02 April 2012 - Volume XLIV


Digital Kids

Wizard101 Storm Professor Halston Balestrom   Greetings from the Spiral, young Wizards! My goodness these months seem to just be flying by don't they‽

Well it's April already and this is a very special month. We're very proud to be speaking at the Digital Kids Conference this month, as well as thrilled to introduce you to two new authors; Scott Steinberg who is writing about kids in games and P.J. Hoover who is writing books for kids and young adults.

Goodness there's so much to talk about! Get reading young Wizards!


Join us at Digital Kids Conference

Digital Kids Conference Keynote Speakers announced:
Wizard101 Creators Todd Coleman and Josef Hall

Todd Coleman and Josef Hall, co-creators of KingsIsle Entertainment’s popular online game Wizard101, will deliver the 6th annual Digital Kids Conference opening keynote address at 9:30 a.m., on April 25, 2012 in Los Angeles at the new Pasadena Convention Center.

Todd Coleman, VP and Creative Director at KingsIsle and Josef Hall, VP of Development at KingsIsle, will discuss how they moved from hardcore gaming in the world of massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) and achieved runaway critical and commercial success with Wizard101.

Click here and type in SPEAKERVIP when registering to save $200 off of the all-access admission price!

Free Book Download for Parents

Modern Parents
Free High-Tech Parenting Book Download!
Attention Parents! Our friend Scott Steinberg is launching a new series of high-tech parenting books over at www.parentsguidebooks.com.
"Massively multiplayer games such as Wizard101...offer added depth, atmosphere and enjoyment by allowing players to band together and work as a team in order to complete certain quests or defeat especially tricky opponents."

"Even games that aren’t specifically designed to do so can still help kids feel a sense of achievement, based simply on the basic principles involved in what makes a good game. Through puzzles, exploration and discovery, players learn to succeed in ways that some researchers say our brains actually prefer. Most games are designed to introduce a concept, such as jumping, and then provide players with an opportunity to master it. Players are then free to explore and utilize and achieve success with this new skill, growing in self-confidence all the while."
The first book in his series “The Modern Parent’s guide to Video games” can now be downloaded (FOR FREE) at www.videogamesandkids.com

Special Guest Book of the Month Club

Wizard101 Balance Professor AlhazredBook of the Month Club - Special Guest!
Hello everyone, I'm Alhazred and I'm the Krokotopia Librarian. Harold Argleston asked me to step in to introduce a special guest author for our April 2012 Book of the Month Club!

P. J. Hoover is an author of fantasy and science-fiction books for kids and teens. Among other books, she has recently a written a trilogy called "The Forgotten Worlds Trilogy".
For thousands of years they've lain hidden beneath our oceans. Beneath each collossal dome lives two civilizations of powerful telegens — humanoid people that look like us but with powers we can only begin to imagine. For millenia the two worlds have been locked in a war over the fate of humanity with the Lemurians protecting humans and the Atlanteans elevating themselves as false gods. We may no longer remember Lemuria and Atlantis, but their most memorable figures live on in our myths.

However, a time is coming when telegens and humans may once again equally share this planet. And the job of protecting the humans from the Atlantean overlords now lies in the hands of five teenagers.
Look for this trilogy online at http://www.cbaybooks.com/forgottenworlds/index.html


Eggbert will leave the Spiral soon!

Eggbert arrived early this year, and will only be in the Spiral until April 10th 2012. This will be your last chance to get the Pet Egg, Holiday themed Wands and Bunny Suit until next year!

Puzzling Mystery

  Puzzle Piece
Mystery Puzzle Pieces on Your Favorite Fan Sites!

Our incredible official Wizard101 fansites have been releasing individual puzzle pieces for the past few weeks, and the puzzle continues to unfold. Search all our fansites to find their puzzle pieces and start to put the puzzle together for yourself! Mystery Puzzle Information »

Mega Bundle

Mega Bundle
Mega Bundle Available Online!

Now Wizards playing in the US and all other countries can get the amazing Sultan's Palace, flying carpet mount and more! The Mega Bundle is now available online at Wizard101.com.

More to come...

Many surprises to come!

April is going to be a truly magical month in the Spiral. We will have many fun surprises for our fans and their families. Stay tuned to all the news on our Facebook page, our Google+ page or our Twitter feed.