March 1st, 2018


Gold, Eggs, and Info Begs!

March in Wizard101 brings with it the magic of Pat O’ Gold, who will be making her return sometime during the second or third week of the month, and Eggbert too! Eggbert will be arriving shortly after Pat O’ Gold says goodbye for the season. There are other surprises coming this month as well...but we can’t spill all the good stuff to you just yet...even if you beg!

As for last month, February had a slew of great events!

  • Pack-a-Palooza – hope you got your free pack for Wizard101 and Pirate101!
  • The Friendship Festival arrived and Valentina HeartSong returned along with a bunch of new fun items like the New Care Hare Mount and New Friendship Multi-Tank.
  • We had a few member benefits including the brand new Zero Energy Fishing for members.
  • There was a 50% off Online Bundles Sale during the month.
  • Hosted a KI Live with a special 10-year anniversary gift from our QA department.
  • The Five B.O.X.E.S. event returned for a limited time.

We hope you enjoyed last month and will be enjoying this month just as much...if not more! Read on for more of our regular newsletter features and fun for fans.


Zone of the Month


Zone of the Month: Crescent Beach

Hello Spiral Travelers! Can you believe it’s been almost four years since the release of Khrysalis Part 2? The epic conclusion to Wizard101’s second story arc had Wizards everywhere excited and on the hunt to end Morganthe’s final chapter. This month’s Zone of the Month is the first area of this expansion, Crescent Beach. As per usual, we’ll be discounting this area until 15 March to celebrate. We hope you journey back there this month and take in the breath taking sites that can be found there.

Name: Crescent Beach

Location: The entrance to Crescent Beach requires you burn down a barricade blocking it in Fort Rachias. This is easy to do thanks to a few searing hot Dragon Beetle Pods! Once you complete this quest goal, you’ll be in and ready to find "what’s bugging" everyone there.

Description: Crescent Beach is a beautiful area full of sandy beaches, towering purple rock towers, and a wide open deep green sea. One of the most interesting features of this area is a cave that looks like a weeping Skull. Here there be human-like insects, pirate ghosts, and mouse-like "Hoppers" found in both caves and encampments.

Cost: Crescent Beach comes bundled with the zone "Ruined Alcazar" for the price of 1995 Crowns, but we’re discounting this area to 1500 Crowns until the 15th of March 2018!

Zeke Item? An Iron Butterfly can be found within Skull Rock...pay close attention to the various knick knacks in here (hint in pictures).

Chests: None.

Secrets: The Pirate Chessboard Housing Item is an item you can collect for free in Skull Rock Cave! (Hint in pictures.)

Reagents: Here there be Comet Tail, Ore, Stone Block, and Mist Wood a plenty!

Fishing: None...yet...but wow! The beach here would be perfect for fishing up a Khrawdad or a Kharp or two in the future.

Teleporters: While there are teleporters to both Forts Rachias and the Ruined Alcazar that open during regular questing, there is no direct teleport to Crescent Beach (...but there is a teleport tapestry to Crescent Beach, which is available as either a Crafting Recipe or as a Gardening drop from Jewel Tear Blossom Plants).

What’s the 4-1-1? When you arrive in Crescent Beach, it is still under Morganthe’s control, and it acts as her port for shipping commodities across the Starfall Sea. It’s tricky to navigate here, but after Damdin’Bazar coughs up his Signet Ring to you, it acts as an "all access pass" to the entire beach.

Your mission is to determine who controls the docks and learn how to safely sail the Starfall Sea. Dockmaster Mazarine the StormWind lets you know that, while crossing the sea is madness, there were a band of Hopper Scouts that managed the journey. This information leads you to Stieg Quicksand, who’s lost his band of scouts to an Ant Lion Cave. After saving the scouts and winning their trust, Stieg lets you know that they sailed the Starfall Sea by hijacking one of the Umbra Legion’s Giant Sea Bugs. Stieg also lets it slip that there’s a "mad rat" somewhere in Crescent Beach that knows how to sail the sea. Defeating a few of the locals provides you with rumors to the location of Captain Taylor Coleridge, a poetry spouting rat located in Skull Rock Cave.

