Update Notes

November 2014

Welcome to the November 2014 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This update adds four exciting new dungeons, powerful Shadow-Enhanced Spells, Equipment Sets to help you manage your gear, new Member benefits, Combat Idle, the new mini-game Catch a Key and more!

Exciting new dungeons to explore!


New Dungeons

New challenges await you, throughout the Spiral! Four new dungeons are available to explore, full of mystery, exciting puzzles and epic rewards.

Wizards of Level 25 or higher should visit Sergeant Talbot in the Oasis of Krokotopia to help him find a missing member of an expedition, who was lost while on a mission to Mooshu.

Wizards of Level 40 or higher need to visit Private Kinchley in the Cathedral of Regent’s Square in Marleybone. The Spiral’s greatest detective, Sherlock Bones, needs your help to investigate a crisis in Barkingham Palace!

Wizards of Level 60 or higher will need to speak to Alhazred in the Balance Classroom at the Krokosphinx to assist with the delivery of a mysterious (and possibly dangerous) package.

The greatest of challenges await Wizards of Level 100. Dworgyn, in Nightside of Wizard City, will guide you in accepting the challenge of a great (and familiar) foe within Castle Darkmoor!

As always, Members will have access to these dungeons as part of their Membership benefit.

Crowns players can choose to rent a single dungeon for six hours, or purchase that single dungeon and own it forever on that account. The six hour zone rental is priced at 495 Crowns per Dungeon.

The Crowns prices for these areas are as follows:

  • Level 25, Shangri-Baa: 1,245 Crowns
  • Level 40, Barkingham Palace: 1,745
  • Level 60, House of Scales: 2,495
  • Level 100, Castle Darkmoor: 3,495

Powerful new magic!


New Shadow-Enhanced Spells

Wizards that have reached Level 100 and have completed the quest “Walpurgisnacht” within the Castle Darkmoor dungeon will learn a new spell for their School! These powerful new Shadow-Enhanced Spells cost a combination of 5 pips plus 1 Shadow pip to cast.

Storm School: Glowbug Squall attacks all targets for 1120 Storm Damage and removes all positive Charms.

Myth School: Mystic Colossus attacks for 880 Myth Damage to all targets and removes all Shields.

Balance School: Gaze of Fate attacks for 550 Balance Damage, 550 Random School Damage and applies a +25% Balance Damage Global Effect.

Death School: Call of Khrulhu attacks all targets for 830 Health Drain.

Life School: Hungry Caterpillar attacks for 950-1150 Life Damage and applies 800 Damage Absorb to the caster.

Ice School: Abominable Weaver attacks for 950-1150 Ice Damage and applies a -75% Damage Shield to the caster.

Fire School: Fire From Above attacks for 1100-1300 Fire Damage and applies 3 +25% Damage Traps to the target.


Better organize your gear!


Equipment Sets

Changing your gear for questing, boss battles, pvp or even pet training just got easier! The new Equipment Sets feature allows you to save and quickly switch between sets of equipped items.

  • To create an Equipment Set, equip the gear that you’d like to be a part of the set and click on the new “Equipment Sets” button at the bottom of your backpack window.
  • Choose “Create New” to create a new set using the items you are currently wearing. Name the set from a list of pre-made options and click “OK” to save.
  • Equipment Sets save your Hat, Robe, Boots, Wand, Athame, Amulet, Ring, Deck and Pet. Mounts are not saved in your Equipment Set.
  • You can save up to nine Equipment Sets.
  • To switch between your sets, open the Equipment Sets window and double click the set you’d like to wear or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + 1-9) associated with the set.
  • To delete an Equipment Set, just click “Remove Set,” and it will be removed from the list, while all the items still remain in your backpack. If you delete or sell an item that is currently in use in one of your Equipment Sets, the set will be removed from your list.

Even more reasons to be a Member!


Member Benefits

There are now additional benefits to being a Member of Wizard101! Members have access to new, exclusive emotes, a larger friends list of up to 150 and a larger backpack that holds up to 150 items. We’ll also be trying out some additional, limited-time surprise benefits for members!


No more waiting for idle Wizards


Combat Idle

If a player does not choose to cast a spell or pass in battle for 2 rounds, they will be considered idle. The 30 second countdown timer will not wait for idle players and will automatically pass their turn. Idle players will not be able to choose an action in combat until they choose to return to battle in the pop-up window. The combat idle message will not appear when a player is battling solo or with only henchmen.


Try this new mini-game!


Catch a Key

Silver Chests across the Spiral will have a new mini-game that you can play to unlock them! When you open the chest you may either get to play Shock a Lock or the new game, Catch a Key.


Fixes for Quests



Books for the quest “Library Dues” in Wizard City are now consistently named.

The main story quest “Down the Crazy River” in Zafaria can no longer be declined.

The Quest arrow will point to the proper location for the quests “Teeth of the Shark” in Celestia and “A Test of Metal” in Marleybone.

Icons for Inactive Protectors will now appear on the map for the quest “Star Cores” in Celestia.

