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The City of Ashes by Maggie

I was different than all the other ice wizards. It was not only that my hair was black while most ice wizards hair is white or blond or that I had no parents. No, there was something different about me from the very start. I had a very different personality and way of thinking. I acted different. You may think different is good, and sometimes it is. sometimes. not for me though. it has caused most of my misery these last 10 years.

I probably would have been kicked out of the ice school, maybe worse if it had not been for the headmaster. He made it so I could stay. He didn't make a rule that they couldn't torment me though. and I'm not just talking about the kids. the teachers to.no one wants me in their class. I had a desire, hidden deep in my heart for I knew if I said it I would be laughed at even more. I wanted to master all the elements. Ice, storm, fire, death, myth and life. Many said it was impossible to master all the elements. it was nearly impossible to master 5 of the six. but I had something they didn't. Hope. Hope that would be so strong it could bring me through the names and rejection. It burned in my bones the strongest when it was hardest. I was the best in my class. but no one cared. When i had enough training points I went to the school of fire. I trained to the fire trap. When i walked back to the girls dorms I heard the teachers talking.
"I don't get why the head master let's her stay. she probably is a necromancer." another voice spoke.
"Why don't we just drive her out? the headmaster will never know..." i didn't wait to hear the rest. I had lived there for ten years and hated it. they wanted me to leave. it was fine with me. i would go. just not the way they planned. i climbed in the window and got my bag. then i snuck around to to fire wizard's barn. that is where they kept the dragons. i went in and looked at them. i chose a blue one. most were red. he was different. i was different. we belonged together. quickly working, i put a saddle on the dragon. one that was built for speed. i climbed on him and we soared away.

It's three years later. It's now. three years living alone. no other humans. just me and my dragon. I'm 12 now. I've mastered ice and fire. i know the first five spells for the rest. i have decided to go back. i don't know what i will do. i don't know if they will except us. i stole a dragon. i was different from the start. but i don't care. if they won't let me stay me and Farthen Night thief, my dragon, will come back to our cave.

i climb on Farthen Night Thief's back and we fly away. when we get close i smell smoke and there are ashes in the air. we fly over wizard city and i look down. everything is charred to the ground. the small of death spells clings to the air. i feel sick. we land next to what used to be the fire academy. i look for any hint of the living. None, no one, yet i fell something. I whirl around. a death magician stands behind me and grins. another pushes it's way out of the ashes. i get ready to fight. i know i can defeat seven or 8, but i still wish i could have some help. i release a fire bird. it kills the dead thing instantly. a dark fairy comes from behind and i draw the marks for the ice colossus. the fairy dies and i look to my left. a scarlet screamer attacks. i let a spell fly but it fizzles out. i notice a flash of color behind me and look behind me. a fire wizard about my age is coming towards me. "Help" i say. he joins my fight. he looks at my dragon suspiciously. he has a red dragon of his own. he kills a clockwork golem just to be replaced by two others. Farthen Night Thief kills three foes with a swipe of his paw. every time i kill a foe, it seems like five more appear.

"There's to many." the fire wizard shouts.
"We need to go." he says.
"But what about the other Wizards?" i ask.
"What others?" i could barely hear him over the roar of the dead. but his words hit me like a punch to the stomach. what others? it echoed in my head. i got on my dragon and we fly away. we get back to the cave. we couldn't defeat the dead this time but next time that would change. I feel a tear sting my eye, thinking of the others. how could so many have perished? how?
end of part one
I sit in the cave and light the fire. it is winter now. a whole year past. i am 13. me and Ryan, i found out that was the fire wizards name, were the same age. i was teaching him the last fire spell. the dead had attacked 19 times that year. i know that we will have to destroy them soon or they will destroy us. the air is always full of ashes and the air smells like the dead. the snow is gray. Ryan comes back with a rabbit. i cook it on the fire.

it's been a year and he still doesn't fully trust me. probably because i know death spells. our dragons were hunting. we ate and started to plan to attack the dead. we made a plan and the next day put it into action. we went to the city in broad day light and attacked. we made our way to the tower in the center of the town. that was where the master of all the dead things would be. we fought our way to the top. sure enough there was a death magician. we fought for almost an hour and killed him. all of the dead things wandered around aimlessly. over the years people came back and wizard city grew stronger than ever. the end

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