May 2023



Somethin’s brewin’ in the Bayou… Help detangle the experimental phenomena in the swampy marshes of the new Night Mire Gauntlet. Numerous stylish adversaries await you if you’re willing to put your magical skills to the test.

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Welcome to Extra Credits, Wizards! This program is all about bringing together dedicated content creators and providing them with fun initiatives for the community. Accomplishing objectives will reward participants with cool prizes.

As a big thanks to dedicated participants for being part of the program, you will have access to the program's Discord server, your content may be featured in newsletters and on KI Live, you will be able to suggest future objectives, and much more.

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Thank you all for stopping by! April's KI Live was filled with madness as always! However, we hinted at a bunch of new content coming to Wizard101, and dropped a lot of news for Pirate101. Furthermore, we introduced you to Andrew, our new Designer working on Pirate101!

Missed the show? No worries! You can watch the recording on YouTube:

It's always a blast hanging out with the community, so let us know what you most like about KI Lives so we can continue to make them even more fun to watch.

For those who didn't get a chance to redeem the KI Live giveaway code yet, we opened it up again SUPEREARTHY423 to get a Chance of 1x Superfan Outfit piece per game and 1x KI LIVE Snack Pack in W101 & P101 for NA servers, and 1x Super Shaman’s Lore Pack for EU folks.

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In this episode, Kyle IceWielder plays SPIRAL GUESSER with the community! Kyle shows a picture from a location in-game and YOU have to find the exact location in-game or in chat!

IslePlay, our official Community Livestream, will be streaming every other Friday starting at 4pm CDT / 9pm UTC so mark those Calendars.


This month we started the Snack Showdown on Twitter! The winner of this tournament will be made and EATEN by the community team! Don’t forget to jump in and cast your votes.

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Ever wanted to see some amazing, random, yet hilarious content? Look no further! Wizard101 is on TikTok. Jump on and see what we’ve got and suggest what you’d like to see next!

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Adam Roush is our Senior Concept Artist here at KingsIsle Entertainment. Sometimes Adam will create a series of concept art for a particular scene or character. Here are a few concepts of his most recent pieces this month:

“Here's the Swamp Shack from the Night Mire Gauntlet. I really enjoyed working on this one, adding in all those little details.” - Adam Roush

“Here are the Gators from the Night Mire Gauntlet. These were fun to design.” - Adam Roush

"Here's the Gator Glider mount from the Night Mire Gauntlet. It was interesting creating a hodgepodge fan boat using random parts on top of a wooden alligator." - Adam Roush

"Here's the load screen I painted for the new Night Mire Gauntlet. I LOVED working on this one, creating a more dynamic composition and playing around with water effects." - Adam Roush


For this month’s art spotlight, we are showcasing Yup, Retro, Megan, and War!

“O boy long time no tweet(?) but here's a little teaser vid of something i've been working on for a bit hopefully coming soon-ish??” - Yup

“Redraw of an older drawing with my two favorite horses!” - Retro

“I really love the rate my stitch feature, so I had to draw fan art of Maxwell!!!” - Megan IceBreeze

“Drew my friend @Luprast_P's Balance Wizard” - War

We would love to see more screenshots and art from the community for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@kingsisle.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, videos, and other content.

Thanks, Wizards!


Community art by: Swordroll

Fansite Festival 2023 Was a Success

Every April a bunch of official fansite peeps unite and host an incredible in-game FESTIVAL! Take a look at this year’s events and give them all a thank you for creating such a fun-filled time! See you at next year's Festival!

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Video Spotlight

In this section we wanted to highlight some recent, entertaining videos for the month! If you’d like to be featured in this section, start a new walkthrough, create a review on something new, or do something completely creative!

LiahmIsaVibe created a video of his opinions on our new content creator program. He goes over Extra Credits and what it's all about! Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions to improve this, we are listening to and really appreciate this video! Definitely give this video a watch!

Don’t stop there... here are some more great videos created this month!

Richard UnicornCaller covered a bunch of news in this video, but super happy to hear that Arc 1 is a highly requested update! Give this video and his channel some love! - FREE FIRST ARC! #wizard101 News!

iso_wiz Created a lovely video about our new feature! He goes over our updated Bank UI! Thank you for covering this new feature and definitely check his video and channel out! - Wizard101: *NEW* Bank UPDATE (FINALLY)!

Gladrocker created a fantastic video talking all about Wizard101 in its Beta! Give it a watch and see what the game used to be from Beta till now! - The Wizard101 Beta Explained

Guide Spotlight

If you need a GREAT guide, this is the place for you! Most of these guides will be up to date and are made by the community! We can’t thank you enough for creating such informative guides. We see and read everything!

Final Bastion created a guide on the new bank UI feature! The UI changes add several new features to alleviate the burden on players to find their items quickly. Between new identifiers, filters, or just general UI clean up, there’s a lot going on and it all looks fantastic. - Wizard101 Bank UI Rework

Steven GhostStalker is an incredible content creator that’s been giving us a look at the pop culture references from Wizard101! He’s been making content for us for a long time, and we hope you’ll take a look at what he’s discovered thus far! - Pop Culture References of Wizard101


Be sure to follow the game and its community on social media! Also, new surprises here soon for our content creators! A special secret space to watch for news...

If you didn’t yet read our article on online safety, please take a moment to stop by our KingsIsle Blog and read the post titled Account Security Best Practices. There’s important information in the article to manage and protect your entire family’s accounts.




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