fellow Storm wizards and sighed as I realized we had to do a test.
I sat down at my usual place at the front since I had no friends in my class, Proffesor Balestorm smiled at me then knocked his podium to get attention.
"Class, as you all are meant to know, we have a test today, this test involves reagents! Now, what are reagents?" Proffesor looked around the room and various students raised their hands. "Yes, Scarlet?" Proffesor Balestorm pointed at Scarlet Stormrider, the best Storm wizard ever, of course. I am level 16, but I am the lowest out of all the storm wizards, they are all over level 20, wish I was as good as them... "Ahem, Stephanie? Are you listening?" Proffesor Balestorm glanced at me and I immediatly shook out of my daydream.
"Yes, Profesor!" I answered, some kids muttered and giggled.

I am such a loner

Suddenly, the earth shook madly, I looked out of the window and saw the death school flying.


I gasped and ran out of the door, not getting lectured by Proffesor Balestorm, and ran over to see Taylor zapping Alexis who was hanging out of the window.

What more trouble can there be?

"Taylor! What on EARTH is happening?" I yelled, she saw me and he face almost smiled.
"It's Malistaire! He is back, Storm!" Taylor wailed as power surged through her fingers and up her Wand of Dawn. Alexis was screaming like mad.
I figured out I would have to do something since I am double their levels. I looked around in my pocket and pulled out the Kraken treasure card.

Should I do it?

"MIND OUT I AM GOING TO DO THE KRAKEN SPELL!" I yelled and grinned, then I raised my wand to the sky and uttered some words, then to my utmost delight a ginormous creature leapt from the ground and pulled Alexis down, she was almost in tears.
"Thanks, Storm! I could have DIED if it wasn't for your Kraken!" Alexis hugged me and I hugged her back. Taylor was shaking so Alexis hugged her too.
"Wow, never knew I could cast a Kraken. Normally you have to be like level 50 to cast it!" I felt like fainting, but I stayed with the world for a few more minutes. I then heard shoes scurry along the floor, Headmaster Ambrose!
"Dearie me, Stephanie! You could have killed Alexis! But you saved her, oh dearie me!" Headmaster Ambrose shook his head and pat my shoulder, Miss Greyrose then followed out with several Ice students behind her.
"Stephanie, that was amazing!" commented a student who was younger than me, I smiled at him then looked up at the death school.

I can't believe you Malistaire.

"Same here, Stephanie, I can't believe him either!" Taylor said. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you. She can read peoples minds. Something to do with her history I guess, but nobody knows, her being an Oprhan and all.
"Stephanie, you deserve a reward!" Proffesor Balestorm jumped up behind me.
"And what would that be, Sir?" I asked, almost jumping for joy.
"The key to Krokotopia!" I gasped, Krokotopia?
"REALLY?" I jumped up and punched the air, I've got the power!
"Oh my gosh, Stephanie! Do you have any idea how amazing this is?" Taylor said, high fiving me. "You could save Wizard City and Krokotopia! Kudos to you!" I smiled then walked over to Bartleby, The Grandfather Tree to test the key out.

Here I go...

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as I found myself floating through the elements. I looked around and the spiral caked around me, I found myself in a glittering glow and before I knew it, the door to Krokotopia had opene and I was lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling.


I pulled myself off the ground and saw an orange lizard, he shook my hand.
"Greetings, wise one, to Krokotopia!" Oh yeah!

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