02 March 2015


Spring in the Spiral

Welcome to March, Wizards! Spring is almost officially here and we are ready to celebrate. Pat O’Gold will be arriving in the Wizard City Shopping district on March 9, 2015 to sell lots of fun spring themed items.

Did you know that special seasonal fish swim in the Spiral? The Cold Cod has been enjoying the icy waters of winter. But it will be leaving the waters to make room for a new festive fish to take its place on the first official day of spring, March 20, 2015.


Chinese New Year


Year of the Goat

Did you know that the Chinese New Year started on February 19, 2015? According to the Chinese zodiac, this marks the year of the goat (or sheep)! The Chinese commonly regard sheep as an auspicious animal, and the Year of the Sheep, therefore, heralds a year of promise and prosperity. [Source]

In Wizard101, the Goat Monks can be found all throughout MooShu. Master Yan Kan Kook in Shirataki Temple can even sell you a recipe to craft the powerful Goat Monk spell. For those who wish to have a Goat Monk as a pet, one can be purchased from the pet vendor Fida Hadochan in Mooshu. There is even a Goat Monk bobblehead housing decoration and Goat Cheese pet snack for the goat aficionados of the Spiral! How will you celebrate the year of the goat?


A little more sparkle


Bling Bling

As always, we are hard at work to bring Wizards new surprises and improvements to the game. And your feedback is helping us along the way! Recently, for Feedback Friday, Professor Falmea asked players if they could add one stat to a piece of gear, which would they choose? As a result, we received lots of great answers about how players would like to improve their items. Coming soon, you just might get that chance! As Professor Falmea hinted in the last Producer’s Letter, some items in your backpack may be getting a little more sparkle. A future game addition is looking to bring the bling. Can you guess what this secret update may be? Would you like your gear to “be dazzled”?


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

Kingsisle Live for February focused on the Friendship Festival in Wizard101 and some friendly PVP with members of the Duelist101 community site. Professor Falmea even dropped by to say hello! Watch the recorded version on our YouTube channel!

Last month, we held our first ever Fishing Tournament in the Spiral. Over one hundred thousand fish were caught in a single day! Check out the statistics, leaderboard and winners at the KingsIsle Blog.

Everyone’s favorite Fabricated American Wizard, Ditto, continues his adventures in Azteca by battling some Copper Wing Guards.

Welcome Alex Deathtamer to the Mercenaries for Hire team!

Kelsey from Stars of the Spiral wrote a wonderful blog post about all the benefits of playing Wizard101.

What new location do you think should be the next home of fish in the Spiral? Check out this list of potential spots at Stars of the Spiral.

Frostcaller held an in-game dance party and giveaway at his blog in honor of International Polar Bear Day.

Johnny continues his adventures as an ice wizard in Wizard101, this time in Shiataki Temple and Kishibe Village in Mooshu.

Spiral Radio talks about the latest in Wizard101 and Pirate101 news in Episode 29.

What new PVP rewards would you like to see? Join in the discussion at Duelist101.

Patrick Waterslinger of the Duelist101 community created a handy guide to the found housing items in Aquila.

Zanzidia on Tumblr made a wonderful series of graphics dedicated to each of the magic schools. Check them out!

Fan artist Kiera Rubybreaker submitted this amazing wizard portrait last month! Well done.




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