Update Notes

November 2018

Empyrea Part 2 is now released to all wizards! This update also includes a Level Cap Increase to 130 and New Pets, Quests, Gear, Crafting Recipes, Trees of Magic Ranked Spells, a New Whirlyburly mini-game, and more! Have a look below at the update notes for all the big changes.

Empyrea Part 2 Now Live!


The Thrilling Conclusion to the 3rd Story Arc

Bartleby is withering and Mellori, the Raven-Child, struggles to hang on to life. To save them, the Wizard must embrace an ancient destiny, fight the evil schemes of Shadow, and venture to the farthest reaches of Empyrea... and beyond! All the while, the final conflict between Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Spider looms, threatening to destroy all of creation.

Can the remaining two Paradox Chains be saved? Can the Wizard really hope to stand in the way of not one but two cosmic forces? Can Order and Chaos be reconciled? Find out in this exciting conclusion to our Empyrea story and arc 3 of Wizard101!

Empyrea Part 2. Start by talking to Librarian Fitzhume in the Arcanum to get the quest “Of Note.” From there, all of the update changes below are at your fingertips...


Update Notes



  • Level cap increased to 130
  • Gold cap increased to 525,000
  • New level 130 Henchmen
  • New level 125 Jewels for Socketing
  • New quests are available when you make it to Day 12 of your Daily Assignment rewards!
  • New Photomancy quests
  • New level 130 PvP gear and other powerful equipment
  • New PvE gear and weapons
  • New Pets to obtain from wandering bosses
  • New Trees of Magic ranked spells (see below)
  • New Crafting Recipes available in Nimbus Citadel (see below)
  • Introducing the new Whirlyburly mini-game! (see below)

New Trees of Magic Ranked Spells

  • This time around, you do not speak to a familiar trainer to learn your new spell; rather, you earn it during the quest “Finally Growing Into It.”
  • Rank 11! All spells currently cost 11 Pips and are single target:
    • Scion of Fire (Rank 11): Deals 1200 Fire Damage | x2 if target has 6+ Traps. Cleanse all traps from enemy if x2 condition is met.
    • Scion of Ice (Rank 11): Deals 1100 Ice Damage | x2 if caster has 90%+ HP.
    • Scion of Storm (Rank 11): Deals 1275 Storm Damage | x2 if the target has no charms.
    • Scion of Myth (Rank 11): Deals 1150 Myth damage | x2 if target is Stunned or caster has 3+ Stun Blocks. Remove Stun block if x2 condition is met.
    • Scion of Life (Rank 11): Heals 1100 to target + 300 Heal Over-Time to all allies | x2 heal & heal over-time if target is 25% HP or Less.
    • Scion of Death (Rank 11): Deals 975 Death damage and returns 1/2 to HP | x2 damage if target or caster has 33% HP or Less.
    • Scion of Balance (Rank 11): Deals 1125 Balance damage | x2 damage if caster has 6+ Blades. Clear remaining blades if x2 condition is met.
  • Qyburn Stellargaze spell cards now display proper quest box information

New Minigame in Empyrea:
Introducing Whirlyburly!

Whirlyburly is a 3-player game where you compete to earn the most points by capturing spaces, chests, and opposing pieces.

  • The Whirlyburly kiosk is located in Velo City. Anyone that can access the zone has access to the game. There are instructions on the kiosk if you want to get started early. The quest that officially introduces you to Whirlyburly is called “When the Whirlyburly’s Done.”
  • The Whirlyburly vendor will have rewards to purchase once you have won enough matches.

New Crafting Recipes Located in Nimbus Citadel

  • New Housing Items, Equipment, Accessories, and Weapons to Craft!
  • NPC Romar has Equipment and Accessories
  • NPC Verrin has Housing Items
  • NPC Syvar sells Shop Reagents
  • There will be a special boss Reagent drop on the main EM2 boss. Keep an eye out for it!

Combat & Loot

  • Fixed the victory requirement for PvE content win/loss conditions
  • You can now only inspect someone after PvP combat concludes
  • Loot from defeated monsters will now show up even if player flees and comes back
  • Overlord Xerxes should now show proper indication of damage

Gear & Inventory

  • Increased quality of Crusader Gear textures
  • Level 30 gear now appears on Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way
  • Leaf Shield will not count towards badges fulfillment
  • Fixed inventory UI when backpack is full


  • We have added some new mobs to existing categories of Monstrology
  • Monstrology Monstrodome Treasure Card visibility fixes

Misc. Updates

  • New Photomancy decals and quests
    • 20 new Photomancy decals!
    • Talk to Annie Shutterbug to get the quest Spiral Photographic. There is no level requirement, only that you have completed the previous Photomancy quest.
  • Mounts are now allowed in FrostHolm
  • The Summon Warden Vissarovich treasure card now works in the Monstrodome
  • Fixed an issue where dyed eye color changed when changing their face
  • Fixed several Hot Air Balloon Ride housing item display issues
  • Fixed Badge categories on some misplaced badges.
  • Updated crafting recipes and costs for Empyrea parts 1 and 2.
  • Updated mob names
  • Updated Doodle Maps
  • Ambient Sound additions and lighting passes
  • Misc. performance improvements and bug fixes, including mouse-over performance

Thanks, Wizards, for your valuable feedback. You made this final build of Empyrea Part 2 a reality!