April 2009

Welcome to the April 2009 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month features a few updates including a Quest Helper, Best Friend feature and most importantly, New Spells & Pets for each school!

Quest Helper


Quest Help

Have you ever embarked on a quest and not been sure where you need to go? Well we have the answer, and it's called Quest Helper. To enable your Quest Helper, simply open your Quest panel when you're not in a duel by pressing the Q key on your keyboard. Click on the Quest you'd like to work on and you will see it highlight yellow and an arrow will appear on the panel to indicate that you've marked that as your 'active' quest.

Once you have done this, close your quest panel and you will see an arrow at the bottom of your screen indicating the direction you need to travel, and the approximate number of steps it will take your Wizard to reach that destination!

Wizard101 Quest Arrow

If you want to turn on or off the Quest Helper you can do so by going to the third panel in your Options tab (Esc on your keyboard) and selecting Quest Helper On or Off, or you can toggle it On and Off with the T key on your keyboard.

Best Friends Feature


Best Friends

Wizard101 Best FriendsAs we endeavor to make it easier for you to identify your friends, we are proud to announce the new Best Friends Feature!

Open your Friends Panel and you'll be seeing Stars!
• Clicking on an empty Star fills it in.
• Clicking on a filled in Star makes it empty again.
• When a Star is filled in, it sorts to the top of the Friends List immediately
• If there are multiple people with filled in Stars, they appear at the top of the Friends List alphabetically.
• If the Friends List is very long and a Star is filled it, the view should stay where it is in the list.
• Names in the Friends List that have a filled in Star next to them should appear in Light Purple.

Training Point BuyBack


Training Point Buyback

When young Wizards first start out at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, they are often excited by the many different spells to spend Training Points on, such as shields and magical spells outside their school of focus. We understand that as Wizards progress they sometimes wish they could return those spells in exchange for their Training Points back. Well now you can!

Mr. Lincoln in Golem Court will allow you to Spend Crowns to buy back all your Training Points and return all of the spells obtained with those Training Points. You can respond your new Training Points as desired.

Wizard101 Training Point BuyBack

The price in Crowns is dependent on how many training points you have spent.

New Spells and Pets for Each School!


New Spells & Pets

You've waited patiently while we tested and retested these spells, but now the faculty at Ravenwood School of Magical Arts thinks that you're ready to control some of the strongest spells in the Spiral! Here are the spell cards each school can earn through a difficult quest given to you by your teachers.

But wait, there's more! Upon completion of these difficult quests, you not only get the spell, you get a school specific pet! Here are examples of three of the seven pets, the Balance Hydra, the Death Wraith and the Myth Orthrus.

Wizard101 Wraith

Below is a screenshot of the Fire Dragon attack in action.
Wizard101 Fire Dragon

PvP Rankings and New Items


PvP Rankings and New Items

You've asked and we've answered! New items are available from Diego in exchange for your PvP Tickets. Some of these items require that you reach a certain PvP Rank before you can equip the item so look closely!

Wizard101 Arena Tickets

Here are the new PvP Rank symbols:

These rankings should show up on your character sheet, on purchase requirements for some arena gear, and in the Name Tag next to your title. This pvp icon will show up during PvP combat only. When it does show up your Badge will change from the selected badge to the Ranking Name. When you leave combat it should go back to your selected badge.

Wizard101 Spring NPC