02 February 2009 - Volume VI


Here there be Dragons!

Hello my young Wizards! Last month we opened Dragonspyre for all of you to explore, introduced a new Player vs Player feature, and said goodbye to Felix Navidad. This month, we have a great many more surprises for you, so stay tuned to our Ravenwood News to be kept in the loop!


Friendship Festival

February is the month of Friendships, and so we are celebrating with a Friendship Festival. We've invited Valentina Heartsong and her friends to visit Wizard City later this month.


The Music of Wizard101

  Our Featured Blogger, the Friendly Necromancer, sat down over the phone with Todd Coleman and Nelson Everhart, about the music of Wizard101.
...definitely one of the considerations when we made the music for this game is that people are going to play it over and over and over again. We tried to change tempos a little bit, modulate, and present different keys throughout yet keep it consistent and keep it delivering. It was one of the music’s goals.
Read the first part of the interview at the Friendly Necromancer


Tips & Tricks

Wizard101 Registrar Mr Lincoln  Did you know...
You can contact Mr. Lincoln if you are having problems with the game? If you find a bug, or can't seem to chat all of a sudden, it's okay, Mr. Lincoln is here to help. To contact Mr. Lincoln directly, simply go to Wizard101.com and click the Help banner. There you will find lots of different options for getting your answers. You must be logged in to the Wizard101 website to use our Knowledge Base or to contact Customer Support.