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Michael ThunderSpear’s Journey To Defeat the Dragons by Michael Thunderspear

I was always used to be a hothead. I used to burn things without notice, like bushes and trees. I almost burned a house down, but I stopped the fire. I had a weird life. When I fell asleep one night, I heard a tap, tap, tapping on the window. I woke up and opened my window. There was a strange note on the window sill. It said:

You have been invited to be enrolled into Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. If you wish to enroll, please press your thumb down on the line.
I had NO idea what was happening, so I thought it was a joke. I put my thumb down.


Instantly, an owl came down and grabbed me with his talons and carried me through the air. About an hour later, I ended up in a weird place, with six trees, and a gigantic one in the middle. The owl said, “Hello, there, Michael.” “How do you know my name?” I asked in confusion. “Because,” the owl said gleefully, “you have been accepted into Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.” “Oh, really?” I asked. “Yes. Now, if you will follow me…” The owl flew into a tunnel. I did as he said. I followed him into a place where there was a small pond in the middle, what looked like a park on the right, and another tunnel on the left saying something like, Unicorn Way, or something. There was a weird looking building the owl went to. There was an old guy in a blue hat, and robes, covered with stars and crescent moons. “Hello, young Wizard,” the man said. “Who are you?” I asked. “I am Headmaster Merle Ambrose.” the man said. “And this is Ravenwood School for Wizards. Me and my owl friend, Gamma, saw you with our crystal ball. We visualized you had great potential, so I sent Gamma to come and find you.”

“Okay…” I said. What was going on? “Now, if you would,” Merle said, “please step over to the book of truth. We will see what type of Wizard you are.” I walked over to the book, and it was old and chipped and worn out. There was a feather pen on the lectern the book was sitting on. I picked it up, and answered the questions it had. When I finished taking the quiz, I turned the page. It was blank. “Uh…” “Wait.” Merle said. Bright red letters appeared on the page that said, “Fire”. “Ah! You are in the School of Fire.” the old man said excitedly.

“Here, I will show you to your dorm.” I followed him into the school grounds, and showed me to the dorms. Mine was small and cramped, like any other one, and the bed was on the left. “Go to bed, Michael ThunderSpear. I will see you tomorrow to explain things.” “… ThunderSpear?” I asked. “Yes,” Merle said. “You never knew your last name?” “No,” I said, “My parents never told me.” “Yes, they thought you were Michael Goodman. Ah, those none magical folks really disturb me sometimes. Anyways, goodnight.” He left the dorm, and I went to sleep.

The next morning, I was instructed to meet the professors of Ravenwood. I met Arthur Wethersfield, Halston Balestrom, Lydia Greyrose, Daliea Falmea (MY professor), Cyrus Drake, Moolinda Wu, and a death student near a huge chasm. “What happened?” I asked him. He sighed, “It was a long time ago. The original professor of death, Malistaire Drake, was the most brilliant of all the professors. He was incredible, the most powerful Necromancer in the Spiral.” “Necromancer?” I asked in confusion. “Wizards who practice Death magic. Anyway, one day, his wife, Sylvia, passed away. Malistaire became furious, and tore the Death school from the ground, and threw it down a chasm. I was the only Necromancer left to survive the crash, and I decided to teach the spells I knew to new students, Dark Sprite, Ghoul, Dream Shield, Banshee, and Vampire.” The bell rang for morning classes, and I had to go. “Thanks for the story!” I called. “No problem! Just call me Malorn!” I headed into the schoolhouse. “Hello, dear,” Daliea said. “Sit wherever you’d like.” I sat near the back. When everyone was in, we were about to start, until a boy came rushing in. “Sorry I’m late!” he said, panting. “Uh, quite alright…” she said awkwardly. “Come in.” The boy sat next to me. “Hi, what’s up?” He asked. “Sup?” I said. “I’m Michael.” “I’m Robert.” the boy said. “Hello, class. I am Daliea Falmea. Now, class, I’d like you to try tracing the Fire Rune in the air with your wands.” Everyone tried and failed, over and over. I made it perfectly. “Excellent work, Michael.” the professor said. When everyone had perfected it, (I waited a couple of minutes) we were ready to learn the first spell. “Class, I am going to teach you how to cast Fire Cat. Start bye tracing the Fire Rune, and say the words, Flamyus, fire Catius.” The class repeated the words and drew the Fire Rune. We had all gotten it on our first try. I had a little trouble controlling it, and I ended up hitting someone.

