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May 2009

Welcome to the May 2009 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month includes the new housing feature called Castles & Lands! Voiceovers have been added to characters in Marleybone, MooShu and Dragonspyre! The Mark & Recall feature lets you mark one location and recall back from anywhere in the game. There's more so read on!

Castles & Lands


Castles & Lands

null  Housing in Wizard101 is called "Castles & Lands". All players start out with a dorm room that they can immediately decorate. Upgraded housing can be purchased using in-game gold from vendors in each of the worlds. Players must be level 15 to purchase Castles & Lands.

Players can teleport to their own house using the "Go Home" button, or over to a friend’s house via their Friends List.

Look for the friendly turtles to start you on your way, but first Simeon in Ravenwood has a quest for players over level 15!

Once you've received a housing deed, you can move out of your dorm room and into a more luxurious Castle on a floating Island of your own! You can own up the three Houses plus your Dorm, and select your new house and select it just like anything else in your backpack.

When you click the "Go Home" icon, you will appear at your new home. You can always teleport back to the hub of the world you're currently exploring, or use the World Gate on your Island.

If you'd like to move between homes or even return to your dorm room, just use your backpack to select the home of your choice. nullWhen you are on your private Island, you can return to your Dorm Room by pressing the "Go Home" button.

For lots more information about Castles & Lands - visit our Players Guide

Wizard101 Finds Its Voice - Again!


You'll be Hearing Voices!

  nullWe're very happy to announce that the next three worlds in Wizard101 now feature voices for almost all the characters in all quests, cinematics, and boss encounters.

Listen as your favorite characters assist you, and villains taunt you! Wizard City and Krokotopia voiceovers were finished in March and now Marleybone, Moo Shu, and Dragonspyre have voices too.

This addition to Wizard101 brings a rich deep texture to the game and will make it much easier for some of our younger players to follow.

As an added bonus, your quest history panels also have a small chat bubble icon that allows you to play back the voice over for every step in the quest! null

To hear some voices of your favorite Professors, click on the Hear Their Voices button above.

Mark & Recall


Mark & Recall

Markers can now be placed that will allow you to recall back to a marked location. The buttons for this are located around your Compass.

Go to Common Area
Go Home
Mark Location
Recall to Mark

Placing a mark will cost you a small amount of mana. The keyboard shortcuts for these buttons are as follows:
Home button = “Go Home”
nullEnd button = “Common Area of current/most recently visited world”
Page Up button = Recall Location
Page Down = Mark Location

Ample Warning!


Dungeon Warnings

The next time you enter a Dungeon, you will receive information about how Dungeons work in Wizard101.

Dungeons are personal adventures. They must be completed to get full credit. Logging out, leaving through the Dungeon entrance, or going to another dungeon will reset the Dungeon you started. Leaving any other way gives you 30 minutes to return before it resets. Up to four people at a time can be in a Dungeon.

You can tell that an area is a Dungeon if there are four small blue circles in front of a door or structure. These are called Sigils. To enter this area, simply walk up to the blue circles, push ‘X’, and wait for the countdown to finish. You can also enter Dungeon with up to four players. To do so, you all have to interact with the circles before the countdown reaches zero.

Wizard101 Dungeon Warning

If you attempt to log out of a Dungeon, you will receive the following warning.


Shopping Updates


Shop 'til you Drop!

Shop carefully, young Wizards. We've listened to our players, and with the addition of housing items in shops around the Spiral, we have made it easier for you to purchase more than one item at a time.

Once you purchase an item the shopping window will stay open and the item you just purchased will stay highlighted if you want to purchase another one, or you can choose a different item to purchase.

nullPlease be aware that this may increase the number of 'accidental' purchases, so please shop carefully. We cannot refund you for items purchased in the game.

Reward Notifications


Its own Reward

Tips will appear to alert you to any items you have received as a reward.

If you hover your cursor over the Tip, you will see the name and stats of the item.

If you click on the Tip, you will see a box appear with more information.

You can right click these tips to dismiss them. null

More Details

A few little details, so please keep reading!
  1. Run Speed increases can be found on Crowns items and as boss rewards. You can run faster with these new Boots!
  2. Boat and Balloon rides are now optional.
  3. Friend Requests show more information about the character.
  4. You will receive a message if you fail to receive a quest item from a duel.
  5. The Options panel has new Icons, and now includes the Realms List
    Items of the Spiral
  1. Spiderkeeper's Ice Mantle now has a level 50 requirement.
  2. The Crystalline Queen's Pendant now has a Life School requirement and once again gives the player 1 card.
  3. Diviner's Yellow Sandals are now named Diviner's Boots.
  4. Kraysys' Otherworldly Carcanet has been renamed Kraysys' Astral Carcanet and now has a Death School requirement.
  5. Markmaker's Locket of Lightning has been renamed Markmaker's Lightning Locket and now has a Storm School requirement.
  6. Shadowmark's Charm of Making now has a Balance School requirement.
  7. Snowcrusher's Pendant of Flame has been renamed Snowcrusher's Flame Pendant and now has a Fire School requirement.
  8. Spiderkeeper's Frostcharm now has an Ice School requirement.
  9. Lorekeeper's Hood now has a level 45 requirement and a Myth School requirement.
  10. The Mantle of Imagination also now has a level 45 requirement and a Myth School requirement.
  11. The Hood of the Historian now has a level 45 requirement.
  12. The Mythological Mantle now has a level 45 requirement and a Myth School requirement.
  13. The Hop-Hopping staff now acts like a normal staff when casting spells.

  14. Creatures of the Spiral
  15. Creatures of the Spiral have learned some new moves! Watch for them.
  16. The Rank 1 Ghost has fled the Dragonspyre tower for the "Don't Count your Eggs" quest.
  17. Minute Men & Metal Heads now have the correct Boosts and Resists for their school.

  18. Places in the Spiral
  19. There is now a Hat and Robe NPC shopkeeper in the Library in the Atheneum.

    Quests of the Spiral
  1. The player now receives the MooShu Explorer badge after finishing the quest "Blue Oyster Cult" in MooShu. Players who have already finished this quest should see this Badge in their list.
  2. Some quests have been retired. If you were currently adventuring on one of these quests, they have been removed from your Quest Journal.
    1. Out and About
    2. Getting Munselled
    3. Negative Attitude
    4. A Developing Situation
    5. null
    6. Whetting your appetite
    7. Knife swap
    8. Stopwatch
    9. I Spy
    10. Saving Soles