Combining your favorite and most powerful gear into a new-you stitched look has never been more fun than it's about to get! Introducing the first Spiral Stitch Contest for Wizard101 and for Pirate101!

Come up with a unique or unexpected set of gear that normally would not go together, but when stitched together looks amazing! For example, use the Bandit Hat, The Genie Boots, and The Jester’s Robe which are separate set items.

Unique stitch with no more than a single item per gear set will be rated higher than stitches that choose entire gear sets. Non-set items count just as highly as set items.

Bonus points for equipping a crafted wand!

Get an opportunity to win some great prizes, including up to 10,000 Crowns for either game, and the Spooky Carnival Bundle for Wizard101 or the Hoodoo Bundle in Pirate101.


  • Game Cosplay (as character from the game)
  • Halloween (creepy, scary, ugly)
  • Holidays (except Halloween)
  • Fantasy/Magical
  • Funny/Cute
  • Heroic (a powerful look)

THE PRIZES (Per category)

  • Top Stitch = Spooky Carnival Bundle + 10,000 Crowns
  • Second Stitch = Spooky Carnival Bundle + 5,000 Crowns
  • Runner-ups (2x) = Spooky Carnival Bundle + 2,500 Crowns
5 Honorable Mentions will be randomly selected outside the categories for a 2,500 Crowns prize at end of event, also announced on Oct. 28.


  • Post on either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
  • Include in your post (all items MUST be included):
    • A screenshot of your stitch with your character name shown
    • At least one reference of two items that were stitched
    • Contest stitch category
    • Hashtag #Wizard101Stitch
  • NO e-mail submissions, sorry. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ONLY.
  • Entering for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 separately is accepted.
This is a creativity skill-based contest, NOT a gear stats contest! We are looking for visual appeal and interest, so there’s no need to show stat pages, just the character wearing the gear is sufficient.


KingsIsle will review all entries and choose four of the most creative, intricate, and fun designs per category to nominate. Each category’s nominations will have a specific day they will be announced sometime between the close of the contest (Oct. 10) and the date of winners (Oct. 28).

Be unique and show us something amazing! The Honorable Mentions will be selected randomly, so be sure to enter even if you don’t consider your stitch interesting, as we’re sure it will be a great stitch regardless.

Keep watch on all social media channels for when the nominations begin!

Winners will be notified by email within a week after officially being announced on Oct. 28. Winning submissions will be further shared on social media and included in the following month’s newsletter.


Join us on Oct. 29 at 4pm CT, just a day after the winners are announced, in the Commons on Greyrose Realm, Area 01 (or beyond 01 if area is full) for a “Stitch Runway”! We’ll be starting from Ambrose Tower.


  • Entries must be posted before 11:59 PM US CST on Sunday, October 10, 2021.
  • One entry per player will be eligible. All social channels’ entries per game will be combined to be presented in a single group for community voting on Twitter.
  • Entering for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 separately is accepted.
  • Contest entries must be originals (no screenshotting someone else’s character).
  • Must be unaltered screenshots, no photoshopping or overlays of any kind (use of Photomancy is acceptable and encouraged).
  • If under 13 years of age, ask your parent or guardian permission to participate.
Visit Pirate101's contest to stitch even more! Entries are accepted per game.

Good luck Spiral Stitchers!