October 1st, 2017


October Is for Spooky Mysteries!

October is the month when Halloween arrives and our favorite Crown Shop items, both new and old, come to the Spiral. Not only that, Dworgyn and Jack Hallow will again offer their spooky quests to wizards new and old. You may even catch the ink-hungry Vampire Squid in Cyclops Lane if you’re lucky. What else will October offer? It’s a mystery! We hope you’ll enjoy the surprises we have in store this month.

As for last month, September was a month full of birthday celebration for Wizard101! We hope you enjoyed having the decorations back in the Spiral and more. We can hardly believe it’s been nine years, and we’re already planning our big tenth anniversary.

Thanks for playing and sticking with us through thick and thin! Read on for more information and your regular articles about Wizard101.


Turn Your Attention to the Arcanum


A Quest-ionnaire for the New Scholars

We started sharing these fun questionnaires for the new Arcanum Scholars way back in the June 2016 Newsletter. Now we’ve finally come to our “last but not least” scholar, Jaki Whisperwind. Balance students will have had a bit more interaction with Jaki to acquire a couple of new spells and a Possum Pet, but everyone (Balance wizard or not) will have met the “overly-excited” Jaki from a couple main-line story quests in Polaris. Enjoy!

Name: Jaki Whisperwind

Likes: Talking to new friends; Talking to old friends; Staying on task; Unicorns; Pegasii; Getting back on task after getting distracted by something that’s really, really interesting; What was the question again?

Dislikes: Rude people; Essays

Favorite Spell: Sand Wurm (It’s just so awesomely gross!)

Favorite Food: Tie between Jalapeño Poppers and Sweet Corn Tacos. And Pemmican. And pretty much anything covered in or containing Chocolate.


Before I dig in and describe my life’s story, including intricate details about my home world, my childhood, and the events that lead to me finding my way to the Arcanum, I first wanted to say HELLO, HOW ARE YOU? I mean, don’t you just hate it when people just start blah blah blahing on and on and on and on about themselves without first stopping to ask you how YOU’RE doing? I know I hate that. Anyways, what were we talking about?

OH YEAH! Me! Hehehe. Well, where I come from, it’s considered super rude to talk about yourself. But enough about me! I want to know everything about you all! OH! But first, I need to finish filling out this Scholar Profile. But after that, I want to hear EVERYTHING.

Favorite quote?

"Balance is not something you find. It’s something you create."

My friends describe me as . . . ?

A really good listener. I mean, that’s what I hope they’d say. Why? Who’d you ask? Because Ione always yells at me for not paying attention, but what she doesn’t know is that I can pay attention to a whole bunch of things at one time. Like this one time, Ione was all “Jaki, you need to be better about filling out your Ancient Scroll Requisition Forms,” and I was all “OK my bad! By the way, I love what you’ve done with your hair.” And then she was all like, “My hair is not the point. Are you even listening to me?” And then I said… um… aww nuts. I forgot what I said after that. Anyway, I’m really good at listening.

How I feel about Magic?

I love Magic more than a gobbler loves cake!


Helping Hands for Gamers


Extra Life

KingsIsle is happy to announce we will once again be participating in the Extra Life charity gaming marathon. What’s so great about Extra Life? Their site explains why this is a great cause, and we agree. What could be better than gaming while helping raise funds for your local hospitals? If you’re worried about 24 hours of gaming, please remember that you don’t have to play for 24 hours straight.

From the Extra Life FAQ: “Keep in mind that you don’t have to participate for 24 hours straight! Extra Lifers are heroes but they’re still human! Don’t forget meals, bathroom breaks, and to take plenty of opportunities to stretch. If you’re feeling tired, put your game down and go take a nap! Make sure you get plenty of sleep in the week leading up to your marathon. Click here to read up on more of our safety tips.” In short, participate on game day, but (as they say) “do it your way!” (You can even spread those 24 hours out over a few days if you’d like.)

Sponsor Our Team
Visit our team page, click on “Roster” and choose a member of our team to sponsor. Click on the “Support Me” button on the player’s fundraising page to donate as much as you would like. All donations go directly to the team member’s chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Registering for Extra Life is easy!
1. Register for Extra Life and join the “KI Gamers” team.
2. Select the “Continue to the Next Step” button
3. Set a fundraising goal for yourself (put a $100 goal or more here)
4. Select a children’s Miracle Network Hospital you’d like that donation support to go toward.
5. Select the “Continue to the Next Step” button.
6. Fill in your contact information.
7. Select the “Continue to the Next Step” button. After you get all set up with your account and donation level, then you can donate to yourself, ask others to donate to you, or advertise on social media to get your followers to donate to you.

