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The Misadventures of Alexandria by Alexandira

I closed to door with a small “Click” the headmaster’s house was full off towers of papers and books. (Nothing new there) I navigated my way though the labyrinth sometimes coming across rotting hats.

“Hope that wasn’t anybody I know.” I thought reaching the end. I had no problem seeing that I was sent here what seems like every other day for something that wasn’t my fault (well not entirely my fault.)

Lately I have turned to good side seeing that I didn’t want to see Professor Arthur Wethersfield make good his threat and put me in myth school.

But enough of that it is time to see what I am being blamed for….Hopefully they don’t know about the pet dragon that I saved on unicorn way….

“Ah Alexandria how nice of you to come.” Headmaster Ambrose said. He was sitting at his desk with his friend Gamma the owl. (I would call her pet but then again I like to keep my tongue in my head.)

“You summoned me?” I asked taking a seat across from him.

“Yes, you did a good job defeating Rattle bones and saving unicorn way from destruction Alexandria.” He said.

I breathed a shih of relief all that worrying just to be congratulated. Maybe he hadn’t heard about that pesky dragon. That reminded me she is probably waiting for me just to tell me off for not taking her with me.

“now it seems we are having a little trouble down at triton avenue. I was hopping that you can go and help out.”

“Of course I’ll go right away.” I said getting up.

“Good I’ll like you to report after your done there and you might want to swing by your dorm room I think there is a very agitated Friend there.” He said winking at me.

I sighed and nodded. It was like having your mother telling you that everything you did was wrong. No I take that back it was worse!

“Very well you may go” Ambrose said turning back to the paper he was reading. I turned and navigated my way though the labyrinth and out the door

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