January 2014

Welcome to the January 2014 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

In preparation for the upcoming Khrysalis part 2 update, we're doing a little housekeeping. These minor game updates will improve gameplay and performance for all our players.

Minor January Updates


Minor Game Updates

The following minor game updates have been made to the game.
  1. When pets cast their spells, the camera should no longer point at the ceiling.
  2. The correct color swatches should appear when dying the Polar Fox pet
  3. Minor adjustments have been made to the pet cast rate of "Fairy Friend"

  4. Spells
  5. Finally! Spell animations should now be properly lit, and no longer appear as very dark or completely black.

  6. Interface
  7. Quest Finder is now ON by default, but can still be turned off through the Options Panel
  8. Players should no longer receive a "Transaction Not Successful" error when trying to stitch or unstitch after logging into different characters on their account
  9. Additionally, gear from your other characters should no longer appear in the Stitching window
  10. Crown Shop side scrolling arrows now scroll as expected

  11. Gear & Items
  12. Paladin armor no longer has a hole in the body
  13. Boots of the Slipstream and Boots of the Comet can now be dyed at time of purchase from the Crown Shop
  14. The Tower Music box has its music back!

  15. Quests & Duels
  16. Players can no longer avoid the last battle in the Moon Shrine.
  17. The quest "A Very Brave and Noble Thing" can no longer be declined as it is a mainline quest
  18. The quest "The Future's In The Air" can no longer be declined as it is a mainline quest
  19. Chasca Dawn will hang out after the quest "The Long March" so that players can continue to speak with her to complete the task
  20. The door to Nordri should no longer be blocked for players who have gained access to that zone
  21. Penny Dreadful will correctly vanish during the "Penny Saved" quest chain
  22. Shadow effects like modify backlash will no longer cause creatures to trigger their cheat

  23. Other
  24. There's now a teleporter between Tyrian Gorge & Bastion
  25. Dee's mirror should no longer appear when the Lost Pages events are not running
  26. Players must be level 10 to rate a house on the Castle Tours
  27. The maximum health of creatures on Unicorn Way have been reduced

Minor February Updates


The following minor game updates were added to Wizard101 on February 12th 2014.

  1. The Dark Fairy minion who accompanies Rattlebones will have her health reduced to match other Dark Fairies in Unicorn Way
  2. The pet spell "May Cast Fairy" will now cast with the same frequency as the pet spell "Spritely"
  3. A few individuals (approximately 150 people) with erroneous PvP score rankings (negative numbers, impossible loss rates, for example) have had their rankings adjusted. If this impacts you, and you want to know more about why your score was adjusted, send an email to our team at help@kingsisle.com
  4. Grinding down the grind - Celestia, Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca & Khrysalis have all had their entry level requirement reduced. See the chart below
Quest Requirement
(this will still be required)
Old Level
New Level
  Celestia  The Final Countdown (Dragonspyre)
  Zafaria  Through This Door (Celestia)
  Avalon  Through Glass Darkly (Zafaria)
  Azteca  A Great Storm Coming (Avalon)
  Khrysalis  Speaker for the Dead (Azteca)