Update Notes

November 2017

This update includes the addition of Empyrea Part One, Level 125 increase, new Shadow Magic Spells, Revered Crafting, more Castle Magic spells, Bank Size Increase, New Daily Assignment Quest, Treasure Card Sorting, Realm Locking, and more!

The World of Empyrea


It’s Time to Boldly Explore Empyrea Part One!

While the Wizard managed to rescue Bartleby’s Eye of History from Grandfather Spider and the Cabal in Mirage, the endeavor came at a heavy cost: Mellori was taken by Grandfather Spider. Spider believes she is the key to unlocking his Chaos Heart from its ancient bonds in the storm-shrouded world of Empyrea.

The center of the Spiral, Empyrea, was painstakingly created by Raven to keep the Chaos Heart safe and Spider out. In fact, it was designed to keep pretty much everyone out.

The Chaos Heart sits at the center of Empyrea, secured by three great Paradox Chains, and serves as the anchor point to a world comprised of disparate lands inhabited by diverse beings. Raven enveloped Empyrea in a violent storm the likes of which even she cannot pass or see through. You see, Raven has known from the beginning that Spider reclaiming his Chaos Heart would spell an end to the Spiral she lovingly created.

However, the brilliant minds of the Arcanum have a plan. Well, more specifically, they have a Wizard. Once the proper travel accommodations are secured, the Wizard sets out with a simple list of objectives:

  • Reach Empyrea
  • Save Mellori
  • Save the Spiral

As the old adage says, there’s no rest for the weary Wizard – especially when the fate of the Spiral is at stake.

Players who have completed the quest “Lost and Found” at the end of Mirage, and have reached level 120, can go speak to Fitzhume in the Arcanum to get the quest “Baba Boohooie.”

For Crowns players, Empyrea Part 1 contains 3 separate Premium Zones, priced at 1995c each.


Level Up


Time to Rise to Level 125

New benefits await those who adventure through Part One of Empyrea! Characters can now increase their total levels to 125.

  • A Training Point will be awarded at level 125.
  • Be sure to catch Zeke’s new hunt for Hootie’s Blowfish, and Eloise has a fun quest for you as well! She also has brand new stitching gear, so make sure you say hello when you finally #FindEmpyrea.
  • Wizards who are level 121+ will now have a maximum gold allowance of 500,000.
  • Empyrea brings with it opportunities to earn new styles of gear and high level equipment.
  • Within Empyrea, players who are seeking a greater challenge and excellent rewards will find both within a new side quest encounter called the Beastman Fight Club Gauntlet. Good luck! The struggle herein promises to be our hardest content to date.
  • Watch out for the several new Wandering Bosses that are wandering your pathways! They have new pets and an attitude – sounds like fun!
  • New badges like “Beast Basher,” “Dwarf Dasher,” “Lord of the Dance,” and more will be encountered and earned throughout Empyrea. Enjoy!

*Please remember, when you were at the previous level maximum of 120, no experience was rewarded for duels and quests completed once you reached level 120. When a player reaches the maximum level, their experience bar disappears, indicating they are not gaining experience from their duels or quests. No experience is rewarded to those who are at the maximum level, which means that everyone who was level 120 before we raised the level cap will be level 120 to start. Now that we have raised the level cap, you can once again start earning new experience points from your adventures.


Shadow Magic


The Shadow Grows

Empyrea Part One expands on the latest reality-bending school of magic in the Spiral, Shadow Magic.

Velma Von Venkman’s Chambers are now open! She will offer Wizards a new quest, which occurs as a part of the main quest line while you start your journey to #FindEmpyrea. After completing this quest, she will award you with the Shadow Trickster spell and offer another new Shadow Magic spell for you to train: Donate Shadow Pip!

She will also offer to train the following spells if you do not have them in your spell book already:

  • Shadow Shrike
  • Shadow Sentinel
  • Shadow Seraph
  • Dark Fiend
  • Dark Nova
  • Dark Shepherd

Revered Crafting


Ready to be “Revered” in Crafting?