Join Our Team
Visit our team page, click on “Join Our Team” to sign up for Extra Life as a member of our team, committing to play games for 24 hours and raise donations to help us meet our team goal. When you join the Team, you also become eligible to win some great prizes from KingsIsle based on the amount you raise. (See graphic to the right.)

Did you say Prizes?
Prizes are based on the amount of money raised by you. You’ll only ever win one prize. The first tier is the Marleybone Car Mount, the second tier is 10,000 crowns, and the third tier is the mystery bundle. You won’t receive every gift listed . . . only the gift for the tier you make it to.

Donations received after November 4th are still appreciated but not eligible for prizes.

If you’re not interested in winning prizes and would just like to donate. There are a lot of team members on our team that would appreciate the support, but donating directly this way will not earn prizes. (But you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone else earn their prize.)

If you have any questions specifically about the KingsIsle Extra Life team, please send an email to community@kingsisle.com.

We look forward to an amazing day of gaming for a great cause and thank everyone for their support!


Screenshot Favorites


Screenshot of the Month!

School is back in and we haven’t been receiving as many screenshots. Don’t forget about us! We love seeing your creativity and your great moments in Wizard101 history!

Speaking of great moments in history, Chris, one of our loyal suppliers of screenshots sent us a great one of an epic birthday gobbler invasion that made us laugh out loud.

As a reminder, please only send us your best three screenshots every month to community@wizard101.com if you’d like to participate. For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight


Fan Art Spotlight

Our fans of Wizard101 are simply the best around, and we love it when you share your creativity with us. If you have a friend that dabbles in the mystical arts of drawing, waves their brush like a preternatural painter, or is an excellently ensorcelled illustrator, please send them our way with an email to community@wizard101.com!

Speaking of ensorcelled illustrators, this month’s fan art comes from Jeremy C. Cooper, a freelance illustrator who made this poster for his son.

“This amazing work of art was made seven years ago and then set aside. Earlier this year, Jeremy returned to the poster and gave it some finishing touches. If you’d like to see more of Jeremy’s work, head on over to his Deviant Art page: https://legacy717.deviantart.com/


What's Up in the Community


Happy Ninth Birthday Wizard101 Community!

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

Don’t forget to watch the last fun and exciting KI Live featuring an interview with Damon Brown!

Wizard101 turned 9! Wizards throughout the Spiral congratulated us on our 9th birthday including: FrostCaller, Paige Moonshade, Edward Lifegem, Nordic Champion, Blaze LifeHammer

GrimToothReaper wrote a guest blog post on Swordroll’s blog with details on her artistic tips.

If you would like to be a reagent hoarder, consider Duelist101’s suggestions for your collection.

Castle magic has allowed for some crazy housing creativity which Blaze LifeHammer gave an example of in Caleb Silverflame’s Castle Magic Clock.

On MMORPG, Vanessa Mythdust went over the difficult tasks that some wizards have accomplished.

Do you want to know how to fly? ZenMaster Blue demonstrated in his latest video.

Mounts have evolved a lot in Wizard101. Edward Lifegem looked back at how they changed over time.

Join in on the discussion and poll on Wizard101 Central about what your favorite Rank 7 spell is.

Duelist101 offered the fundamentals of what you need to know and have as you start in PvP.

Have you ever thought of what your pets think about the derby? Vanessa Mythdust asked one of her many derby pets.

There are some awesome craftable wands in Khrysalis that Duelist101 featured and showed what you need to craft them.

Blaze LifeHammer reminisced on his start to Wizard101 and how much the game has changed.

Fallon Fireblade, as a guest blogger for Swordroll, shared her adventure playing her first ever video game.

Duelist101 displayed the sneak peek to the new update that was featured in the last KI Live.

Vanessa shared her many goals across all the different KingsIsle games.

With the release of the Producer’s Letter came much discussion and speculation on the next update: FrostCaller, Swordroll, Blaze LifeHammer, JWhisp




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