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The Legend of Allen Battlebane by Allan Battlebane

A deadly battle raged dangerously in the dark of night yet bright only hope relied on thy a little boy called Allan Battlebane.The Headmaster was forced to use his crystal ball in the darkest of times and he saw Allan.

He thy first went to Unicorn Way to help Ceren Nightchant find out what was happening to the Faries. With the help of Lady Oriel, he managed to report back to Ceren safely. He found himself battling Rattlebones.
He went to Ambrose to tell him the news, which sent him on his way to Olde Town

He bravely rescued the students that were kidnapped in Cyclops Lane with thy help of No;an Stormgate. He fearlessly went into battle with thy feared General Akilles. He powerful summons were just enough to defeat Akilles.

The brave warrior wizard went to find out what happened in Fire Cat Alley. With the help of a guard, Gretta Darkettle , and courage he blasted his way to defeat the evil banshee. he saved 7 elves including the prince to warn the headmaster of the dangers lurking near.

He went to Triton to save the wizards everywhere to save them from the wrath of the Harvest Lord. He thy saved the people when he defeated the Harvest Lord.

He bravely destroyed the evil Lord Nightshade Who was torturing The Grandfather Tree.

He got the spiral key to Krokotopia.

He located the Order of the Fang.

Destroyed the evil reign of of the evil queen of Krokotopia,

He bravely entered Marleybone to cast a slash at the evil O'Leary cats and RATS!!!

One day a cruel, cruel person twisted peoples minds to wipe the people into GONE, ISN'TS were there.

They still sing the song of Allan,"The One Who was Light In The Fear Battle"
"OH the one who saavvaaggeedd the baddd he thy was destroyed by the (pause) cruel Night Singers."

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