04 April 2016


Season of Silliness

April Fool’s Day is always a fun one in the Spiral, with silly mounts taking over the Spiral. Don’t miss out on the fun this year. The last day to pick up a Rubber Ducky Mount in the Crown Shop is April 5th. Also make sure to redeem the code “besthatever” before April 6th to get your free Helm of Ultimate Protection, the most stylish hat in game.

And for those who are bitten by the decorating bug, we’ve got some things for you to look forward to coming soon. Check out these sneak peek images to get those creative ideas flowing!


From the Test Realm


Coming Soon to Wizard101

Players who have ventured into the Test Realm this spring got a first look at new features coming to the game. These include Daily Assignments, which are fun tasks that you can take on each day to earn cumulative rewards. For those seeking a challenge, three new Skeleton Key bosses will be making their way into various corners of the Spiral. If you are ready to seek out a new fishing spot, Zafaria ponds will soon be swimming with life. These changes and more will premiere in Wizard101 soon! For an in-depth preview of what’s coming to the game, head over to MMORPG.com.


Store More Items


Decorating with the Gear Vault

One of the most requested additions, now available on the Test Realm, was a way for Wizards to store more clothing items. The new Gear Vault is a dream come true for those Wizards who love to keep an outfit for every occasion. Each Gear Vault can hold 100 items of clothing and you can have up to two in each of your houses.

One of the other fun uses for the Gear Vault is in decorating your home. When you craft or purchase the Gear Vault it appears as a plain slate platform that you place on the floor of your house. With this blank slate, you can place items on top of the vault to match the décor of any home. There are so many options for various dressers, trunks, cabinets or other furniture that could be used to blend the vault seamlessly into its surroundings. The possibilities are endless! How will you decorate your Gear Vault?


What's happening in the community?


Around the Spiral

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Blaze Lifehammer shows off the new Life minion, Osokowa Tama.

Zenmaster Blue takes a look at the spells available for training points from the scholars in the Arcanum.

Nordic Champion explores the comparisons between Marleybone and Victorian London. Who is your favorite teacher in Wizard101? Hop in to the discussion at Wizard101 Central.

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Andrea Rose has created song covers of many popular theme songs using the in game instruments in Wizard101. Check it out!

Proving that the creativity of the Wizard101 community never ceases to amaze, Tumblr fan Okidenshi created this Morganthe cosplay. Great job!




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