01 October 2010 - Volume XXVI


Under the Sea

  The big news this month, of course, is that the new world of Celestia will be opening up! Players can glimpse this underwater world in the Selena Gomez quest, and there's much more to come. As we've said before, this high level world update is for players who have completed the Final Countdown quest in Dragonspyre.

Along with the opening of the new world, we will also be raising the maximum level from the current 50 to the new level 60! When Celestia opens, level 50 players can once again gain experience, and you'll need it because Celestia also brings with it new spells and new surprises.

More details will be announced once Celestia arrives in the Test Realm soon. Watch the game launch window for updates!

Hallowe'en in Wizard101

  Hallowe'en in Wizard101
Spooky Bob here, and I'm excited to tell you all about Hallowe'en in Wizard101. Hallowe'en is a very magical time, perfect for young Wizards everywhere! We celebrate Hallowe'en in the Spiral for most of October, so look for me and my friend Jack Hallow to arrive soon!

Jack Hallow will appear in the Ravenwood Commons, and he has special quests for young Wizards. A new mysterious tower will appear in Ravenwood that Jack will ask you to explore. Please note if you completed these quests during the last Hallowe'en event, you will not be offered these quests again, but you can still enter the tower in Ravenwood.

I will return to the Ravenwood Shopping District with all sorts of Hallowe'en items for you to purchase. I've got pumpkin masks, casting staffs, scary costumes and a special pet to sell you, but remember I only take Crowns, so stock up!

To help with the fun and spooky atmosphere of Hallowe'en, special decorations will appear in Wizard City, and look for fun events and contests on our Facebook page and on our Contests page later this month.

Harold Argleston's Book of the Month Club

Wizard101 Librarian Harold Argleston  
Welcome to October's Book of the Month Club! I'm Harold Argleston, your Wizard City Librarian and I would like to encourage you to read! This month we continue with stories related to Mooshu. This book has been suggested by a fellow Librarian from Earth, her name is Kit Ward-Crixell and she is a librarian in New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

This month's book is Sword of the Samurai: Adventure Stories From Japan retold by Eric Kimmel

Kimmel collected traditional Japanese stories about samurai, and he presents them here along with information about samurai culture. Some of the stories are serious and set in the real world; some are fantasies or comedy.

Look for this book in your school or local library and enjoy reading, studious young Wizards!

Prepaid Cards Updates

  New Prepaid Cards!
Those of you who purchase Wizard101 through the use of prepaid cards, and those of you who use these cards to collect pets will be excited about some updates to these retail cards!

New Layout
First of all, the prepaid cards page has a new look, with more information about current and upcoming pets. You'll be able to see several months of pets in advance so you can plan your purchases accordingly. Check it out here new Prepaid Cards page

Prepaid cards outside of the USA!
Secondly, we're happy to announce that prepaid cards are becoming available in Australia and New Zealand! The retailers there are GameStop and ToysRUs, and those should start appearing in your stores in mid to late October.

  Get more with the new Gamestop Card
Lastly, an industry first! Gamestop is now carrying a new denomination and a new type of card. It's twice the size and comes with an epic bundle of items along with the Prepaid Time or Crowns option. This card will be available mid-October at all Gamestops, and the details of what the card will give you are a bit of a secret until then, but I think you'll get the idea when you see the card on the new Prepaid Cards page!


Website Update

See the Game
Wizard101 is always changing, and we want our players to see a sneak peek of what the game looks and feels like even before you register!

We've spent some time capturing the feel of Wizard101 in screenshots, and put them all into the updated 'See the Game' section of the website - check it out here.

Fansite Spotlight

  Wizard101 Fansite Wizard101 Wikia
If you're looking for a database about Wizard101, then the Wizard101 Wikia is the place to go. This is a fan run wiki about Wizard101 that anyone can edit, so if you would like to contribute, register and start updating! You can visit the site at Wizard101_Wikia!

Haven't had a chance to visit fansites on Wizard101? Check out a growing list of popular blogs on our .

A Thank you from Mr. Lincoln

Wizard101 Registrar Mr Lincoln  A Thank you from Mr. Lincoln
Young Wizards I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have contacted us lately. Everyone is getting much better at providing the information up front and it really makes our support feedback faster and more accurate, and everyone is better off.

The more information you give us when you submit a ticket, the better. Here's a quick refresher for those of you who may not have submitted a ticket yet, or who are waiting for one to be resolved.
To submit a ticket to us, you can send us an email to support@wizard101.com or submit your ticket through the website - Just click Help & Support -> Contact Us or click the Contact Us image above.

Before you submit a ticket, make sure that the email address associated with your Wizard101 account is valid and that you can check email at that address!

Tickets can take up to 48 hours to receive a response and duplicate tickets can slow the whole process down. When you contact support, please ensure that you give us:
  1. the account name
  2. the character name
  3. as much information about what you encountered as you can
NEVER send us:
  1. your password
  2. your credit card information
The more information you give up front, the faster your ticket can be resolved.