There’s an all new "side branch" rank in Crafting that will have you scouring the ends of the game to be a Revered Crafter. Librarian Fitzhume will direct you to Ignus to start your new quest. The Revered Crafting quests have new kinds of reagents you’ll need to find:

  • Squid Ink (A reagent found from combat in Empyrea)
  • Shiny Scales (A reagent only found in fishing chests)
  • Participation Trophy (A reagent that is purchased with arena tickets in the pet pavilion or found as a reward for daily quests)
  • Aether ore and dust (A reagent found as a ground spawn item in the Spiral)
  • Shocked Key (A reagent only found within silver chests or from one particular plant – we’re not telling which!)

NOTE: You will only require Visionary crafting to continue in your regular crafting progression in future worlds. These weapons are meant to be difficult to obtain and not everyone will earn them. If you'd like to craft a Revered Weapon, you'll need to rise to the challenge!

If you’re looking to craft new housing items and higher level gear, see Loligo in the Aerial Shores. (Note that you will need your legendary crafting rank to purchase recipes from him.)

We realize there is an amazing amount of crafting recipes in Wizard101. To help alleviate finding the recipe you’re looking for, we’ve now made it so you can “equip” a crafting recipe. Equipped recipes are now sorted to the top of your list in your spell book or crafting station for ease of use. You’ll also find the crafting icon appears on all recipes that you can make with the ingredients that you have on hand!


New Member Benefits


New Member Benefits and Crown Shop Surprises

We’re always looking to find new ways to incentivize and reward those who subscribe to Wizard101. To those ends, we’ve created a few new member benefits. While you won’t be able to experience these just yet, it is important to note we have them safely stored in our arsenal of awesomeness, and they’re all ready and set to “stun.”

As per usual, you’ll find a lot of great Crown Shop items to help you in your journeys when the Test Realm rolls over to the Live Realm. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store, but you’ll need to wait until we’re ready to show you them in the live game.

We’ve also updated all the Pre-paid Bundle Card houses to have preview walkthroughs for when they are featured in the Crown Shop.


Castle Magic Spells


Castle Magic and More

Babbage Basset has 36 new castle magic spells based on the spells you already know and love from combat. We’ve also made a couple of improvements to the Castle Magic system:

  • Targeting has been adjusted and improved for Castle Magic items.
  • Mounts assigned to Bread Crumb Housing Objects will now perform their fidget animation when “bored” is set on the Bread Crumb.
  • Fixed a bug where the No Mounts castle magic spell was defeated by teleporting from an area where mounts weren’t allowed.

More Space


Did Someone Say MORE SPACE PLZ?!

We heard your requests for MORE SPACE after adding our new Castle Magic effects. Houses now have an additional 100 Castle Magic slots available to them. (NOTE: These bonus slots are only available for castle magic and bread crumb items.) When you click on the Castle Magic Housing Item, your Housing’s Item Count changes to “Bonus Castle Magic” until you place the item.

In addition, there is now a “Expand Backpack Elixir” available for purchase in the Crown Shop. Players can now buy up to two of these elixirs to increase their backpack size by fifty slots with each purchase. While we were at it, everyone’s bank space has been increased from 100 to 150!


Daily Assignment


Daily Assignment Changes

With Empyrea comes a new classification of Daily Quests: Heavyweight. Do you have what it takes to be a new Daily Quest contender? To those ends, Aegon Statz also has a new quest to offer players on the twelfth day of Daily Assignments! Make sure to do your daily quests to continue those important pekron investigations.


Deck Assortment


Sort Your Deck with Style

We’ve made a few changes to help with both your spell deck organization and setup that we hope you enjoy:

  • Now when you acquire a new spell deck, you’ll be asked if you’d like to copy your existing deck setup into the new deck to help save you some time.
  • Treasure cards are now found on the left tab of the spell book, and you can now sort treasure cards by school.
  • You can now use Quick Sell for Treasure cards!
  • Monstrology spells have been moved out of the Myth section of the spell book into their own section. Hurray for better organization!



Monstrology Mayhem!

