March 2009

Welcome to the March 2009 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

There are lots of updates to Wizard101, including voices in Wizard City and Krokotopia. I've also heard news that Zeke has moved up in the world, and out of Olde Town.

Wizard101 Finds Its Voice


Wizard101 Finds Its Voice

We're very happy to announce that the first two worlds in Wizard101 now feature voices for almost all the characters in all quests, cinematics, and boss encounters.

Listen as your favorite characters speak to you about your quests, and your dreaded creatures taunt you. Wizard City and Krokotopia voiceovers are ready now, with Marleybone, Moo Shu, and Dragonspyre to follow.

This addition to Wizard101 brings a rich deep texture to the game and will make it much easier for some of our younger players to follow the story line without having to worry about reading the text.

As an added bonus, your quest history panels also have a small chat bubble icon that allows you to play back the voice over for that step in the quest!

Shared Personal Storage Arrives


Shared Bank

  Players can now share most items between characters on their own account. Simply go to your Bank in your Dorm room and you will see a new tab for the Shared Bank.
This only allows players to exchange items between characters on their account, and not between characters on two different accounts.

    Some items cannot be shared and will be marked with the words No Trade.


Prospector Zeke has a new Location in Wizard City!


Zeke is on the Move!

Wizard101 Zeke SignIf you head to Olde Town looking for olde Zeke, you'll find that he's moved up in the world and has a new cart in the Wizard City Commons! He has streamlined his inventory, and retired all the items he used to sell. He has some new suppliers now so we should see his selection changing much more frequently in the future.

Wizard101 Explorer NPC

Just like the old Zeke items, you can also purchase these new items from the regular shopkeepers for gold.

Taking Careful Steps


Deletion Confirmation

Wizard101 Delete Character  We've listened to our players who have mistakenly deleted their characters and we've responded with an extra step to keep those little ones from accidental deletion. When you want to delete a character from the Character Selection Screen, you must now enter a given code. We hope this will protect many beloved Wizards from deletion.

    When a player is reporting someone for misconduct, we now ask that you tell us exactly why you are submitting a report. This will help us narrow down an individual's behavior so we can properly deal with them for inappropriate conduct, and should prevent accidental reporting.

Find your Friends!


Find your Friends in the Crowd!

People on your Friends list will now show up with a lighter blue nametag. This will help you find your friends in the crowd much faster.
Wizard101 True Friends

Ever wondered where your Friend was located before you teleported to them? Now you know!

Details details details...

Lots of little details, so let's break them down into categories.

Residents of the Spiral
  • Freddy Nine Lives has embraced the school of Death and is no longer studying Storm.
  • Khai Amahte has given up Ice in favor of Life.
  • Devora Shadowcrown has finally realized she's been using her Myth Deck instead of her Death deck.
  • Gurtok Piercer now has his Ice Deck in order and is no longer using the Death Deck
Worlds of the Spiral
  • Wizard City - Quest Arrows have been added to Guide new players to Triton Avenue.
  • Krokotopia - The Tomb of Storms teleporter will appear for a longer period of time, to allow Wizards to enter before it resets.
  • Dragonspyre - Shops in the Atheneum now have signs to indicate they are shops.
  • Dragonspyre - You will now regain health faster in the Dragonspyre non-combat zones.
  • Dragonspyre - Wisps in Dragonspyre are no longer in turbo mode and players should be able to catch up with them.
  • We noticed some instances were resetting in less than 30 minutes. We have ensured that all instances will now allow the player to re-enter the instance if they return within 30 minutes. Remember, logging out, leaving through the instance entrance, or going to another instance will reset the instance you started. Leaving any other way gives you 30 minutes to return before it resets.
Creatures of the Spiral
  • Elementals of the Spiral, fire ice and storm, are no longer invisible to Wizards.
  • Summoned Fire Cats no longer bring a large purple box with them.
  • Dark Sprites have once again found their wings, and should fly up high.
  • Friendly Dragons can now be properly dyed red, and some may suddenly appear red.
  • The Wraith spell is properly returning half its stolen health to players.
Items of the Spiral
  • Penny Dreadful's spellbook should be easier for players to see.
  • Avalanche's Legendary Cutlass should now appear in the Wizard's hands, instead of on the ground.
  • Avalanche's Balanced Mantle is now restricted to Balance Wizards
  • Lightning Rod now deals Storm Damage instead of Death Damage.
  • Firewinter's Drape of the Seasons now has a Life School Requirement, not an Ice School Requirement.
  • Many items that were previously missing cards and stats now have been granted those cards and stats so check your items before you sell them!
  • Several unique Treasure cards have had their accuracy increased.
Your Wizard Screen
  • New! All your friends should show up in your Friends panel now, and you should be able to teleport to them once again, unless they are busy or in an zone you cannot access.
  • The Network Status Icon is now located near your compass, so as not to interfere with Text Chat messages.
  • If you're in a PvP Queue, pressing the L key while not in combat will open your PvP status window!
  • While a player is not in a duel, they can quickly swap their Decks by pressing Ctrl-K.
  • Players can quickly take a screenshot now using the Print Screen button on their keyboard. This will save the file in your C:/Program Files/KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard101/Bin folder (note this will capture your entire screen, so if you are running Wizard windowed, it will capture everything on your screen)
    You will see the following text to let you know you took a screenshot.
  • Some players may have noticed that their Options settings changed on them regularly. We have figured out why, and solved the problem. The Options you set in your Options panel such as screen resolution, music volume, nametag settings and such should now stay the way you set them from now on.

There are some other surprises for you to discover, young Wizards, so have fun and see you in Wizard City!