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Our goal is to make our Elixirs more useful for your Wizards, which is why we’re updating the Elixir system. We’ve removed the 30 minute versions of our Elixirs from the Crown Shop and added new Mega versions that last for 3 hours:

  • Mega Power Elixir
  • Mega Accuracy Elixir
  • Mega Damage Elixir
  • Mega Health Elixir
  • Mega Mana Elixir
  • Mega Gold Elixir
  • Mega XP Boost Elixir
  • Mega Regen Elixir
  • Mega Battle Elixir
  • Mega Fishing Luck Elixir

Plus we've added new Major versions of the Battle Elixirs that last for 1 hour, not just 30 minutes:

  • Major Fire Elixir
  • Major Ice Elixir
  • Major Storm Elixir
  • Major Myth Elixir
  • Major Life Elixir
  • Major Death Elixir
  • Major Balance Elixir
  • Major Vengeful Elixir
  • Major Fortification Elixir

Backpack Elixir Update

We’ve also updated the Expand Backpack Elixir. You can now purchase up to 3 Expand Backpack elixirs per character, which will allow you to carry up to 300 items!

Keep an eye out! Over the next few months we’ll continue to revisit and revamp our Elixirs to make them more useful for your Wizards.

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