01 January 2013 - Volume LIII


All these worlds...

Welcome to the January 2013 Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter.

I'm Prospector Zeke and as you know I travel the worlds of the Spiral. My goodness but the Spiral sure is expanding fast! I remember when we only just discovered Dragonspyre. So much has happened with Malistaire and Morganthe, Merle and Gamma..oh but I don't want to spoil the story!

Last year (as sung in our Producer Letter) we saw two new worlds open up to our most powerful, magical Wizards, we've made our pets even stronger and learned so much along the way.

I'm looking forward to what this new year brings us and I'll see you around the Spiral, young Wizards.

Producer's Letter


A Letter from Falmea

We have the end-of-year Producer's Letter from Dalia Falmea, and this one contains a special note about all the wonderful people who create the games you love. There's also a special song and a hint of things to come!
I can't wait to start breaking ground on our first update for next year, and I think a lot of you will be extremely happy once the content becomes public knowledge! Vague, I know, but keep your eyes peeled for more specific news in the New Year. --Dalia
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Harold Argleston's Book of the Month Club


Book of the Month

  Harold Argleston, LibrarianThis is the January 2013 installment of my Book of the Month Club. These books have been suggested by a fellow Librarian from Earth, her name is Kit Ward-Crixell and she is a librarian in New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

This month we're teaming up with Librarian Adelmo from Valencia in Pirate101 to bring you our January Book of the Month recommendation: Smells Like Pirates, by Suzanne Selfors.

If you've read the other books in the Smells Like Dog series (or even if you haven't) you’re in for a treat with this book, which is the third in the series! Homer Pudding is 12 years old and wants to be a treasure hunter like his Uncle Drake. It's a good thing that his uncle has willed him Dog, a basset hound with mysterious talents. In this book, Homer and Dog have to find the treasure of the famous pirate Rumpold Smeller – while avoiding a killer tortoise, an evil museum director, a whale shark, and worse! A bit like the Series of Unfortunate Events books (but with happier endings!), these are great chapter books with lots of action.

Look for this book in your school or local library and enjoy reading, young Wizards!

Fan Fiction


Tell us...what is the rest of the story?

Wizard101 Fan Fiction DoodlePick your favorite Wizard101 in-game character and tell us the rest of their story. Where does Penny Dreadful travel to next? Where did Bartleby's eye really go?

What's next in the story of your favorite character in the game?

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How to Draw!


How to Draw...

We have a wonderfully creative community that love to draw and we thought it would be fun to give you the steps it takes to draw some of our most beloved characters!

Each month the Ravenwood Bulletin Newsletter will include a new 'How to Draw...' feature that will show you the steps to draw a doodle of a Wizard101 creature, and a sheet to print out to practice on.

Let's learn How to Draw a Pixie!
Click this picture to the right to download the instructions to draw your very own Pixie!


Whether you're stuck on a quest, can't find your mount or need to contact us about your account, the best way to get your questions answered is to send us an email to support@wizard101.com.

We have a wonderful support team standing by to assist you, so don't just run around confused - reach out and we'll help out!

Did you know...

New and ready to be completed quests will show up on your Map. A yellow ring will indicate who you need to talk to on the Map.
Press M for Map when you're not in a duel!



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