02 August 2012 - Volume XLVIII


Message in a Bottle

We delayed this month's Newsletter by a day to bring you some exciting news about upcoming updates to Wizard101!

New Pet Games, PvP Matching improvements and lots of other fun stuff just to get started.

We also have a special announcement from J. Todd Coleman and Mr. Lincoln, and of course Harold has his Book of the Month to tell you about - read on!
*Some features will be available on the Test Realm very soon!


Pet & Pet Game Updates


Mega Mega Mega Pets!

Pets can now be trained to Mega level and unlock a fifth combat talent and a fifth Derby ability! New pet talents will also be available on upcoming pets including Critical, Crit Block, Armor Piercing, Healing Boosts and Stun Resistance. You can now even feed your pet snacks after the Derby - TWICE!

But wait...there's more!

You can level your pets up to Mega by playing Grub Guardian or by playing the new pet games that have appeared in the Pet Pavilion!

Grumpy Gobblers Game
Knock everything down to score a victory! Control direction and angle with arrow keys. Adjust the cannon's power with the power gauge. Use Space Bar on your keyboard or the "Fire" button to shoot.

Way of the Ninja Pig Game
Reach the end of the course before time expires! Be careful of obstacles to avoid getting knocked off the track. Use your arrow keys to move your pet back and forth and from side to side.


More Pet Updates

  1. New Potions!
    Two new Pet Hatching potions are in the SHOP for Crowns:
    Hatching Elixir: This will hatch all the eggs you currently have in your backpack.
    Purreau's Potion #9: This will reset your hatching timer and allow you to hatch two pets immediately.
    These potions are Crowns only as they shortcut time in the game.
  2. Broc Connery is a new Arena Pet Snacks Vendor ready to sell you high end pet snacks for Arena tickets you've won through PvP or the Derby.
  3. Lots of new pet snacks throughout the Spiral

Back to School!

Take Wizard101 back to school with you! Our Zazzle store has exclusive binders with all your favorite Professors! http://www.zazzle.com/wizard101/binders.

Don't forget to give out your Invite a Friend Code to your new classmates so you can earn Crowns!

KI Free Games Codes

Just a reminder that all codes won from KIFreeGames.com before July 19th are now expired. Also, don't delay redeeming any new KIFreeGames.com codes you earn since these codes will now expire 24 hours after earning them!

Watch our KIFreeGames Facebook or Twitter Feed for upcoming announcements about new rewards!

Harold Argleston's Book of the Month Club

Wizard101 Librarian Harold Argleston
This is the August 2012 installment of my Book of the Month Club. These books have been suggested by a fellow Librarian from Earth, her name is Kit Ward-Crixell and she is a librarian in New Braunfels, Texas, USA.

This month we continue looking at books that remind us of the world of Zafaria. In the book The Warm Place by Nancy Farmer Ruva, a baby giraffe, is stolen by poachers and sent to a zoo. Fortunately, she has the world-famous rat Rodentus von Stroheim the Third as her tutor to help her learn how humans work - and more importantly, how to escape and find her way back home to her mother.

You'll love the great characters in this story, from the rats Rodentus and Troll to the tough-guy chameleon Nelson and the human boy Jabila, who can talk to animals. And the nasty troll bad guys are really gross (but not too scary)!

A Message from J. Todd Coleman

Wizard101 Headmaster Merle Ambrose
Hey gang,

I wanted to give you a heads up about an issue that just became apparent to us, and what we intend to do to fix it.

As many of you know, a few weeks back we put out a new Collectible Card Game loot pack: the Knight’s Lore card pack. The pack is full of a lot of fantastic stuff, but one of the “jackpot” items was the ability to learn one of three different new spells: the Catalan, the Handsome Fomori, or the Deer Knight.

It came to our attention last Friday that there was an error in the data table, and the last of these cards was not dropping correctly. We fixed the pack immediately, but too late for players who had already purchased the pack. Any player who rolled The Deer Knight spell was receiving either the Catalan or the Handsome Fomori spell, instead.

We take full responsibility for this mistake. It was an error that we should never have made – or, at the least, that we should have caught before releasing the pack to our community. Unfortunately, we failed in both regards.

To remedy this situation, we are going to give this last spell, The Deer Knight, to ANYONE who received either of the other two spell cards – whether you should have gotten the Deer Knight, or not. Instead of one jackpot item, we’re going to give you two, to thank you for being part of the Wizard101 community and in sincerely apology for this mistake.

To be clear: this was not an issue with people NOT receiving a Lore card when they should have – it was only an issue with WHICH Lore card they received. Going forward, please be assured that we will be even more focused on our efforts – in both creating new content, and testing it – to make sure this never happens again.

Thank you again for playing, and we’ll see you in the Spiral.

J Todd Coleman
KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

p.s. the script will take a while to run, so look for the spell to be added to your character sometime this week. Thanks!

A Message from Mr. Lincoln

Wizard101 Registrar Mr Lincoln
A few things to note about the chatting in Wizard101:
  1. You can't change your date of birth. If you entered an incorrect date of birth when you first registered, we're sorry for the inconvenience. It's a non-editable (nor is it edible) field.

  2. Filtered chat - you must have made a purchase with a valid CREDIT CARD to move an account from menu chat to filtered chat (yes, it's Federal law (COPPA to be exact) and no, we're not going to mess with the Feds just because you accidentally put in the wrong date of birth (see #1)).

  3. Open chat requires having an account over the age of 18 years old. Period. No exceptions and no miracle aging cures allowed!

  4. Having Open chat does NOT allow you to see the ". . ." of misspelled words being said by a Filtered chatter - it's not the Rosetta Stone of chat options.

  5. Typing around the chat filters &/or having Open chat does NOT excuse you from the Terms of Use. There's no "First Amendment" in the Spiral. You don't have the right to be harassing, rude, crude or an otherwise uncouth louse. Having type chat is a privilege, not a right. As a mature player capable of handling the responsibility, we presume you already know that.

If you still have questions, please review the Knowledge Base articles specific to each chat level.



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