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Bribe The Bouncer by Winter Whisper

It was a monday. Not a special monday. just a monday. I had recently returned from the worlds of spiral,when i got this stupid "Fancy" way of talking from Mr. Cyrus Drake. So we could basicly say I got a "monday curse". So anyway, like I was saying, I had come back from spiral to my birth planet of "Earth". I loved spiral. In spiral i could be whoever i wanted. But here, I was me. I Always kind of hated myself in earth. I always thought there was somthing wrong with me. Maybe it was my smile, my stomach, the way my hair parts in the middle. I never actually thought to figure out what it was until now. It had actually been a busy week in both worlds. In spiral, i earned about twenty badges and my legs are still sore. But in earth, i had to deal with the kids across the street that tease me because i tried to tell them about spiral. It had been such a long day, i crashed out on the couch. I woke up next morning and decided to go to spiral for the day. Of course, my mother wont bribe the bouncer. and by bouncer, i mean the tree of life. He was always so mean to me. I was practilly a hero in wizard city, and he still wouldnt let me go into other worlds.i begged my mother, but she said i had to finish a week of schoolwork before she would.Well, I guess i'll check back in with you in a week, and remember, That bouncer wont be bribed easy!!

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