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The Story of Benjamin StormRunner by Benjamin Stromrunner

Hi, as you may suggest my real name is not Benjamin Stormrunner, but enough of that, this is my story.

After a long day defaeting fire elves, skelital soliders and magma man I was finally ready to face Alicane Swiftarrow... or so I thought. I lost, miseribly.
After that battle I worked even harder to gain a new spell a win. after a day I felt ready to fight him again. It was a short battle. I took out his magmaman with a lightning bat, but that was just the easy part. After that I coulden't think of anything to do in the last few turns, but then my new card showed up, Storm shark. It would take him out for sure! I used it praying it will work, fizzle. Then Alicane attacked, I thought I was going to die. He shot his arrow. I found myself still alive and a storm shark card in my hand! This was my only chance, I used my storm shark, hoping I wouldn't fizzle, and the storm shark was summon!
a devestating attack took hold! I won another boss battle by myself( with isn't surprising to me because I handle all my battles by myself). Alicane burned up in flames but didn't die. I walked closer to him and held the potion to his mouth. He woke up alive and well. It was a great battle and I even found the Fire Magic Book!!!!!

Written by Benjamin Stormrunner

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