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Strike down whatever is in your path with exclusive Khrysalis-themed items in the all new Burrower's Rebellion Pack!

Here are just some of the items you have a chance to receive in the new Burrower's Rebellion Pack:

  • 7 NEW Dyvim-Themed Spells (unlocked via spellements)
  • 7 NEW Burrower Outfits
  • 7 NEW Mystic Orb Weapons
  • 3 NEW Roly-Poly Pets
  • And much more!


Whitehart Fire


Dyvim's Resurgence


Deermouse Trap


Burrowing Bane


Revolutionary's Strike


Hero of Khrysalis




How Can I Get the Spells?

This pack drops spellements that you can use to unlock spells using the Spellwrighting system. Each spell requires 35 spellements to initially unlock, and more if you want to upgrade it later. When you open this pack, you’ll have a chance at obtaining numerous amounts of spellements at once. As a result, it could take multiple packs to obtain enough spellements for a spell or maybe even just one!

To view the amount of spellements you currently have, open your Spellbook and navigate to the “Spell Deck” tab. From there, click the top right yellow arrow to go to the Spellwrighting page. Here you can see how many spellements you currently have for each spell.

When you obtain enough spellements to unlock a spell, click on the spell you wish to unlock and then hit “Upgrade.” This will add the spell to your Spellbook. Spells trained through the Spellwrighting system function the same way normal spells do and abide by the rules of buffs and power pips.


Get a FREE Pack on Us!

To start you off, we’re giving everyone 1 free pack! Redeem the code KIIIIIYAAAA before 11:59 PM on Monday, July 31st to receive a free Burrower's Rebellion Pack. Enjoy and good luck!

  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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