Update Notes

April 2018

This update includes the addition of Hatchmaking, Pet Tome, new Pet Names, new loading screens, beginning phases of new Wizard City construction, Skeleton Key Bosses, new Empyrea Daily Quests, and more!

Let’s Make a Match


Welcome to Hatchmaking!

There’s a brand new kiosk in the Pet Park that makes finding interesting pets a lot easier and provides a new spin on a familiar system, but first, please note that the old method of hatching pets is not going away and will still be needed for hatching some more valuable pets.

To use the new Hatchmaking Kiosk, just walk up to it and press X. From here you can “Browse” pets listed by other players, “Offer” pets from your own inventory for hatching, or “Manage” the pets that you have currently offered for hatching with other players.

When Browsing pets, click on a pet that interests you, select Next, agree to the hatch price and click the Hatch button. If you’re familiar with the old hatching interface, this step will already be familiar to you.

When Offering pets, click on one of your pets and click the Offer button. The Hatchmaking Kiosk makes a copy of your pet and puts it in the system for other players to Browse.

When Managing pets, you can see the pets that have hatched with your pet and if you like them, hatch back with that pet! You can also remove the pets you’re offering either individually or all at once.

Special notes about using the Hatchmaking system:

  • Your pet can only be hatched with 10 times, and then it will be removed until you put it up for hatchmaking again.
  • You can only offer 5 pets at one time.
  • Your pet will be naturally removed from the Hatchmaking system after one week.
  • Many Crowns pets will be ineligible from Hatchmaking, but may make an appearance in the future! Note that if a Crowns pet is already listed in your Pet Tome, there will be no Crowns cost for hatching that pet.
  • After a hatch is made, your pet will be removed from the system for one hour, and then it will return to the system for hatching.
  • You will receive a new “Hatch Pepper” reagent after successfully hatching a pet with the new Hatchmaking system. See Doctor Purreau for recipes that use these Hatch Peppers.
  • Once per week, on a rotating schedule, you’ll find it’s Hatchmaking Day! You’ll find a featured pet to hatch with depending on the hour.

We’ve placed a Hatchmaking Tome right next to the Kiosk, so if you ever forget how to use the Hatchmaking system, just click on it and you’ll see the following instructions.

We’ve added a considerable amount of badges to go along with the new hatchmaking and pet tome as well as a new “Grandmaster Badge”. Good luck with your new badge hunting!


Collectors Rejoice!


Pet Tome

With this new focus on making hatches, we’ve also included a new collection system so you can see if you truly have the largest zoo in the Spiral! To access the new Pet Tome, Press “I” to enter the Pet Page (or access it through click on the pet icon in your Spell Book) and then click the “Pet Tome” button at the bottom of the page.

When you log in for the first time after this update, you’ll be notified of all the pets you own being added to your pet tome. Your Pet Tome will help you track which pets you have found, give you a count of the number of pets you’ve earned, and tell you a few facts about each pet (like which pet snack type they like).

NOTE: To collect pets in your bank, shared bank, and attic, be sure to open each of those inventories. To collect pets in your house, simply enter the house where they are kept.

There are all new badges for our serious pet collectors (every 50 pets you collect in your Pet Tome, you’ll earn a new badge).


Elbow Room


Changes in Wizard City Begin!

Renee Wooften and her crew continue to size up the commons and will start work on phase two soon! You’ll notice a new dock in the Commons that will be especially lovely for Wizards who enjoy fishing, and maybe a few other surprises as well...

More changes and construction are on their way in the future!


Switching it Up


New Loading Screens

If you’ve been through Empyrea, you’ve already seen a different loading screen as you travel between areas there. We’ve now extended this to every world of the Spiral, and each world of the Spiral now how its own loading screen! Enjoy this minor, but much anticipated, improvement to the experience of Wizard101.


Are You the Keymaster?


New Skeleton Key Bosses

There is a brand new introductory quest in the free-to-play areas of Wizard City that introduces the concept of Skeleton Key Bosses to new players. Diego the Duelmaster will now offer this quest to young 5th level wizards as he is in need of some assistance with his pesky nemesis, Roberto! Can you earn Roberto’s Rapier?

