02 May 2011 - Volume XXXIII


Where the Buffaloon Roam

Prepare yourselves, young Wizard, for Wintertusk opens soon.
Later this month, you will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Blood Brother" quest in Grizzleheim. If you have completed this quest, speak to Merle Ambrose who will give you the quest "Cold News". If he does not have the quest 'Cold News' for you, have haven't completed the "Blood Brother" quest.

Complete your tasks in Grizzleheim to prepare yourself for the upcoming adventure of Wintertusk!

Roaming Mounts Coming Soon!

Set your Mounts Free!
Very soon, you will be able to place your mounts in your house the same way you can place pets in your house now! Watch this video for a sneak peek!

Harold Argleston's Book of the Month Club

  Harold Argleston, LibrarianThis is the May 2011 installment of my Book of the Month Club. These books have been suggested by a fellow Librarian from Earth, her name is Kit Ward-Crixell and she is a librarian in New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

This time our chosen book is Charlie’s Raven by Jean Craighead George. Scientists say now that real-life ravens are some of the very smartest animals in the world. Charlie’s Raven tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who raises a raven from a chick with the help of his grandfather, who is a naturalist. The raven, Blue Sky, even learns to talk a little!

Look for this book in your school or local library and enjoy reading, young Wizards!

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Mystery Composer Announced!

Magical Mystery Composer Revealed!
We have finally revealed the name of our Mystery Composer! To find out - visit the shrouded figure that stands outside Merle's office in the Ravenwood Commons, or read all about it here!

Win Wizard101 Codes

Play Games!
Earn Codes!

Play familiar games such as Dueling Diego and Sorcery Stones to earn codes for items in Wizard101. Our free online games are family friendly, but are also fun for gamers of all skill levels. Visit FreeKIGames now and start playing!

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