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The Life of the Drake Twins, Cryus and Malistaire by James Lifecaster

Cyrus Drake had a rather interesting life. He was born in 1976, in the Cyclops Lane Hospital, three minutes before his twin brother, Malistaire. Early in his life, he liked to watch wizards be attacked by Cyclops and Warhorns, and giggled while the heads of the defeated wizards twirled around. Malistaire didn't enjoy watching wizards be destroyed by the enemies, for two reasons - one, he was afraid of the evil monsters, and two - he liked to bounce around and watch educational programming shows, starring Professor Greyrose.

When the twins turned 4 years old, they got to choose what Ravenwood school they'd go to. Malistaire decided to go to the Death school, taught by Dworgyn, and Cyrus Drake went to the Myth school, taught by Ambrose, who at the time was a myth professor. Day by day, the two would learn new spells, until 14 years later, when the two graduated. After the graduation, Cyrus and Malistaire wanted to see who was the most powerful after 14 years of learning. So, they went to the arena.

During their battle, Cyrus and Malistaire were both Level 50, and knew their best spells. Cyrus had earned a Myth Blade for being so nice in class (even though he's not like that today) and Malistaire just stole a Death Blade from one of his fellow students. 6 rounds into the battle, Malistaire had Feint, Death Blade, Death Trap, Curse, Balanceblade, and a bunch of other stuff in preperation to blow away Cyrus, but before Malistaire was able to finish his big boosters, Cyrus summoned an Orthus.
"Oh, phooey." Malistaire said, and he was hit by a small attack. "Wait, that wasn't so bad!"
Suddenly, a huge slam hit Malistaire, and he fell to the ground.
"I'm...not...done...yet!" Malistaire cried, and he quickly summoned a Wraith. The wraith drained 2000 HP, and Cyrus fell done as well. Shortly after, the two "feint"ed.

Two hours later, the two awoke in the hospital they were born in. Malistaire had been hit in the head very hard, as well as Cyrus. Suddenly, a nurse came in.
"Here's your bill, sirs." a nurse said, handing their not broken hands the bill.
"TWO BILLION GOLD?!?!?!" they shouted. "NEVER!!!"
So, they both slashed the nurse, and quickly ran off.

After the incident, they were both put in jail for 2 years. After doing time, Malistaire got married, and his wife and him were hired in Ravenwood, along with Cyrus. Malistaire became the Death teacher, Malistaire's wife was the new life teacher, and Cyrus became the new Myth teacher, because Ambrose had been promoted headmaster. Students came and went, when 16 years later, something terrible happened...which will be continued... Right now.

Malistaire's wife got terribly sick. Cyrus got sad, but Malistaire went MAD. Two months after being infected with her disease, Malistaire's wife died. That's when Malistaire went mad. He went nuts, quit his job, and blew the death school into Nightside, along with the death tree, and one of the students, who were 10 years old. Malistaire became evil, and summoned more monsters. The world had gone into chaos, but not just Wizard City. Malistaire saved extra chaos for other worlds, like Krokotopia, MarleyBone, and MooShu. Cyrus is grumpy because of his brother going mad, and sad on the inside. Currently, Malistaire is bringing destruction to many worlds, and Cyrus is teaching Myth students, and trying to make them pick up his dry-cleaning, and trying to expel them. Will Malistaire destroy the universe? Will Cyrus get fired?

Only the future of the Drake twins, and ourselves, can tell.

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