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null May 2nd, 2012

KingsIsle Entertainment Launches The New World of Avalon in Wizard101

PLANO, TEXAS (May 2, 2012) – Avalon, the newest world in the expanding Wizard101 universe is now live across KingsIsle’s U.S. servers. In Avalon, players will continue their epic quest in search of the treacherous villain Morganthe, attain new heights of power as they reach the rank of Archmage, and discover powerful spells and artifacts to bolster them on their heroic journey.

Avalon is a high-level medieval world of knights and castles, fierce goblins and malevolent dragons. The main storyline draws inspiration from ancient Arthurian and Celtic mythologies. Wizards will traverse a rich land of green glades, ominous barricaded towers, and sinister foreboding woods.

“In Avalon, players will learn the secret history behind the most powerful Wizards in the Spiral,” said Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director at KingsIsle Entertainment. “Avalon is an epic addition to Wizard101 and represents a new plateau of challenge for our highest-level players.”
Avalon includes:
  • Six expansive Zones that contain 14 new areas to explore
  • The opportunity for players to reach level 80 and achieve the rank of Archmage
  • 28 new spells of the highest magical order and utility; many introduce entirely new gameplay elements into Wizard101
  • Ancient legendary artifacts to uncover and powerful gear to craft and win
  • New pets and mounts, including level 78 pet quests for each school of magic
The complete set of update notes for Avalon can be found here:
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