For higher level players, you’ll want to scour the sewers of Zanadu to find a skeleton key door leading to Corporal Tenni’syn. Herein is a greater challenge for greater rewards! Bring a Gold Key and get ready for a great fight.

If you’re ever confused if the boss you’re fighting drops a Skeleton Key or not, press M to check the map after entering the dungeon. – if skeleton keys drop from a boss in the area, there will be a new icon displayed on the bottom of the map that lets you know you’ve come to the right place!


Bug Fixes and Other Changes


Fixes and Changes

We’ve made a lot of other changes and bug fixes with this update as well. See the longer lists below for specifics.


  • The Medulla Fight in Empyrea has been adjusted so that it is bit easier to defeat while still being challenging.
  • Empyrea daily quests will now be available to players.
  • Players will no longer be punished for being “tardy” on the first round of combat. However, don’t be late to following rounds!
  • Players are no longer placed outside the combat sigil while battling larger enemies like Junglethorns in The Floating Lands.
  • Removed Team Up Option from Several Instances where no combat occured.
  • Players are now prompted to enter the restricted area of Zanadu through the sewers if they exit the world during the quest “Hazy Cosmic Jive.”
  • Skeleton keys can now be found from a couple more Wizard City Bosses.
  • The Gunnhild and Grimhilde sisters no longer can accompany you simultaneously during the quest Fight of the Valkyries.
  • Fixed a bug where Frost / Lava spawns weren’t being tracked for badges correctly.
  • The wisps in Azteca Three Points are now more evenly balanced between health and mana wisps.
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be pulled back into combat after defeating Tangleroot in Celestia.
  • Teleporting out and back in to the Beastman Fight Club should no longer create a new instance instead of returning you to your original dungeon.
  • Killer Krok in Zanadu no longer has reversed Boosts/Resists.
  • Mordecai’s Tower will now appear in Team Up during the Halloween season.
  • Player movement will now briefly pause when loading a zone so they are no longer able to run through areas and doors they shouldn’t be able to pass.
  • Once obtaining access, players should now be able to use the Magic Raft at the Zulton Dock of Azteca to travel back and forth as many times as they’d like.
  • Jareth in the Empyrea Sewers has been upgraded to a Boss instead of just a regular enemy.
  • Verboten Mimic, Dumoozid, now has a late penalty for players.
  • Fixed a bug that was sending players to Polaris to complete a Daily Assignment Lore Quest before they had entered Polaris.


  • Added several missing Star and Sun School spells to Qyburn Stellargaze.
  • The Beguile and Stun effects show the number of turns remaining when inspecting the banner that shows all effects on a player.
  • When you learn a new spell, the UI that announces this will once again appear at the top of the screen.
  • Enemies, Henchmen, and minions will typically no longer cast Healing spells on themselves when they are near full health.
  • The Headless Horseman spell now correctly shows the correct backdrop behind its target when casting the spell.
  • A cloaked feint now shows as a trap with a question mark on both players
  • Fixed the "all enemies" icon found on the Rain of Fire spell card.


  • Fixed several areas of the Amber Estate, Pyramid of the Lost, Acropolis, Nomads Camp, Polarian Shipwreck, where the camera would cut through interior walls.
  • Improved several “sticky” areas in the Darkmoor Manor house where it was difficult to pick up items.
  • New Polaris Music Scrolls are available from Polaris bosses.
  • House guests attached to the Bread Crumb housing item can play their death and casting animations.
  • The Woodpile housing item now displays its name correctly.
  • The Walrusk Potted Plant now only appears in one location in the furniture UI.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Medium and Great Pine Trees to be listed as Medium and Great Birch Trees.
  • Added a few more phrases to housing signs.
  • The Fishing Chests in the Massive Fantasy Palace and Castaway's Bungalow now give gold and two items.
  • It’s now possible to catch chests in the Flotsam Cantina house from the Empyrean Castaway Bundle.


