Update Notes

July 2018

This update includes Graphic and Music Updates for several free Wizard City zones, Classic Mode Toggle, the Magic Mirror Makeover, Photomancy, Azteca Fishing, New Monstrology, and more!

Redone Wizard101


Welcome to the New Wizard City!

We’re incredibly excited to invite all players to experience a new look and feel to many familiar Wizard City free-to-play areas. This update includes new graphics for Wizard City through Unicorn Way and Olde Town. We’ve also updated Character Creation, Character Selection, and the Tutorial. The NPCs and enemies in these areas now feature updated looks and talk animations. Graphics aren’t the only things we’ve updated – the sound and music in these areas have also been polished. Come relax in the re-vamped Ravenwood Academy and take in the amazing new ambience!

For those who prefer nostalgia or less graphic-intensive visuals, we’ve also instituted “Classic-Mode” so you can return these areas of the game to their original look. We know you might sometimes miss the old Wizard City, so we wanted to provide a way for you to return the game to its original settings. Just look for the option in the Options Menu.

Special Notes:

  • Don’t miss the new ride-able Carousel in the mini-game area of the Commons!
  • Make sure to check out all the new Talk animations on the Wizard City NPCs.
  • Renee Wooften’s crew has moved to Olde Town to discuss their next project.


You Look Simply Magical!


Magic Mirror

The ability to change your hair, hair color, face, skin, and eye color is now available through the Magic Mirror Shop in the Wizard City Shopping District.

Through the magic mirror you now have access to new hairstyles, new hair colors (including rainbow), new skin tones, and new faces (including ones with glasses) that aren’t available in character creation. We have made a few of the new hairstyles available for free in character creation as well. Also new to Wizard101 are Face paints! Add stars, hearts, and more to your character’s cheeks. NOTE: you can “wipe off” your face paint for free if you change your mind.

Simply walk up to the Magic Mirror, press X, and start designing your new look. Be sure to use the buttons to see a full 360 view of your character, toggle your original look, and toggle your equipment on and off to make sure you’re satisfied with the “new you.”

Each cosmetic effect you apply to your character will cost a small amount of Crowns. Roll your mouse over “Buy Makeover” and you’ll see a full itemized list of changes being made. Press “Buy Makeover” and your account will be deducted the amount of crowns listed in the “Cost” section.


Let Me Take A Selfie!


Become a Master Photomancer!

A new NPC has arrived in the commons over by the Library. Be sure to visit Annie Shutterbug in the Commons to take on a new quest to become a Photomancer!

Annie’s quest will talk you through the basics of our new, fun way to take screenshots in game.

Step 1: Press Z to open up the Photomancy UI.

Step 2: Use the buttons up at the top of the screen to switch between normal and selfie mode, show or hide both wizards and pets, and add a timer countdown to your picture.

Step 3: Press “A” and “D” to adjust the center point of your screenshot. Use your mouse and mouse wheel to zoom and circle around your center point (Note: Zooming in and out isn’t possible while you’re riding on a mount).

Step 4: Press the “Take Picture” button when you’re ready.

Step 5: Press Control+Z to access your pictures. Sorting options are found along the top, and you can even open the screenshots folder on your computer from within the game through the “Open Photo Folder” button.

Step 6: Click on a photo to enlarge and view it. From here you can add fun decals to your photo or delete it. NOTE: You can only take 1,000 Photos before you need to clear a few out.

Step 7: Click the “Add Decals” button to open a new menu along the top of your screenshots. This menu will allow you to add decals and text, rotate and adjust the size of decals, undo an action, redo an action, and save your new creation. (NOTE: Photomancy is not currently supported on Mac computers.)


Holy Tunasaurus Rex!


Azteca Fishing

Fishing has come to Azteca and tons of new fish are ready to be caught there. To start, visit Lucky Hookline in the Wizard City Commons for the quest The New (Fishing) World. This will send you to the new Azteca Fishing Trainer, Alejandro de la Paz. NOTE: You must have completed the Avalon fishing quests to be eligible for this quest.

Alejandro will have a new fishing quest for you titled Rivers of Gold. Can you catch the elusive Ax Xolotl, Pirahptor, and Chupacarpe? If you can, Alejandro will give you the Buoy 1 spell, which increases your chances of catching a treasure chest! Alejandro will also sell you the Sink Chests spell to decrease your chances of catching a treasure chest.

Catch all 11 new fish in Azteca to show you’re the greatest fisher-Wizard in the Spiral!

  • Megloteca
  • Pirahptor
  • Triceratorpedo
  • Anglyosaur
  • Chupacarpe
  • Quetzacodl
  • Doliphisaur
  • Ax Xolotl
  • Stegogar
  • Parrot Fish (Epic)
  • Tunasaurus Rex (Epic)


Manders, Imps, and Elephants Oh My!