As it turns out, Taylor isn’t mad, per se, but he is haunted by a spirit named Grimhilde IronSpear. After helping Coleridge overcome his haunting specters (a full crew of pirates he betrayed), Grimhilde no longer haunts the Captain and he agrees to help you summon and ride "The Great Beast" across the Starfall Sea.

Who’s that Boss? Truly the finest dungeon in Crescent Beach is the Starfall Sea adventure you undertake to travel to the Ruined Alcazar. The Deep Spawn Boss is a storm spell casting nightmare, but he has some fun items that he drops, including a cute, little Finned Assassin pet!

Don’t miss this Side Quest! After completing the quest Band of Brothers, a side quest opens up called "A Welcome Distraction" by Stikkan Sandstrider. Completing both this side quest and the side quest after it called "You Can Take It With You" will ultimately net you a total of 16,150 gold, 62,135 experience, and a Raven pet egg! Enjoy!


SXSW Gaming Convention


KingsIsle Headed Back to SXSW Gaming!

It’s been two years since our last appearance at the SXSW Gaming Convention, and we’ve decided to head back for 2018! Read about all the fun we had back in 2016 from our KingsIsle Blog Post about attending the event. This also means we’ll be doing a KI *not* Live this month from the SXSW event. If you happen to be in the Austin area during 15-18 March, we’ll be in Booth 2106 (See convention map here). Please stop by, say hello, and enter to win 60,000 Crowns at the booth! SXSW Gaming wristbands are $20 a day or $39 for all three days.

We hope to see you there!


Screenshot Favorites


Screenshot of the Month!

We love seeing your screenshots in our community inbox! Please keep sending them in and making every month a difficult choice for Screenshot of the Month! If you’ve never participated, don’t forget to send us your favorite three screenshots every month to community@wizard101.com.

This month our Screenshot of the Month goes to Samantha ShadowHunter, who hosts a group on Facebook called the Wizard101 Warriors. Samantha sent us this amazing group photo of their members. It’s great to see so many awesome looking Wizards in one shot!

Great shot! For more tips, check out this blog post with helpful screen shot hints. Don’t forget to press Control+G before you snap your picture!


Fan Art Spotlight


Fan Art Spotlight

Do you have fan art you’d like to share? We’d like to see it! It’s easy to get it to us—just submit it to us, and we’ll make sure it gets added to our fan art section of our Facebook Page: community@wizard101.com

This month’s fan art comes from a player whose love for Wizard101 continues to astound us! Three years ago Sherlockian (otherwise known as The Art of Warlord or Morgrim) sent us a giant metal Wizard101 sign that still hangs in our offices to this day. This month, The Art of Warlord sent us fan art of her character Brahm SpellCaster, who is part of a group of players known as the "Spiritual Society." The Art of Warlord twitch streams Wizard101 and Pirate101 play on a regular basis.

Thanks for continuing to play Wizard101 and sharing your talent with us!


What’s up in the Community?


Fans, Festivals, and Fishing!

The unaffiliated-with-KingsIsle “Community Newsletter” had a great selection of Wizard101-related links this month from around the web. NOTE: Be sure to visit and follow their Twitter page for more information. To subscribe to their newsletter, send a Direct Message to them over Twitter inquiring to be added or email them at community.newsletter.101@gmail.com. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending them an email with the phrase “UNSUB”

April 15th is the official date for the fourth annual Fansite Festival. Make sure to mark it on your calendar!

Vanessa Mythdust shared the postcards her characters wrote as they began to explore new worlds.

Flash33 created a Wizard101 costume for Princess Peach.

Blaze Lifehammer took a tour of Cowan’s castle filled with Castle Magic.

Dragonmasteralpha created an amazing housing tribute to three big dungeons.

If you’re a beginner to tournaments, Duelist101 made a guide for those curious about trying it out.

Vanessa Mythdust wrote a heartwarming letter to the community for Valentine’s Day.

Paige Moonshade taught how to make a housing item smaller using Castle Magic.

Kiera Misthead’s Market Town was put on display on Paige Moonshade’s blog.

Find out how to put stylish pack gear to good use on Adventures of the Spiral.

Don’t miss out on the Bunny Run being hosted by Edward Lifegem on March 24th.

With the introduction of the Zero Energy Fishing membership benefit, wizards around the Spiral had a great time fishing:




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