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A New Hero by Olivia Ashsong

Olivia Newton sat up and blinked wearily. Thoughts floated through her head tiredly as she sat up. Where am I? How did I get here? Olivia tried standing, but found that she was too woozy.

"Let me help you," an ancient voice said. Olivia looked up at her savior.

"Who... are you?" she asked, her voice wavering.

The old man that stood before her chuckled. "Why, I am Merle Ambrose, headmaster here at Ravenclaw Academy! And you, my dear child, are Olivia Ashsong."

Olivia blinked again. "No, I'm Olivia Newton. Not this, Olivia Ashsong or whoever you said!"

Merle shook his head. "No, you are Olivia Ashsong, your mother Diane Ashsong, and your father William Ashsong. Both great students of the Storm class, as you are to be also."

Olivia rubbed her eyes, not believing what she was hearing. "What the heck is the Storm Class, and where's Ravenclaw Academy? I have no idea what you're talking about!" Olivia shouted this, feeling angry that she couldn't understand anything.

"Follow me," came the stiff reply from Merle. He turned, waved what just looked like a stick into the air. Olivia frowned, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms. Did he think he was a wizard or something? Sparks then began to fly from the end of his wand and Olivia stared at them in shock.

"No way," she breathed, feeling excitement creep into her. Merle grabbed her arm, and she felt as though she was being hurtled forward. They landed in an office. Olivia looked around in wonder.

"Sit down," Merle said to her. She sat with earnest. Merle began to tell her all about Ravenclaw Academy, and Wizard City.

"So," Olivia said after he had finished. "Where's my wand?" She looked at him hopefully. Wordlessly, he handed her a plain stick. "This is a wand?" Olivia said disgustedly.

Merle nodded, his eyes twinkling. "Try this," he said, handing her a card.

It had lightning bolts on it, with a little number 0 in a triangle on top, and 15-50 on the bottom. Olivia raised her wand. The card seemed to disappear as she waved her wand in an intricate pattern, then having that pattern glow. "Whoa!" Olivia took a step back as lighting seemed to burst towards a bookshelf. She suddenly felt... pleased. "I can do that?!" she asked excitedly.

Merle smiled. "Yes, and many others can also."

Olivia's smile began to fade. "But I thought you said I was special!" She stuck her lower lip at, her blond bangs covering her green eyes seemed to be pushed back by air. A glowing symbol, the same kind of symbol as the spell she used, sat there on her forehead. Olivia didn't seem to notice, but Merle obviously did.

"Oh yes," he nodded. "You are very special." He decided not to tell her about Malistaire. He was sure she would found out soon enough. "Well then," Merle said. He opened the door wide. "I believe your first class is about to start soon. You best be on your way. You don't want to be late on your first day here." He motioned to the steps. "Welcome to Wizard City!"

Just then thunder and lightning shot across the sky. Merle sighed. It seemed as though Olivia Ashsong would find out about Malistaire a lot sooner than he imagined.

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