  • Doctor Purreau has some new recipes for pet-related crafting items.
  • These transmutes have been added:
    • Transmute Platinum has been added to Loligo.
    • Transmute Iridium has been added to Gemeral.
    • Transmute Palladium has been added to Jules.


  • Jewel blossoms now have a chance to harvest 115-125 level Jewels.
  • Fixed a bug where the Castle Magic bonus slots in housing weren’t being subtracted properly from the available Gardening slots.
  • Leaving an area before the Plant All spell has completed its casting animation will no longer result in the loss of seeds and animation.


  • Added new sound technology to improve realism.
  • Polished sound in Empyrea
  • When talking to Zander there is more of an echoing to the voice during dialogue.
  • Fixed voice over and text mismatches.
  • Added sound polish to the quest “First through the Breach”

Game Launcher

  • The Window’s Minimize button has been temporarily disabled on the Wizard101 Game Launcher to circumvent a problem with Windows 10.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Game Launcher information to be zoomed-out when displayed on higher DPI displays.


  • We’ve improved the notifications that show up when a member benefit is active.
  • Added Swim animations to Dyvim for when he is accompanying you underwater.
  • Continued polished Art in Empyrea.
  • Players should no longer come unhinged from the Wolf of Winter Mount.
  • Walking through water will have a slightly different look.
  • Improved camera zooming during quests in Outer Athenor.
  • Jewels that were meant to have a visual effect on the player are now displaying properly.
  • The Arcanum tree matches its appearance more closely on the Doodle Map of the Arcanum.
  • Fixed the inventory view of several Alphoi Hoard Pack House Guests.


  • We’ve added new pet names for you to choose from! Enjoy!
  • Ghulture Mounts will no longer appear to add to continue to add a bonus to a player’s stats after it is unequipped.
  • Critical tutorial tips about losing treasure cards when at the 999 limit will once again appear on your screen instead of only displaying in the tutorial tip log.
  • Fixed a crash bug involving the Sanibots in Zanadu.
  • The Quizzler’s dialog in the quest Brain Drain no longer shows his name as “Bat.”
  • Added a new Menu Chat phrase to tell someone which realm you’re currently in.
  • Retired the pet talent “Sunbird Call” from the Booloon Pet.
  • Banish Sentinels now Banishes Sentinels in the entire zone, not just the nearest pond.
  • Fixed a bug with the pet name and dye options of the Spring Chicken Pet.
  • Added a sell price to the “spear” triangle jewels.
  • Made the Dual Dragonfly icon in the Crown Shop appear more pink than green.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing fishing luck given by jewels to not be displayed correctly on the character sheet.

4/18/2018 Updates

  • Roberto is no longer eligible for Team-Up, which helps with an issue where players could get into a bad quest state during the skeleton key tutorial quest.
  • Rushing through Roberto’s dialogue no longer causes players to be in a broken quest state.
  • Roberto will announce his taunt lines to all players in combat.
  • The Unicorn Hoard pack now shows the correct foil design for the Crown Shop.
  • The level 90+ Unicorn Pack Rain-Bow weapons now fire their Maycast ability correctly.
  • Hatchmaking Day will now last much longer than it was previously.
  • Plants that are ready to harvest will once again show their visual effect.
  • Pets that hatch when a player is offline will now be counted toward their pet tome as expected.
  • The Triton Report quest dialog box once again shows the quest location correctly.
  • The water on the left side of the entrance to Atlantea now has a splash effect.
  • The Gamma transformation now appears correctly during the quest "Where Owls Dare."
  • Combat with Tajniak and Jawniak in Polaris no longer causes the game to crash.

4/26/2018 Updates

  • The Roberto Skeleton Key quest no longer requires you physically "use" your skeleton key to complete the quest; however, someone in your party will still need a key to get in.
  • Added a tooltip regarding inventory overflow if your backpack is full and you hatch a pet through the hatching kiosk.
  • The cost for hatching-back with high value Crowns pets has been adjusted to account for rarity.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing the purchase of teleport tapestries even if you had completed all quest requirements.