Prepaid Game Cards

Battlemage Keep Bundle!

Take arms and enter the tallest castle in the Spiral, Wizards!

Charge into the fray with the fearsome Battle Havox Mount with damage boost!

Hinder your foes with the Battlemage Armor, Staff and Shield! Customize your colors with school variations!

Rally your fierce yet cute Wargoyle Pet to aid you in battle!

Duel in the sky! Face your friends atop the highest tower of your Keep!

Relax and listen to the waterfall cascading in the sky!

What secrets will you discover around your castle?

Decorate the beautiful interior of your castle!

Find the hidden Daily Reward Cauldron inside the castle!

Up to Level 130 Gear & Weapons Available

Now your Wizard can select gear and weapons up to Level 130 when you redeem the Battlemage Keep Bundle. Get the most powerful gear options for your high level Wizards!

    The Battlemage Keep Bundle Includes:
  • Battlemage Keep Castle
  • Dyeable Battle Havox Mount (+ damage boost)
  • Wargoyle Pet
  • Battlemage Armor
  • Battlemage Staff and Shield (7 cosmetic variations)
  • 5,000 Crowns