Update Notes

September 2014

Welcome to the September 2014 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This update gives the Crown Shop a makeover, Quest Log sorting and a new Restore Original Castle button for Arcane Builders. And good news, the Spiral Cup Gauntlet is no longer Friends only!

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New and improved Crown Shop!


Crown Shop Revamp!

Categories in the Crown Shop have been sorted and new sub-categories added to make finding items easier!

  • The first tab “For your Wizard” is a collection of all sorts of items that other players like you have been purchasing, like Packs, Mounts, Pets and more! It’s a great way to see some of the best that the Crown Shop has to offer.
  • The Featured tab shows all the best deals, new products and some of the most popular items in the Crown Shop.
  • The Cards tab is where you’ll find Hoard and Lore Packs, Pet Snacks and Booster Packs with sub-categories for each.
  • Permanent and Rental Mounts have been combined in the Mounts tab, with sub-categories for each.
  • On the Pets tab you can find all the Pets available in the Crown Shop as well as Snack Packs.
  • Gold and Elixirs each have their own tab.

  • The Appearance & Gear tab is much more organized, with sub-categories for Clothing Bundles, Weapons, Amulets, Shoes, Robes, Hats, Transformations, Hairstyles, Rings and Athames.
  • The Housing tab has also received a makeover with sub-categories for Houses, Seeds and Castle Blocks.
  • The final tab on the far right is a new Gameplay tab with convenient sub-categories for Henchmen, Reagent Bundles, Fishing and the Everything selection if you’d like to view all items available in the Crown Shop. When you are in battle, the Henchman tab will still automatically open when you click on the Crown Shop to purchase one.

This new category organization will make shopping in the Crown Shop a much more intuitive experience.

You’ll also notice the new Recommended Items feature! These are items that are popular in the Crown Shop with other players that share your same school and level. At the top of each section you’ll see up to three Recommended Items for a chosen category or sub-category. For example, if you are searching for a new Weapon for your Wizard in the Crown Shop, you have so many choices it may be overwhelming which one to choose! The Recommended Items are a great place to start looking for a Weapon that is just right for your Wizard.


Find your quest easier!



Quest sorting just got a bit easier! The quest window is now be sorted by World in the following order: Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, MooShu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca, Khrysalis, Wysteria, Grizzleheim, Wintertusk and Aquila.

Other quest changes:

  • The Narrator will now direct players to defeat the guards at Stormriven Temple before the gates to the Storm Altar will open for the quest "Kraken Up."
  • Players must defeat the final boss in the Briskbreeze Tower in order to complete the quest “Lost Lieutenant.”
  • Defeating Yakedo will now count toward the goal of “Defeat 10 Enemies” in the quest “Battle of Evermore.”
  • All players will now receive quest completion credit after defeating Shemazan Blightmark for the quest “Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.”
  • When playing the instance quest “Top of the Rock” with multiple players, additional enemies will no longer spawn after the boss is defeated.
  • Players will no longer receive the “Are you sure you want to leave the dungeon?” pop-up when moving into the Serpent Cave area of the dungeon during the quest “Cor Serpentis” and will no longer be able to enter the Serpent Cave before defeating the Rattle Catchers.
  • The harpy in the quest “Wrath of the Immortals” will no longer be named Cyrus Drake.
  • Players will be able to re-enter the cave to accept the second part of the “Sing a Warsong” quest in Grizzleheim if they port out.
  • Players will not be able to enter the Phoenix Tower top floor before talking to the Fifth Column Mantis during the quest “The Rarest Egg.”
  • Players must defeat the Whirligig Beatles before entering the Crab Cave for the quest “Deep Blue Something.”
  • Players must defeat the Lost Knight before entering the second area of the “Hart of a Star” quest.
  • A proper exit warning will now display if a player tries to exit the “Garrison” quest instance.
  • The instance name will now appear when entering the “Eight-Legged Queen” quest area.
  • Players must now acquire the staff before placing it on the platform to complete the quest “Into the Map Room.”

Rebuild your castle!



Good news for messy Arcane Builders! If you would like to restore the original Castle that came with your Arcane Builder’s Bundle, you can now do so. You will need to have all of the Castle Blocks that made up the original Castle. Place all of the blocks required to build the Castle in the area (Indoor and Outdoor areas are separate). Open the Castle Blocks settings window. At the bottom of the screen, click the “Restore Original Castle” button. It will then prompt you to confirm this choice or it will show you which Castle Blocks you are missing in order to complete the request. If you have all of the required pieces placed, it will successfully rebuild the original Castle.