Monstrologist Burke now requires completing her first lesson before she will send you out into the world with other Monstrology spells. The following creatures have been added to the lists of those that can be collected from Monstrology:

  • Dragonspyre - Nodnarb
  • Khrysalis - Cree Curdwright
  • Khrysalis - Deer Mouse Revenant (Balance)
  • Khrysalis - Deer Mouse Revenant (Ice)
  • Khrysalis - Wraith Knight
  • Khrysalis - Laughing Calaca
  • Khrysalis - Arkyn Moonblade
  • Khrysalis - King Alric Fatesailor
  • Mirage - Scrollkeeper
  • Mirage - Shrowdenger's Qhat

Other Monstrology changes are as follows:

  • The Monstrology button now appears in the Spell Book when you obtain Monstrology Spells.
  • Fixed the expel Gold Cost of Grim Calaca.
  • Further organized the creatures found in the Monstrology Tome.
  • Moved the Following to Dungeons Category:
    • Hebitoho Wyrmling
    • Gaikotsu Skeleton
    • Hitojini Deathcaster
    • Brulee Sucre
    • Night Shadow
    • Motley Crew
    • RazorLeaf Treant
    • Tonkatsu Thug
  • Added Monstrology Descriptions for the following enemies:
    • Yogash
    • Marcio
    • Procyon
    • Thunderfin
    • Arkyn Moonblade
    • Cree CurdWright
    • Deer Mouse Revenant
    • Elana Darksun
    • King Alric FateSailor
    • Laughing Calaca
    • Wraith Knight
    • Terror Hound
    • Fiery Echo of Apep
    • Frosty Echo of Apep
    • False Echo of Apep
    • Charged Echo of Apep
    • Shrowdenger's Qhat
    • Scrollkeeper
    • Condemned Mander
    • Nodnarb
    • Lord Bramble

Game Play Changes


Important Game Play Changes

There are a few fun changes that you’ll need to know about up front with this update:

  • The Loremaster has a few new spells for you to obtain, namely, the spells from the Wysteria Lore Pack. If farming isn’t your thing, you can also find recipes of these spells for sale from Grady.
  • The “Lugs” encounter from the Great Clock Gauntlet is now a bit more difficult. He was using one of his cheats incorrectly. Watch out! Things have changed!
  • Slightly changed the names of Jewel seeds so they are sorted alphabetically and grouped in your seed vault. If you think they’ve gone missing, look again.
  • Players now have a base rating for pip conversion starting at level 110. This rating is based on the level and school of the Wizard.
  • Other players now see any accompanying NPCs stat modifiers during combat when reviewing their modifiers.
  • Doubled the amount of arena tickets that are earned during Pet Derby.
  • There is a new option to lock your realm. This is important to note because we’ve made a change so you are more likely to be shifted to a more populated realm. If you’d like to not be shifted, lock your realm within the options menu.

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes, Quality of Life, and More

Here’s a list of a few other changes that we hope you enjoy:

  • Painted Greyhorns no longer appear for Daily Assignment quests.
  • The original sound for selecting an enemy target has returned!
  • Selecting a world at a spiral door will now show that world’s map.
  • Changed the menu chat phrase “would you like to group” to the more grammatically correct, “Would you like to join my group”.
  • Check the Caravan for a new jewel and Jewel Crafting vendor in Mirage!
  • More jewels can now be found throughout Mirage.
  • Team Up has been removed from the Ruined Tower encounter, and we’ve fixed Team Up issues with many other encounters in Dragonspyre.
  • The Empyrea Lava Lock Theme, Empyrea Dance Hall Theme, the Pirate Party Barge Theme, and more are now available as Music Scrolls.
  • Fixed the look of the Foul Cauldron when placed in the Darkmoor Manor.
  • The following Treasure Cards can now be traded:
    • Sleet Storm
    • Furnace
    • Galvanic Field
    • Punishment
    • Chastisement
    • Virulence
    • Cycle of Life
    • Reliquary
  • Players must now be level 5 before they can gift other players.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the friends list to open upon first log in.
  • Fixed a bug where players could remove their first and second name.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to shrink after exiting the Creepy Clown Car.
  • Added Polaris Opera Theme Music Scroll as loot in game.
  • Fixed stuttering and game issues caused by the Windows Fall Creator update.
  • Added a spell casting animation to the All Souls Wands.
  • Corrected the Headmaster’s Dream Staff so Vassanji can no longer be cast in PvP.
  • Cloaked dispel now properly grants dispel shield. Dispel shields also now block cloaked dispels.
  • Health Regeneration will now be the same in the Arcanum Crafting Room Interior as it is in the rest of the Arcanum.
  • Housing teleporters now work correctly in all Apartments and Dorm rooms.
  • Qyburn now shows the requirements needed to train his spells.
  • Adjusted the placement of the equip/unequip deck, help and quick sell TC buttons on the Spell Book page
  • Fixed a timing issue with the Krokomummy’s natural attack ability.
  • Minor Grammatical changes.