Even More Monstrology

Monstrologist Burke has been traveling throughout more of the Spiral and can now be found in Krokotopia and Zafaria, as well as her regular locations. She has three new types of Monstrology Animus types for you to capture:

  • Krokotopia - Manders
  • Grizzleheim - Imps
  • Zafaria - Elephants

The following Bosses are now correctly classified for Monstrology:

  • General Firetusk
  • Gurtok Demon
  • Gurtok Firebender
  • Gurtok Piercer
  • Amedras Lightstep
  • Murat Greyeyes
  • Cree Curdwright

The following regular enemies are no longer listed as Bosses for Monstrology:

  • Arkyn Moonblade
  • Laughing Calaca
  • Tree Root Elites
  • Nodnarb

The following can now be collected for Monstrology:

  • Gurtok Barrier Demon
  • Kasai Baku
  • Conscripted Mander
  • Zoraimei
  • The Rank 3 Night Shadow From the Baddle of the Bands gauntlet has been moved to the Dungeons tab.
  • Belloq is now registered in the Monstrology tome as being from Azteca.
  • The Level 40 version of Gaikotsu will now appear in the Midnight Sun Pagoda (and can be collected for Monstrology).
  • Updated the Monstrology description of the Dragonian Pyro to be different from the Draconian Pyromancer.

Other Incoming Updates



  • Bad Juju now deals 25% of players’ MAX health instead of a flat 300 damage. This damage can’t be mitigated and is no longer affected by blades, wards, traps, shields, and resist. This change is PVP ONLY (unchanged in PVE).

Additional Art and Sound

  • Some User Interface sounds have been updated (specifically the following sounds: selling in the bazaar, leveling up, selecting an enemy, mousing over icons in the spell book, clicking on icons in the spell book, equipping a pet, equipping a wand, the instance join countdown, entering combat sigils, placing a teleporter mark, and teleporting).
  • Fixed a visual bug involving critical hits and natural attacks from enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect map showed for the Chamber of the Charmed.
  • Fixed several spelling issues and VO mismatches.
  • Fixed a buried dueling circle in the Khrysalis Moon Cliffs.
  • The “Bloom” setting now defaults to Off for new players.

Quest and Combat

  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes become stuck during the “Hard to Resist” tutorial quest.
  • Moved Corporal Tenni'syn combat to be located in the same access pass as the Zanadu Sewers.
  • It’s no longer possible to skip combat during the “Clean House” and the “Land of the Lost"...and Found” Quests.
  • It’s now possible to repeat the “Giving your Gall” quest a second time for experience.
  • Fixed a bug with Medulla where players could be trapped in the middle of the dueling circle.
  • Orrick Nightglider no longer removes Death Prism traps.
  • Dispel shields are no longer removed by Earthquake.


  • Farley’s Gardening Pack now includes treasure cards for “Plant All” and “Plow All”.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a large amount of lag while gardening”.


  • Added a feature where you can now right-click on a Treasure Card and use a slider to delete several treasure cards at once.
  • The Hatchmaking Kiosk now has a quick purchase button for the Purreau’s Potion.
  • During the Double Reagents Member Benefit, hatching peppers will now be doubled as well.
  • Fixed a bug where riding a scarousel after visiting a house on Castle tours would change your housing buttons.
  • Microfiche have been removed as a possible Catch of the Day or Tournament Fish.
  • Time to change up your victory dance - be sure to break out the new Floss dance from our Member only Emotes!
  • Mounts have been added to Equipment Sets!
  • Egg Chick pets are now eligible for name changes.”

Bug Fixes and Other Changes


Fixes and Changes

We’ve made a lot of other changes and bug fixes with this update as well. See the longer lists below for specifics.

Update Notes - 8/27/2018

  • Mac users can now take screenshots using Photomancy!
  • Taking the option to pass in Advanced Combat in the tutorial will now properly advance your character
  • Quest arrow indicator for defeating the great troll now points correctly
  • Mounts will now properly unequip with Diego in the Advanced Combat Tutorial
  • Crowns hat will now display on mannequins
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to see the login text boxes
  • Fixed a damage notification when using the battlemage staff and shield
  • Fixed shadow issue with character and ground textures
  • Various other UI and graphics fixes
  • Upgrade Now button will remain if you cancel out of entering a Pay Zone

Update Notes - 8/8/2018


  • You can now zoom in and out while on mounts in Photomancy
  • Switch Z and CTRL+Z hotkeys to work on key down instead of key up
  • Photomancy now works correctly when teleporting to your house
  • Photomancy now remembers if you’re hiding your pet, hiding other players, or hiding your character while in the game


  • Like the other recent housing gauntlets, the Accursed Gauntlet can only be used by a player’s friends if they visit via Castle Tours
  • The Blizzard Lizard Sapphire now functions correctly and grants the correct spell
  • Characters are now unable to move while they’re spectating in combat view
  • Players can now spectate the monsters fighting in the duel area

Misc. Fixes

  • Various stability and performance improvements