Other Housing changes:

  • The Spiral Cup Gauntlet is no longer limited to friends only, but we have made a change so players who aren't friends with the owner cannot use their Spiral Cup Gauntlet while visiting during Castle Tours or Castle Games.
  • The Spiral Cup Gauntlet will now always register as complete after the last boss is defeated.
  • The Bolt of Zeus will be easier to select while hanging on the wall.
  • Objects will no longer get stuck in the Wyrd House.
  • Players can now properly add tile flooring to the middle upper room of the Sunken Palace.
  • The Krokotopian Houseboat, Fantastic Fish Bowl and Magic Treehouse can now be placed in the Shared Bank.
  • The “Go to Commons” button will go to the Castle Tours HQ when visiting top-rated houses on Castle Tours.
  • New Fishing phrases have been added to Customizable Signs.
  • Names for the Midday Estate, Night Garden and Meadows at Dusk have been added to Customizable Signs.

Creature changes!



  • Players will no longer be prevented from defeating the Gurtok Barrier Demon if they return after getting disconnected during the battle.
  • Lord Ombra and Archmagus Lorcan will respawn more quickly if a player is returning after being defeated.

New Castle Block recipes!



  • Lloyd Fallingwater in the Shopping District has two new Castle Block Crafting Recipes: Roof/Floor B Castle Block and Roof In Corner Castle Block.
  • Gold amounts will now display properly in the Crafting vendor “Recipe Shop” user interface.
  • Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town no longer sells the Tapestry to Pigswick Academy recipe. (It was removed to prevent a confusing error message that was happening if players did not meet the quest requirements to visit Wysteria while trying to craft it. Don't worry, the tapestry will be making a return in a future update.)

Pet Snack updates!



  • The Chameleon pet no longer gets stuck in the ground in the Way of the Ninja Pig mini game.
  • The Seafood Mocktail is now a Rank 6 Snack.
  • The Catfish Stevens is now a Rank 7 Snack.

Fixing up Fishing!



  • Fishing Utility spells will now animate and function properly in East Cyclops Channel and West Cyclops Channel in Cyclops Lane.
  • The Fishing bobber will no longer disappear beneath the water surface in Tree of Life.
  • Mounts will no longer unequip if a player logs out while Fishing.
  • Players will no longer accidentally use potion bottles while Fishing.
  • Spacebar will close the caught fish window.
  • An icon will now indicate if a fish is Seasonal.
  • Summon Fish will now cast at a quicker pace in larger ponds.
  • Fishing information has been added to the Help menu in game.
  • Players can no longer access the Fishing menu in non-Fishing areas.
  • Fishing menu will not re-open if the player is outside of water range when a Fishing Utility spell finishes.
  • While Fishing, Players will no longer turn to face those around them who are learning a new spell.
  • Your pets are now hidden from view while you're fishing, so they don't get in the way.
  • Fishing tutorial has been adjusted to clarify that pressing spacebar is the same as Invoke Spell.
  • The Reveal Fish or Reveal Fish School spells will no longer break when some fish are scared away.

All the little things!



  • The Menu Chat window now shows 10 items with arrows for scrolling so that it can be properly viewed on smaller resolution monitors.
  • More phrases have been added to Menu Chat, including phrases for Fishing!
  • Nidavellir is now properly labeled on the Map.
  • Keep of Ganelon will now be referred to as Ghost Avalon on the Map.
  • Dyvim Whitehart will properly provide combat boosts.
  • Accepting a quest while the quest log is open will no longer cause a crash.
  • Text on Supercharge that has been enchanted with Sharpened Blade now displays correctly.
  • Players can now queue up normally for another derby match after fleeing a previous match.
  • Deathblade and Mythblade cards no longer display the wrong size when other spells are clicked.
  • Robes of Radiance Reborn base colors can now be dyed.
  • Hawk Rider’s Claymore and Wand of Equivalence now have a more appropriate icon in the Housing item placement bar.
  • Players can now view more than 8 kinds of Gardening Treasure Cards in their backpack.
  • Added new camera movement to several Wizard City quests that featured a cinematic.
  • Various spelling errors throughout the Spiral have been corrected.
  • The pages for your Fishing and Gardening spells will now display your page count (1/1).
  • Additional Health has been added to several Level 100 Crown Shop Clothing items.
  • Dungeon Recall will be cleared when teleporting to a friend in a different realm.

October 9th, 2014

  • Description of the Regular Keeper Aquariums set in the Crown Shop now accurately reflects the contents of 3 Regular Keeper Aquariums.
  • Menu Chat will automatically show more options based on screen resolution settings.
  • Menu Chat options will now stop scrolling at the last available selection rather than scrolling to the top.
  • Cat Thug Treasure Card now displays correct damage and accuracy debuff.
  • Imitsu Punisher Treasure Card will now properly display an image.
  • Spooky Bob now has a fancy new portrait for sale (only available during October)!