March 2019


Spiral Friends Gather, Spring Is Nearly Here!

Are you ready for Spring in the Spiral? The Friendship Festival may be over, but there’s plenty to love coming up in March! You’re in luck... we’ll be bringing back the St. Patty’s and Spring Festival events! More information about them will bloom on our social media accounts and website in the weeks ahead.

A quick look back at February's content and fun activities:
  • Friendship Festival with 2 new items:
    • Friendship Table
    • Sweet Heart Mount
  • Be Mine Sale
  • 50% Off Online Bundle Sale
  • Charmer’s Mystical Flute Throwback Weekend
  • New Bubbler Music Player
  • Various Crowns and Membership Sales

Earlier on this newsletter's release day, we had a maintenance update to the game! This doesn't sound very interesting, but take a look at what we changed!

  • After final fight in Broken Bough, you should now be able to interact with Bartleby to finish the quest.
  • In Empyrea Part 2 for the Husk: Braving the Storm quest arrow, the arrow now points to the proper location
  • Hurricanine pet now does not lose their Galvanic Field Card at Ultra
  • Increased the Friendship Table placement limit, previously it was 1
  • You can now get a 3rd expand backpack elixir!

Coming up later this month, we’ll be roaming around SXSW Gaming right here in Austin! If you are in the area, email us at community@kingsisle.com; we’re always excited to meet community members in person!

As always, keep updated daily on the latest news for next month on Twitter and Facebook!

Spring Decorating Contest Begins!

It’s Spring cleaning time! That can mean only one thing... a decorating contest, of course!

Today kicks off our first Spring Decorating Contest. It’s time to sweep the dust under the rugs and repaint the walls whatever color suits your fancy. Put your decorating skills to the ultimate test and share your creations with the rest of the community throughout the contest period!

You’ll get a chance to win some great prizes, plus tons of decorating tips and design sneak peeks from other participants! We’ll be awarding prizes and even featuring the winners on March’s KI Live. There is also a version of this contest for Wizard101 players, so you can enter both!

Visit the Spring Decorating Contest Website Page to submit your entry!

New Desktop Wallpaper!

Click the image below to get this beautiful Friendship themed wallpaper for your desktop!

Are you looking for something with a bit more action in it? Check out this live wallpaper with Merle and Gamme, designed by Zanzidia!

KI Live with Sparck & Professor Falmea

We celebrated this month’s Friendship Festival on KI Live livestream and added many news friends in both Wizard101 and Pirate101! Watch the show on KingsIsle’s YouTube channel below:

A Wizard101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member The Xavier:

“When in doubt, take a turn to throw on a tower shield. No turn should ever be wasted doing nothing because enemies in late game are far too difficult for you to just sit there and eat shots.”

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Zone of the Month: The Oasis in Krokotopia

The traditional and ever popular Zone of the Month is back with a discounted offer! This month, we’re featuring The Oasis in Krokotopia. Access to this area usually requires 915 Crowns, but because this is our zone of the month, we’ve discounted this area to 640 Crowns through March 20, 2019!


The Oasis


The Oasis is the hub zone for Krokotopia.


In ancient times, the Oasis was the verdant epicenter of a vibrant Krokotopian society. Today, it serves as a safe respite from the angry ghosts and goblins.


There are actually more two of those doggone Beetles scurrying about the Oasis… One loves the smell of old scrolls, and the other likes to hangout behind the Decks.

Don’t Miss This Side Quest!!

In addition to the hefty chain of side quests delivered by Sir Reginald Baxby, the Oasis is also where you can pick up the Shangribaa gauntlet from Sergeant Major Talbot.

Who’s That Boss?

Since it’s a world hub zone the Oasis doesn’t contain combat, but it does serve as a launching point for several quests with epic boss battles.

Behind the Dev Process:

to the technical limitations that existed when the level was created, the boat ride to the Krokosphinx isn’t actually a ride at all. Rather, when you are on the boat you are actually stationary, and a dummy version of the world – with the Oasis on one side and the island with the Krokosphinx on the other – moves around you. To help sell the illusion, dummy versions of every object and NPC had to be meticulously placed in the dummy zone. And as if all that wasn’t complicated enough, we had to create another version of this dummy world to rotate in the opposite direction for the return trip from the Krokosphinx. While it wasn’t quite magic, it did take some good old fashioned sleight of hand to pull off the illusion.

Which area in Wizard101 should we spotlight for next month? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Wizard101 or by emailing community@Wizard101.com!

Fan Screenshot of the Month

Here are the Wizard101 Warriors celebrating last month’s Friendship Festival!:

We love to see your screenshots every month! Send us your best and high-res screenshots to community@wizard101.com (three max please). We can’t wait to see what you capture!

Fan Art Spotlight

We have amazing talent in the community, wow! For this month’s fan art spotlight, Victoria Starblood drew her Wizard friends, Valentina Heartsong and Pat O'Gold, casting a mysterious spell on a four-leaf clover...

We need to see more art from our fans for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something amazing to share? Send it to us in an email to community@Wizard101.com! We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content. Thanks, Wizards!

Community News

Ravenwood Academy details Castle Magic Movers and just in time for this month's official decorating contest!

Fishing in Wizard City by Erin MoonFlower at Ravenwood Academy.

Caspeen details ideas for Pet Derby, including Spectator Mode, Tournaments, and more!

Amber Ravynsong shares her strategy to defeat Aphrodite II.

Thinking of playing through Grizzleheim and Wintertusk? Final Bastion explains why these side worlds are worth your time.

Peyton Lionheart discusses the music of Darkmoor on Ravenwood Academy.

On MMORPG, Vanessa Mythdust unveils the true villain of Wizard101: Abigail Doolittle.

Final Bastion shares their tips for surviving in PvE:
Gear to Avoid Dying
Questing Strategy

Mark your calendar for Mar. 16 and join Ravenwood Academy for their Lucky Farming Day event!

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