December 2009

Welcome to the December 2009 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

School themed housing is the big ticket this month with all new houses for each school, and lots of other details so keep reading.

School House Rocks!


School Themed Houses

Theurgists, Sorcerers, Conjurers, Pyromancers, Necromancers, Thaumaturges, and Diviners rejoice! New School Themed Housing has arrived in the Spiral!

Whether you want a chilly Ice school themed house,  or you've always wanted a Haunted House of your own
Wizard101 Ice House
Wizard101 Death House

now you can have them in our School Themed Housing! And don't worry, young Wizards, any Wizard can buy any house, whether it's your main School of Focus or not.

These houses have space for 250 items outside and 250 items inside! These houses do count towards your total of three houses per character, so players who already have three houses will have to sell one in order to purchase one of these School themed houses.

 This housing is available through the SHOP button on your Screen, under the Housing Icon. These houses are priced at 10 000 Crowns, or 100 000 Gold per house.
To Preview these houses, just press the Magnifying Glass in the SHOP window.

Block PvP Opponent Chat


Block PvP Opponent Chat

  Wizard101 Diego PvP Doodle
Under Options is a new ability that allows you to hide your opponent's Chat in Player vs Player combat. If you have this option enabled, during a PvP duel:
  1. Anything you type cannot be seen by your opponents, but can be seen by your teammates and spectators.
  2. Anything your opponents type you can’t see, but can be seen by their teammates and spectators.
  3. All Menu Chat can be seen by everyone.
You can change this setting at any time, including during a PvP duel, but it will not take effect until the next turn.

Details, details, details.

Details, details, details...
As mentioned at the top of the page, we've made lots of minor bug fixes, small things that we won't list here and hopefully bugs you've never even known about. Here are just a handful of ones that players will obviously notice. Many of the ones not listed included small things like hair poking through a hat, or a spelling mistake in a quest. Have a look around and see if something that was bugging you, is no longer a bug!
  1. Several new phrases have been added to the Menu Chat and we continue to evaluate the usability of the Menu Chat

  2. Graphics:
  3. Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim worlds were added to the World Spiral in Gamma's House and the loading screen.
  4. Misleading shop signs have been removed from buildings in Dragonspyre.
  5. Male robes no longer dye turquoise when you're trying to dye them orange.
  6. Once in a while, if you enter an area you've never been in before, the creatures may appear as wooden golems.

  7. Combat:
  8. Wizards and Creatures of the Spiral alike should no longer survive a damaging hit that equals their current health.
  9. Life minions will pay a little more attention to their summoners and a little less attention on themselves.
  10. Grendel Urchins and Darters should stay put in their combat sigils and no longer wind up flailing on their backs during combat.
  11. All Henchmen have restacked their decks and should cast more appropriate spells.

  12. Items:
  13. Many housing items now have sound, so that fire should roar!
  14. A Treasure Card version of Power Nova is now available.
  15. After an Obsidian Chest has been used, a new one should reappear promptly.
  16. Band of Rising Stakes has been renamed to Hat of Rising Stakes, since it is after all, a hat and not a ring.
  17. The Warpwood staff which was only really a wand, has been renamed Warpwood Wand to reflect how it really looks.
  18. Housing Islands will not be displayed under All Furniture tab anymore, but only under their own tab.

  19. Residents of the Spiral:
  20. If Eloise Merryweather won't talk to you, it's due to the fact you're still downloading all the clothing she has to offer. Once that download is complete, she'll be happy to assist you with your stitching request.
  21. Eloise Merryweather has corrected her inventory in Dragonspyre. Seems the Vindicator Robe was mistakenly labelled as a Helm, the name has now been corrected.

  22. Creatures of the Spiral:
  23. Some Creatures in Wizard City have had their look updated. Revisit these foes to see their new look, (some are obvious and others are more subtle):
    1. Lady Blackhope
    2. Fire Elf Pathfinder
    3. Sergeant Skullsplitter
    4. Rattlebones
    5. Melweena Smite
    6. Bastilla Gravewind
    7. Norton
    8. Addere Timeo
    9. Grubb
    10. Nightstalkers
    11. Wormguts

  24. During the Quest Olde News, Sergeant Muldoon will be correctly shown as being located in Olde Town.