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Malistaire's Daughter: The Last Breath by Autumn Deathfountain

The little girl slept on the park bench, dreaming of Malistaire. She tossed and turned, talking in her sleep. She was drizzled by the pouring rain in Marleybone.Alas, she woke up, screaming as if it was bloody murder. She fell off the park bench, bumped her head, and yelled again. "I can't believe it, that dream, it... it felt almost....... real." She started zoning out, looking at her sack full of food. At that instant, a strange voice called to her, and it sounded too familiar. It sang, "Autumn DeathFountain, run away, Malistaire has found you....." The voice faded in the moist air, almost shrieking the last four words. She didn't know what to do. Run away. It seemed to simple, as if Malistaire had planned it that way. Autumn thought, "I guess he did." At the last moment, she ran.

A while later, she had gotten tired of running for her life. Malistaire roamed the streets she had walked and stroled, and this time, ran. Her tale started to form, and she knew something no one else could know. About Malistaire, a little too odd for her to forget. Like, something too weird, he was her.......father. She didn't want to believe, but it was true. Autumn also knew he was seaching for her because he wanted her to be evil, eviler than Malistaire himself. But, she had realized something at that moment. Had she forgotten her sack? Autumn glanced at her shoulder, and sure enough she did. Her father had probably found it lying by the bench. Soon once he found it, he would surely find her. Glaring at the sky like it was it's fault, she wanted to yell out her anger, but when she tried, her voice wouldn't come out, just a puny breath of Marleybone air. Autumn tried again, and again, and again, so she was getting mad. "WHAT'S GOING ON!" she screamed in her mind. She thought she would never be able to speak her free rights again. In her struggle to talk, she saw a little Unicorn, also struggling. The Unicorn was trying to stand up and fight against a huge Ninja Pig. "Poor thing," she thought. As she went to save it, the ninja pig sliced her cloak all the way to her fragile skin. All of a sudden, she started blacking out as if the sword had been covered in poison. As she was blacking out, Malistaire was walking up, chuckling to himself. "Foolish child, you think you can stop my forces? Puny wizards like you would bow to me right now. Why aren't you bowing!" Autumn was seaching for the right words, and she soon remember she couldn't speak. She thought about what she was going to say and then looked at Malistaire, still thinking about what she wanted to say. "WHAT! A puny wizard can thought speak! Why, intellagent little one, aren't you?" As he snickered to himself, she saved the Unicorn, and ran off. Malistaire saw, and the chase began.

He screamed,"Come back! I know you are my daughter, since only MY relatives can have such powers!" Autumn ran as fast as she could, and finally the Unicorn had to carry her, which was no problem since she was big enough. She thought about uncommon thoughts, like about Sylvia, and how afraid she would be right now, watching her own husband chasing after her own daughter. And she also though if she had a brother, or another sister. Uncommon thoughts, she knew they were, well, for her. She ran into the church, and saw the teleporter. She ran right in and went to Ravenwood, WizardCity.

Other wizards saw she struggle and wanted to help, but when they saw Malistaire, the helping feeling was over big time. Some high level wizards starting being smarty pants and got completely whopped. Malistaire snickered to himself again, and Autumn started thinking her own father was crazy. She reached for her wand and screamed out the words for the most powerful spell ever, maybe even in the whole entire uniserse. Malistaire's snickering couldn't be heard anymore. He faded out into the sky, and as high level wizards stared at Autumn in amazment, she rode off.

She named her Unicorn a Greek name meaning Grace. It was Charis. Malistaire was in jail, and even though he was crazy, Autumn had to visit her own father. Merle Ambrose awarded her with a house and furniture. She still couldn't speak, though she still could thought speak at her own pace.And everyone thanked her for putting Malistaire in jail and she was just happy that her school was myth, cause that's her uncle.

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