When the classes were over, I headed over to Unicorn Way… where a strange black figure appeared. He had black dreadlocks, a mustache, a robe with small fake eyes in a line down the middle, and a staff with a red gem on top. “WHO ARE YOU?!!” I yelled. “I am Malistaire Drake. Now stand aside, young wizard! Leave me to my business.” I tried to stop him, but when I did… I ended up fainting.

When I woke up, I was in my dorm, with no health or mana. I went to the commons to regain mana, and went to Unicorn Way to get health. I had been trying to stop the Dark Fairies when Malistaire came. When I was trying to beat some Lost Souls, I saw a glittering blade on its left side. I destroyed him, and picked up the sword. Instantly, it started to shine, it shook and rattled, and ended up flying in the air, it carrying me, and flew past where Lady Oriel would be, and took me to a strange cave. No, it wasn’t Haunted Cave or Dark Cave, because if it was, I would know. No, it was somewhere else, and the blade dropped me on the ground. There was a Helephant there, and it said, “Hello, Michael ThunderSpear. I am Sir Flame. I am here to tell you what you are destined for.” “What I’m… destined for?” “Yes. You are destined to stop not Malistaire, but another threat. You are destined to defeat the four Dark Dragons, Fire, Lighting, Fighter, and Dark. The most powerful is Dark Dragon, Lord of the Dark. He is deadly, and no one was ever able to stop it… but you are.” “I can stop them? The only one out of every Wizard in Wizard City?” “No, three other Wizards are destined too, you must find them. I don’t know much, but here is one thing I do know: the first hero is in your apprentice Pyromancer class, a boy that is zany, and usually runs late to class.” Then it came to me: Lucas Raveneyes! A guy I met the first day of novice Pyromancer class! “Use this sword to come back.” “Okay. I’m ready to find him.” WHOOSH! I flew back to Unicorn Way, and I was ready to find Lucas.

The next day, after apprentice Pyromancer class, I took Lucas with me to the cave. “Where am I?” he asked. “You’ll see.” Sir Flame turned to me. “Is this the second hero?” he asked. “Yes. This is Lucas Raveneyes. An apprentice Thaumaturge.” “Excellent.” said Sir Flame, “You have found the second hero.” “Okay, can someone explain to me what’s going on here?” Lucas said. I explained everything to him, about the blade, the dragons, and the heroes. He understood. “Sir Flame,” I asked, “do you know where the next hero is?” “Indeed I do,” he replied, “The next hero is a Necromancer, one who is powerful, just one spell ahead of you two. All I know is that his last name is… Skullbreaker.” Skullbreaker… I had no idea who that was. I had to find him eventually.

Weeks and days went by, with still no luck on finding this Skullbreaker kid. But one day… at Golem Court… I had found him. His first name was Timothy, and he had white hair, green eyes, and was covered in white clothes. “Are you Timothy Skullbreaker?” I asked. “Uh, yeah. Why?” he said. “Follow me.” Again, I took him to the cave where I explained what his destiny was. “I know who the last hero is. His name is Samuel FireSpear. He is also a Necromancer, who is also an adept like you (just a quick note, we turned Adept over those weeks and days).” “Hey, I know him!” Timothy said, “He’s in my Adept Necromancer class!” “Okay, then tomorrow, we’ll find him!”

The next day (know what, we’ll skip to the good part we took him there, and blah blah blah J) Anyway, we were ready. Ready to defeat the dragons! “Not, quite,” Sir Flame said. You four must become at least level 42 before even daring to battle the dragons!” “Oh, man!” we all yelled. Well, we had some work to do. We were gonna be heroes!

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