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Captured by Malistaire by Taylor Swiftrider

It was pouring out; thunder boomed as lightning flashed through the skies. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me through Triton Avenue, I could hear Malistare’s laugh from the dark alleys. I kept running. “Ha!” Malistare laughed as he dashed out of hiding, he traced the death symbol and two minions appeared, a ghoul and a troll, the troll knocked me unconscious.

I dreamed of a heck hound, a hydra and a sunbird until the ghoul and troll stopped suddenly, “Grrrr! Heh. Watt dis one bee. Grumph!” the troll said, “Hmmmm. A hydra. I hear those are rare pets. Ha! Wizard, so weak she DESERVES TO BE A PET! That Ambrose will never guess it was me!”

“Yesssss bossssss. Nevvvverrrr gueeeeeeess! Heeeeeh.” The ghoul replied.

Malistare quickly traced the death symbol, a beam fired at me. I felt strange, “ WHAT THE!” I roared softly, what happened to me. Oh! Malistare threw me in a room full of pets. “Taylor! He got you too!” I recognized the voice of my friends Madison Shadowhunter and Wolf Rubythorn, “Wolf! Maddie!” I stared at Madison (the heck hound) And Wolf (the sunbird). “How do we get out?” I asked. “Malistare is leaving to your house and it gives us a chance to get out. Can you reach the lock?”

“Uh. If Wolf can fly up there with me on his back, then yes.” I replied.

Madison nodded at Wolf, “ok”

I climbed onto Wolf’s back as he flew to the lock, “ one, two, three! GOT IT!” I shouted. A massive cheer arose from the crowed, “ when we get out of this anti-spell chamber we can change back to normal!” a krokotillian shouted as an earth walker busted the door open, the door flew open and my other friend opened the door. It was Tristan Winterglen. He traced the life symbol and changed us back to human. “Over here!” I yelled. I found a portal to my house. We ran in and attacked Malistare, he teleported away, maybe out of fright. At least we won? Oh well. We made a good team. (for pets!) HAHAHA!

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