Game Community

Community Recognition Day 2019

Community Recognition Day is here! Last year a community video was released during the 10th Anniversary that recognized many community leaders, but now we want to make it a yearly holiday that involves the entire community!

Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube anything exciting, interesting, or otherwise positive about the community. This can be a thank you to a community member or group such as a fansite, a story about an adventure you had with another Wizard, or even a thank you to the devs if you like! We appreciate the sentiment.

You can also e-mail us any screenshots or other submissions. Please include your character name and let us know if and how we can share your letter.

For our livestreamers, we'll also be watching and possibly sharing streams on Twitch.

As the day progresses, we will select as many posts as we can and Like them as well as possibly Share them. This will occur most frequently on Twitter, especially if you mention @Wizard101 to let us know about your post.

After Community Recognition Day concludes, many of your posts will be placed on this page for future explorers of the Spiral to enjoy. Some may even make it into the September newsletter!

Wizard101's Content Producers

We'd like to thank all community fansites, bloggers, YouTubers, livestreamers, and other content producers out there. Don't think you are a content producer? If you post about the game on social media, then we count you as a content creator too!

Official Fansite Program

Another way we recognize the community is through our Official Fansite Program. Longstanding fansites that are considered safe and reliable to visit are listed on the main Wizard101 website:

There's so many more active players and groups creating amazing work that are not mentioned here, so a big thanks to all of you!