Updates November 9th, 2017

  • Fixing a bug with "The Auroracle’s Riddle" Quest so players are no longer blocked from obtaining the next quest, "Sundering of Land and Sky."
  • Players will no longer be asked to purchase the wrong premium area when rescuing Pork in Azteca.
  • Grouped players will be sent to separate instances during the "Incantation Investigation" quest as it is meant to be a solo quest.
  • Fixed a bug so that players can now craft the new Empyrea Gear.
  • Players will be asked to purchase the first Empyrea Premium Area after watching the cinematic for the quest "Go Time" so they will no longer be stuck in a strange camera state.

Updates November 16th, 2017

  • Players will no longer get in a bad state if they use the pod to Athanor for the quest "A Chain of Ice and Fire" and then teleport away.
  • The Dragonfly Ride in the Amber Estate is once again available.
  • Increased the number of cards given by the higher level tiers of gear from the Empyrean Castaway Bundle.
  • Loot is now dropping correctly for the Beastman Fight Club Dungeon.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the Shade of Sycorax (it’s a bit easier now).
  • Fixed a bug causing treasure cards to be worth 3x more than they were selling for at the Bazaar.
  • Fixed a bug where XP gains received weren’t floating above the player’s head correctly.
  • The Astral Shard in Qyburn’s office now plays the cinematic correctly.
  • Improved the frequency that gear is received from defeating Medulla.
  • Beguile now works correctly during the Medulla encounter.
  • Medulla’s second chance chest is no longer incorrectly labeled “Spider’s Chest.”
  • When Pork, Beans, and Spark assist players during the Medulla fight, they will show they are casting a spell.
  • Damage done to Medulla will be easier to see floating above its head.
  • Players now flex after combat with Medulla instead of dance.
  • Added several more music scrolls for players to discover.
  • Empyrea companions no longer leave their bonuses when you visit different worlds.
  • Fixed the invisible combat sigils in Zanadu.
  • Fixed a bug where if you are defeated by Calaban, you no longer need to restart the encounter.
  • Empyrea Badges now show the Empyrea world icon next to them.
  • Zigi and Beans will now run instead of walk when following the wizard.
  • The lava explosions in Inner Athanor are a bit more dramatic now.
  • Added Empyrea to the Menu Chat for Activities.
  • You’ll now be able to move after completing the goal to defeat Flame Furys so you aren’t pulled into combat again.
  • Players will no longer be able to enter the “Right Eye” zone in Sepidious until they have the quest to enter.
  • Added the missing descriptive text for the Donate Shadow Spell in Velma Von Venkman’s spell training dialog.
  • The quest “Holistic Approach” now has appropriate gold and experience rewards.
  • Players now regenerate health inside the Arcanum scholar and professor rooms.
  • Exiting the Raider's lair no longer puts you outside of Crusher's Lair.
  • Continued adding more sound and art polish to Empyrea.

Updates November 29th, 2017

  • Players who are confused during the Medulla fight no longer use spells they don’t have enough pips to use.
  • Sycorax no longer has a Burny Bug minion.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing unneeded delays while solo and using AoE spells.
  • The Scrap Blaster animation is now more magical in appearance.
  • Added some polish to the voice over lines for The Bat and Beans.
  • The Ark no longer appears docked in the Arcanum when you travel through the Medulla stream portal to the Arcanum dry dock.

December 13th, 2017

  • We’ve made a new rule specifically for team ups that involve smaller instances located in Wizard City through DragonSpyre, in Grizzleheim, and in Wysteria. The original player that requested help from a sigil must now also be present at the conclusion of combat, or the Team Up badge credit will not be awarded. Also note, in the case where credit is not awarded, we also remove the timeout penalty from all players in the zone.
  • Fixed Team Up credit for the Temple of Light and Control Room in Empyrea.
  • Fixed issues involving Team Up and Byrin's Vault in Empyrea.
  • Fixed issues involving Team Up and Byrin's Vault in Empyrea.
  • Removed Team Up from the Shrine of the Spirit in Mooshu and the White Tower in Crab Alley.