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Wizard101 Registrar Mr Lincoln  Mr. Lincoln welcomes you to our 'Color-Me' section of the Wizard Society. Make sure you get permission to follow the instructions below. Color the pictures using your favorite coloring pencils, crayons, paint, markers, chalk, or whatever you like. Put your artwork up in your locker, on your fridge, in your bedroom or give it to a friend!

Step 1: Click on a picture below to bring up the full sized image.
Step 2: Select File -> Print from your browser to print the full image. Feel free to also use a photo editing program.*
Step 3: Start coloring!

*When you print one of the wide horizontal pictures, make sure your printer settings are set to "landscape" mode. This will ensure that the picture is printed on the entire paper and is also sized properly.


Lemuria Mural Sketch

Have you gone through the two Lemuria preview quests yet? If you have, you will have seen the Lemuria Mural tucked away in the corner of an abandoned room. What's it there for? Why is it colored the way it is? What does it all mean?

So many questions and yet more answers for each one. Help bring out the meaning and life of the mural with your own colors in this sketch template! When you’re done, share your creation with us on Twitter (@Wizard101) using the hashtag #LemuriaMural!



More Sketches to Color

Karamelle and Nana

Nana was nice enough to let us hold a little photoshoot in her home! She encourages creativity and thought, so it’d be pretty sweet if we converted the following photo for your colorful pleasure! When you’re done, share your creation with Nana on Twitter (@NanasKaramelle)


We know how much our players love to create their own outfits, so we've got the templates for you, both male and female. Enjoy drawing your ultimate Wizard outfit!



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