December 2012

Welcome to the December 2012 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month brings a new housing game called "Food Fight" as well as some minor updates to various portions of the game.



Food Fight!


Food Fight!

There's a new game in town and it's called Food Fight!

This housing game can be purchased from the Test Realm Crown Shop and the Crafting recipe can be purchased at the recipe vendor in Abbey Road, Avalon.

This game kiosk can be placed in your house just like the Tag and Scavenger Hunt games. Interact with the kiosk to bring up the four game options below. Players play in Teams which can be automatically set, or you can specify 2 through 7 teams.

Chef's Special
Within a limited time, find and return with as much food as possible.

On a Diet
Find and return with as much food as possible, but the amount of hidden food is limited.
Buffet 25
The first team to find 25 points worth of food and return it to the kiosk wins.

Pizza Party
Find and return with as much pizza as possible.

This item was in the Test Realm, but will not be available in the game until 2013.

Details, details, details

As the year comes to an end, we spent some time cleaning up a few issues that arose with the last update.
  1. All characters who have completed Xibalba and the Trancendent crafting quests now have both badges, and can now purchase Transcendent level recipes to further advance their crafting

  2. Quests
  3. The health of Merewen o' the Vale's minions has been decreased to bring this Myth quest in line with the difficulties of the other school quests of the same level
  4. All minions will now join the battle in Huascar Bent Wing's Cave in Cenote for the "Aggravated Avians" quest

  5. Spells
  6. Correct text is now displayed when applying Sharpened Blade to other spells
  7. When the Virulent spell is cast, existing blades will no longer stop rotating

  8. Worlds
  9. The World Map is now available for Azteca. Just press M when you're not in a duel in that world, then click the magnifying glass to zoom out to the world map

  10. Housing & Decorations
  11. The Horn of Plenty in the Winter Wind Tower will always be visible
  12. Fish in the aquarium housing decoration once again resemble fish
  13. String of Lights and Big Holiday Tree housing decorations now light up
  14. Look for the helpful 'Question Mark' icon when you play a housing game. These Help Pages will give you information about the powerups for each specific housing game.

  15. Items
  16. Necromancer's Signet Ring is now named Storm Quetzal's Signet to reflect the Storm boost it provides
  17. Quagga Blade is now held properly
  18. The Volcanic Staff once again ablaze with its original special effects