Fairy Cages for the quest “Freedom” in Wizard City will appear on the map.

Wizards will no longer be pulled into combat while talking to King Thermidor during the quest “The King of Rock” in Wizard City.

The Soul Scavenger boss will no longer reappear after defeat.

Players will no longer get a dungeon exit warning when leaving the area after defeating Nirini Champion for the quest “Secret Idol” or after defeating Pike Spiritcrusher for the quest “Activate Them!”

Players will be automatically offered the mainline quest "Billy Brute" when they've completed the mainline quest "Two Heads are Better" in Avalon.

Otomo Soldiers for the quest Birds of a Feather will now cast Ice School spells.

The quest “I’m Getting Better” will open a dialogue to continue to the next main storyline quest.


Awesome spell updates!



The following Spells have been improved:

  • Lord of Night will attack for 440 Health Drain and apply -25% to the next Incoming Heal.
  • Brimstone Revenant will attack for 470 Fire Damage and apply a +25% Fire Trap.
  • Handsome Fomori will attack for 450 – 530 Ice Damage and apply -25% Accuracy.
  • Luminous Weaver will attack for 370 Life Damage and apply -25% Weakness.
  • Keeper of Sacred Flame will attack for 400 Myth Damage and apply +25% Myth Trap.
  • Catalan will attack for 700 Storm damage and apply -25% Accuracy.

Backlash will properly clear when leaving Shrike form.

The Water Efreet card will now properly display the negative percentage to an outgoing damage spell.


Cleaning up Housing!



Several new wallpaper and floor patterns have been added to housing vendors throughout the Spiral.

Music Players will now show visitors the name of the currently playing Music Scroll.

Aquariums will now display for visitors the name of the fish inside.

Mannequins will now display for visitors the name of the hat, robe and boots equipped.

Gardening plants will now count toward the 50 item minimum for a house to be added to Castle Tours.

Additional phrases have been added to housing signs.

Multiples of the same items in the Housing Attic will be stacked and can be moved between the Attic and Backpack in groups.

Teleport Tapestries placed on the second floor of the Red Barn Farm will now function properly.

The Celestial Observatory will no longer display a Quick Sell icon, because it cannot be Quick Sold.

Housing items that are purchased with Arena Tickets will display an Arena Ticket icon while in the Backpack and Attic.

Stitched Wands will show a preview when placing in a house.

Using the Magic Mirror to teleport to the arena in the Winter Wind Tower will no longer cause the player to be removed from the house.

Roaming Mounts on the first floor of a house made from Castle Blocks will no longer jump to the second floor.

New Multi-Tank Aquariums are available in the Crown Shop and Frode Silverscale in Grizzleheim has new aquarium recipes available.

The Jungle Houseboat can now hold 250 items inside and 250 items outside.

Items can now be placed on the shelves of the cargo hold in the Jungle Houseboat and the two interior rooms can each have a different wallpaper applied.


New Snacks to Craft!



Make use of your extra fish with new Mega Snack crafting recipes across the Spiral. Visit Clarence Cavendish in Celestia, Darina Bloodflame in Dragonspyre, Desmond Fanshawe in Marleybone, Frode Silverscale and Hamund Vittlecrafter in Grizzleheim, Jackie Whisperflame in Wizard City, Shazz’am in Krokotopia or Yachi in MooShu to get started!

Furniture can now be crafted at either the Basic Crafting station or the Housing Crafting Station. Aubert Quickhammer will now have a Housing Crafting Table for sale.

Eudora Tangletree now has recipes for dorm furniture including: Exquisite Desk, Padded Stool, Royal Bed and Stained End Table.

Recipe for the Tapestry to the School of Balance has been moved to Wul’yahm and cannot be purchased until the player has access to Krokotopia.

Visit the new recipe vendor Petunia Florbund in the Reagent and Housing shop in Wysteria to learn the recipe for the Tapestry to Pigswick Academy.

Eudora Tangletree and Padraig have additional Teleport Tapestry Recipes for sale.

Players will no longer see blank pages in the list of crafting recipes on their crafting tables.


Count your Fish!



The Angler’s Tome now shows the total number of fish that you’ve caught. Click the button at the lower right to see more information!

You will now be able to see when someone near you gains a Fishing level.

Wizards who catch 2500 total fish will get a badge in honor of their accomplished angling.


Save your Seeds!



The Gardening button background will be yellow if plants in your area have pests or needs and red if at least one plant in the area is wilted.

Need protection and Pest protection spells can be used at the same time. A list of all protection Spells is shown when viewing the plant.

Seeds can now be locked! When locked, Seeds can’t be sold, trashed, fed to a pet, planted or used in recipes.

The Angora Bunny plants will no longer shy away from players but will turn to face you and greet you with their toothy smile.

Placing a pot after casting a soil spell will no longer cause the soil spell to be cast again. 48 Hour Gardening Spells that prevent needs will persist for the full 48 Hours, even if the plant ages.

Second Spring will only cost 1 energy if cast on a plant or in an area in which it will not have an effect.

Fixed an issue in which need prevention gardening spells caused a need to appear after they expired.


All the little things!



Tennant Wastelander in the Pavilion Pet Shop now has a Fire Elf and Cyclops pet for sale.

Zeke now has additional 1-Day Rental Mounts available for sale.

Polymorph Treasure Cards can now be sold and traded.

The character inspection window will now show Shadow Magic Damage, Resistance, Accuracy, Armor Piercing and Shadow Pip Bonus percentages.

Items in the Bazaar are now sorted in alphabetical order, except Pet Snacks, which are sorted by rank.

Castle Blocks now have a category in the Bazaar.

Additional Wait and Team Up related phrases have been added to Menu Chat.

When opening the Crown Shop, only the first recommended item on each tab will appear as selected.

Players who receive a beneficial charm by Wizards holding the Mystic Grimoire will no longer appear to have been struck by the Wizard who cast the spell.

Armor Piercing bonuses will appear correctly on cards for all schools in Quick Match PVP Tournaments.

Players will no longer have to re-select their spell during combat if another player purchases a Henchman.

Players in combat will no longer turn to face other players who are learning a spell.

Players will now properly show the casting animation of their next spell after being hit by Tempest.

Many wands will now display the appropriate equipment icon during furniture placement in houses.

A Refresh button has been added to the list of Housing Games.

Stop and Record buttons remain visible while recording after pressing the Metronome button on musical instruments.

The Team Up display countdown timer will display the correct amount of remaining time after closing the pop-up box.

The Viridian Scepter now uses the wand spell casting animation.

The Scepter of the Lost Lore and the Cloudberry Staff now use the staff spell casting animation.

The Umbra Blade will now use the sword spell casting animation.

All levels of the Dragonbite Bow, Primordial Axe and Hawk Rider’s Claymore will now use the same spell casting animation.

Players’ weapons are now visible in their hands while wearing the Renaissance Wings.

When casting the pet version of the Avenging Fossil spell, the pet will perform the spell casting animation instead of the Wizard.

Players using Transformations will properly change into Shadow Shrike form when using the Shadow Shrike spell.

The Nighttide Torment Top Hat and Harrowed Bones pet now display the proper icon.

The Nighttide Torment Top Hat and beret style hats will no longer hide the Wizard’s hair.

Locked items in the Backpack will not remain locked if the Backpack Item Lock option is disabled.

The “Ruler of the Jungle” badge now properly displays a lion icon.

Several Crafted boots from Khrysalis will no longer appear red.

Wizard name and school are no longer visible in the list of available PVP matches.

Players will no longer be able to access their Backpack or Equipment Manager in the PVP Arena while dueling or as a spectator.

Visit the new “Activities” tab of your Character panel to see your Crafting, Gardening and Fishing Levels.

Equipping and un-equipping items that are locked will no longer cause the Quick Sell and Trash buttons to change or disappear.

Items will display the proper color in the stitching preview window.

Fixed an error that caused players with more than ten friends to not see the last friend on the list in their Gifting window.

Various spelling errors throughout the Spiral have been corrected.


November 25th, 2014


Fixed an issue with Pet Snack display names.

Soulful Knight pet will no longer display an arena ticket icon.

The Krokopatra card from the Royal Ibis can no longer be used in PVP.

Fixed an issue that caused players who are beguiled when Shane Von Shane is defeated to not receive loot.

The Ravenous Teeth Stompers boots properly display a 9% Myth Damage bonus.

Bunferatu will no longer cast Call of Khrulhu every turn.


December 10th, 2014


Many new hats, robes and boots from Shangri-Baa, Barkingham Palace, House of Scales and Castle Darkmoor can now be dyed all colors.

Fish have returned to the pond in Helgrind Warren.

Discarding Gardening Treasure Cards will no longer cause a game crash for some players.

Fixed an issue with Shadow Shrike effects. The 50% Armor Piercing effect will properly last the entire time the player is in Shadow Shrike form.

Fixed an issue that caused Fire From Above, Abominable Weaver, Mystic Colossus, Call of Khrulhu, Glowbug Squall and Hungry Caterpillar to break two Tower Shields with a single attack.

Fish will now swim smoothly in the waters of Kimbaalung Village.

Fixed an issue that caused an error when purchasing the recipe for Tapestry to House of Scales.


February 11th, 2015


Fixed an issue that caused health to sometimes display incorrectly for players or creatures during combat. This made it appear as if they had been defeated and then came back the next round with additional health.

Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash for some players when attempting to log out while fishing.

Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash for some players while visiting a friend’s house that had a music player.

Fixed an issue that caused trades to not be cancelled if one player logged out.

Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash for some players when clicking through dialogue very quickly.

Fixed an issue that caused some player’s robes to display incorrectly after dismounting from the Charity Bah Humbug.

The Yuletide Christmas Music Scroll will now play Jingle Bells.

Rabbit mounts have a bit more spring in their hop.